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Working as tablet for Photoshop?

Is there anyone trying to use this monitor as a tablet for beauty-retoutch in Photoshop?

Great image Quality

I was surprised by the image quality as soon as I plugged it in on my PS5, no complains on the image quality, accurate colors, used for photography as well and it looks fantastic, although I can’t say the same for the cover and the cables, the HDMI seems to have bad connections and the USB-C head came off when I tried to unplug it for my pc, the rubber feet came off as well and I don’t have a way to stand the monitor, other than that I love this monitor.

Great additional display

Just got this screen for my laptop - totally amazing. The screen quality is awesome - bright and crisp - hooks with just one cable. Looks very slick too. Highly recommend.

Hi Nick,
Thanks for your order and sharing.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
We offer 1 year warranty and lifetime tech support.

Excellent resolution and brightness as well as very lightweight, only one flaw

After researching practically every portable monitor on the market, I decided this one had the best stats and features. I am not disappointed at all! The only flaw this monitor has is that it always boots up at very low brightness levels, not what you left it at last time it was turned off, which is kind of annoying but at least there is a manual button that makes turning it back up very quickly. Overall, excellent monitor.

Phenomenal On-The-Go Secondary Monitor!!!

This particular external monitor is superb as it not only functions as a secondary gaming screen, secondary work-screen essential for research purposes, but also my personal favorite, a secondary screen for 4K video content while I'm surfing the web. There is no way you can go wrong with this purchase and let me just say the packaging itself is slim and clean. The monitor system menu itself is really simple with ease of function in mind. Overall, a really great bargain for the pricepoint!

Amazing quality and priced very well for what you get

The quality of this monitor is amazing and it's also a great value buy.
The only minor knock is the provided case (which doesn't look like it'll give much protection if using it for travel).
Still, I give this product 5 stars!

Hi June,

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4K 15.6" Monitor
Felix Leung (Central, HK)
Supportive customer service

I have finally set up my device. It connect well with my notebook and become an external monitor for my pc.

5 stars is given because I asked many questions about failing connection problem with my smartphone / my other concerns. The staff replied technically.

Suggestion ( but I don't know whether there is a market):
It is perfect if a HDMI to mini hdmi adaptor / cable can be ordered directly.

1 star deduction:
Reason : an occasional turning black for 1 sec for the monitor. I don't know what's up and haven't asked customer service yet. I will do it then. I hope the display card will not be affected.

Hi Felix,
Thanks for your comments.
Also, for the occational turning black, that rarely happens.
Usually it will be related to the HDMI cable unstable connection.
We have emailed you back the details. Please check it.
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1080P 15.6" 300HZ 240HZ Monitor
jahbari hinds (Brooklyn, US)
Using this monitor for 1 year and I feel that

This is by far one of the best high quality, high performance portable monitors out there. If I have to say, this monitor can give even the top brands a run for their money. The price, for 300hz is unbeatable and the built-in settings that come with it top it off. Once I switched to this monitor for games such as: Fortnite, Valorant and COD, my performance has increased tremendously. I've been able to track my opponents better than before, and I don't even play on the max Hz, I use 240. In summary, 10/10 definitely the best portable monitor on the market, and one of the best monitors in general. (Picture game is Valorant)

Hi Jahbari,
Thanks for your sharing about this 300Hz portable monitor.
Enjoy it~
Have a great day.

It still works great!

Really loving the versatility of this screen and the Build Quality!

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Thanks for your 5-star review and your kind words about this 4K Adobe monitor.
Enjoy it ~
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Excellent product and store!

Service is also great!

Hi Tim,
Thanks for your review!
Also, I noticed that you have placed a 2-monitor order before.
Hope you like them and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions there.
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Reliable and color accurate

I purchased this monitor to help with my workflow which requires more screen estate than my current 27 inch monitor. The quality of this screen is top notch. I use a Dell U2720Q, and this 4k portable monitor from Intehill proves to be on the same level in terms of reliability and color accuracy. Highly recommended for those who don't want to use a dual monitor setup but still need extra screen estate.

Hi Hoang,
Thanks for your picture and review which helps a lot.
Enjoy it~
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Best in class

The QLED Portable Monitor 15.6 Inch looks as good if not better than my main monitors. It is perfect for travel and the 500 nits best in class for portable monitors. The colors are very accurate and the build quality is excellent. Highly recommended.

Hi dear customer,
Thanks for your sharing!
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Great CS service, Great solution to resolve the problem.

I purchased this model in mid April 2022. After using for a few days there's some display issues and I have contacted CS of Intehill immediately. What a great response to me from Intehill:

1. Super fast email reply, point to point and friendly (credit to Benjamin);
2. A new replacement (same model) to me within 2-3 days after the communication.

I am very happy with the solution and the customer journey (order, use and after sales services) here.

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This monitor is just epic. I picked it up to use with a few of my devices. It works really well on Linux. I was surprised that the Switch actually switches to Dock mode which is very nice. The screen itself is beautiful. It's the best display I've owned, other than an OLED. The build quality was better than I expected.

If I had to think of one negative it would the cover. It does a great job of protecting the screen but you are limited in angles when using it. That's not a bad thing for me because I didn't plan to use the cover as a way to stand the monitor up but it might be something important to someone else.

Hi Migizi,
Thanks for your sharing the product review and shopping experience which helps a lot for both the customers and us.
QLED panel indeed has the stunning performance.
Have a nice day!

Overall great gaming monitor for console gaming

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Enjoy it and the game~


A good quality monitor

I was looking for a portable monitor for my work and found that one. Really happy with the product and the price point.

Hi Dear there,

We are glad that you like our monitor. Also, yes, I will say this QLED with DCI-P3 99.7%, much brighter screen, and One Year Warranty is not bad obviously.
Anyway, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Amazing monitor for the price

I use this monitor every day for work as I work from home. I can only sit at my office chair for so long because of some health issues, so I then have to move it on over to the couch. Before, that would mean only having my laptop and productivity would go down. I have a 49 inch curved monitor, down to a macbook pro 16inch. I decided to get a monitor I could use along with the MBP. I initially went on Amazon but found mostly junk or monitors that would probably go out in a year or two and didn't have great detail, etc. I then went on reddit and found user's posting about this monitor, how great it was, and for pretty much the same price as amazon's. I ordered it, came quickly, and could not believe the color/detail that it displays. It's 1080, but yet almost seems like 1440 or even 4k sometimes. Nice deep blacks, with great color. I don't know anything about color accuracy, as I'm a developer, not a content creator, but I'm guessing it's pretty close to real. I'd go as much to say that it's not quite as good as my 2021 MBP screen but very close. If you're hesitant on buying one from amazon or some other similar place, I'd guarantee those monitors aren't even close to as good as this. The only thing is at one point I thought I saw some feint lines going through it, but asked multiple other people if they could see what I did, and they thought i was nuts. I even contacted their support and they just wanted to see a picture of it and would have replaced it. But I realized it was just me and my eyes and had been working too long. Definitely worth the money. Also, it doesn't need to be plugged in externally which is amazing. I can just plug it into my laptop and that powers it fine. No need for tons of cables running everywhere.

Hi Jesse,
Thanks for your review!
Anyway, have a good day and please contact us if you have any questions there.

Intehill 15.6 Portable Monitor

I am a V. P. of a Mechanical Contractor who is always working out of the office. Our IT manager paid over $600.00 for his 4K portable monitor (different brand). He was present when I opened up my new Intehill monitor. He was so surprised at the quality and couldn’t believe I paid $239.00. He also thought it was 4K because of the clarity and colors. Our IT manager is very knowledgeable and did a lot of research before he bought his, which was about 7 months ago. I am so happy with my purchase and will continue to buy and promote this brand. My only disappointment was it did not come with a screen protector. I also inquired about the screen saver online (at night), and was surprised when I got an answer the next morning.
Thank you

Hi Earl,
Thanks so much for your comments and sharing! It is really helpful for our brand building.
Because we have our own factory so we can control the cost better.
Anyway, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or needs.

Simply Incredible!!

This is one fine example of excellence in display and use. I use this with my Dell XPS-17 on its highest resolution. I need bright and crisp to function. It runs great with only the data USB-C driving the monitor. No problem at all. If I don't plug the Dell XPS power supply I only get a couple hours use. The only minor concern is that the resolution of the monitor is only 2160 compared to the Dell's 2400 I think. Not a show stopper and I think there may be a work around. Also, it is not a touch screen which I would never use anyway. DO NOT HESISTATE TO BUY THIS!! I'M SERIOUS!!!

Hi Sal,
Thanks for your comment about this 4K monitor with Adobe RGB 100%.
In addition to the thunderbolt connection, all of our monitors support reverse charging. (Power will pass through 2 type-c ports.) I mean if you add one 30-65W power bank, it can maintain much longer.
Anyway, have a nice day and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

QLED Portable Monitor 15.6 Inch Bright Screen for Laptop
Robin Patrick Lavares (Quezon City, PH)

Quality product, worth the money! They also have responsive customer service for any inquiry you have regarding their products.

1080P 15.6" 300HZ 240HZ Monitor
Mitchell J. (Melbourne, AU)
Intehill 240-300hz 15’ Monitor

From purchase to delivery, the process is very smooth. The monitor arrived with no damage and worked beautifully. Perfect for a second laptop display or portable monitor for ITX PC.

Hi Mitchell,
Thanks a lot for your sharing! Cool setup with ITX PC
Anyway, enjoy it~

Incredible for the price

The screen is bright and vivid and works well. Only downside is the USBc ports on my unit are a bit loose and the USB can just fall out if it gets brushed

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your positive comment.
The QLED with 700 nit MAX, DCI-P3 99.7% color gamut, and thin body is stunding for the image performance.
Also for the ports, we have not encountered this before and please try different cables to check if it is a cable issue. Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience and we will pay more attention to the QC.
Have a good day,

Great 4k 17" monitor with plenty of connections and the detail is fantastic

4K was a must for me and I needed the largest size to make the most of all those pixels. You can get video and power from a Thunderbolt 3/4 connection with up to 90% brightness which is really handy to only have one cable, makes a great second screen while travelling or in the office in the labs. It's pricy, but the quality is great from use use so far, nothing else on the market like it.

Hi Aaron,
Thanks a lot for sharing those words which is very helpful for our other customers.
Especially for the thunderbolt port, all of our monitors are with that.
Anyway, have a good day.

Very good


Hi David,
Thanks for the 5-stars rating!
Enjoy it~

Excellent 4K Touchscreen Monitor

I am thoroughly impressed with this monitor - the build quality is excellent, and I have had no problems using all functions (Power/Video/Audio/Touch) through a single USB-C connection to my laptop (a Lenovo P15v) running Windows 11.

Hi Edward,

Thanks for your sharing! Yes, all of our monitors are equipped with full-function type-c port(one-cable connection) and PD Reverse Charging. Enjoy it
Also, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions in the future.