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4K 17.3" Portable Monitor
Otilio Hernandez sanche (Montreal, CA)
Amazing product

The monitor quality is very good, all the cables in the box are high quality, i love my new portable monitor 4k

Hi, Otilio
Thanks for your positive comment. Enjoy this 4K 17.3 with Adobe RGB 100%!
Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact.
Have a good day

Probably the best of the best out there!

Probably the best of the best portable displays out there!
I wish it had:
- Better DAC, the aux jack is very poor (no bass)
- 1/4" inch screw hole for tripod
Otherwise very satisfied. Good to know there is warranty if something goes wrong:)

Hi, Darryl
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and YES, we offer 1 Year Warranty.
We will consider the idea of 1/4'' Hole. Also, for the audio thing, it's related to both the product design and the earphone. Anyway, your sharing is much appreciated.
Have a good day!

I would buy it twice, this is the best 13 inch portable monitor I have

I bought this monitor for a project (Custom DJ Console) and I am using it with a M1 Mac Mini via USB C cable. I am impressed with the build quality (the body is machined from aluminium) and the small dimensions of the monitor + small bezels. The picture is super crisp and the resolution is big (2560x1600). I was looking for a monitor with more than 1080 lines of horizontal resolution and this is it, in the final project I will use it in portrait mode. I like the fact that the screen area has a matt finish and does not reflect other objects from the surrounding of the monitor. I have not tested the speakers yet. The packaging is good, the monitor arrived in perfect condition, I like the fact that inside of the top cover of the box there is a foam insert that protects the monitor. Another positive aspect is the fact that Intehill includes all the necesary cables with the monitor (you get 3 cables).
I am using this monitor for 3 days and until now everithing is perfect, for the moment I give this monitor my honest opinion, wich is: THE BEST 13 INCH MONITOR I OWN UNTIL NOW
I have orderded also a QLED Touch monitor, for another project, wich arrived today, but I have not tested the monitor, I will come with a review soon.

Thank You Intehill for such a good product, you have earned a customer.

Hi, Mihaila
Thanks for sharing so many details and we are glad that you like this monitor.
Also, if you have any questions in the future, please feel free to contact.
Have a good day~

Excellent quality and fast delivery!

Fast delivery from China to the EU and in my case even tax free. The quality is excellent and far beyond any other portable monitor I have tested. I ordered two screens and compared side by side the white-colors of screens are slightly different, but overall both are very warm and brilliant.

Hi, Jan

Thanks for your comment & sharing!
The picture of your laptop set up is awesome...3 screens with high image quality.
Anyway, enjoy it~

15.6" 1080P QLED Monitor - Free Shipping
Anonymous (Erps-Kwerps, BE)
Perfect size, perfect quality!

It's exactly what I wanted.

Hi, Thomas

Thanks for your order & comment. The QLED panel is really stunning, enjoy it.
If have any question in the future, please feel free to contact.
Have a good day~

Works Great

I plug my MacBook Pro power brick into the USB-C port on this monitor and then plug the monitor into a USB-C port on my laptop. So I power the laptop through the monitor and only use one USB-C port on my laptop and get a second 2k monitor. It works great. And at home I can also plug in my desktop monitor using an HDMI adapter and I get 3 separate monitors! Great value on this!

Hi, Patrick
Thanks for your postive comment.
All the monitors we sell now support the thunderbolt with USB-C. So we can input the data signal and power in a single USB-C to USB-Ccable.
Anyway, we are glad that you like our product. If you have any question in the future, please feel free to contact.
Have a good day.

4K 17.3" Portable Monitor
Andy Austin (Bracknell, GB)
4K 17.3" Portable Monitor

I have to admit, this is now my 3rd portable monitor and so far they have all been fairly... meh and not cheap either spending around £300.00 each time! Well after purchasing the Intehill 4K 17.3" Portable Monitor I am REALLY pleased with it. The packaging is really nice, instantly looked high quality, the screen is non reflective which is a big bonus, it has a full sized HDMI in rather than the annoying Mini or Micro HDMI. the build quality is really nice and brightness is perfect. I use mine to hook up to the PS5 when the other half wants to watch the TV. Overall its a big thumbs up from me !!

Hi, Dear Customer
We are gald that you like our 4K 17.3 portable monitor with Adobe rgb 100%.
Thanks for your this comment. If you have any question in the future, please feel free to contact.
Have a nice day!

4K 15.6" Monitor (Premium)
Raymond Bañaga (Angeles City, PH)

This portable monitor is very good and just what i needed when i'm on the go and whenever i need a second monitor to work on. It was also packaged very well and no damages occurred during shipping and delivery. The customer support is also outstanding and very helpful with my requests. Keep up the good work and continue making excellent products.

Thank you very much for your comment on our monitor ,package and customer service!
We are gald that you like it. That is a big honor.
If you have any question in the future, please feel free to contact us~

Qled for the win!

I had high expectations while being worried for quality issues. But holly cow, this thing is amazing, colors and brightness are better than my Dell 2K laptop! This thing was supposed to be inferior as it takes power from your USB and you expect to have it as a supplementary but this is even better than many stationery monitors!
Price is reasonable for EU customers as well, so don't cheap out, this worth the money. Well done Intehill!

Hi, Dear
Thanks for your high praise as well as your satification with our Qled monitor!
The wide color gamut & brightness definately are it's strenthes.
Thanks again. Enjoy it~

15.6" 1080P QLED Monitor - Free Shipping
Erik Dahlén (Luleå, SE)
Great product

I have been using it with my Lenovo IdeaPad Pro laptop and Samsung Galaxy S21 phone and so far it has been working great. I am very satisfied with the ports, cables, screen quality and standing solution.

Hi, Dear Customer
Thanks for your comment and we are glad that you like our portable monitor, too.
Feel free to contact us if you encounter anything.

1080P 17.3" 240HZ Monitor - Free Shipping
jose gonzalez (Paradise, US)
usb-c to usb-c issues

My phone nor laptop can connect through usb-c to usb-c connection. I emailed the company for help and no response.

The monitor is good in quality, just bad service.

Hi, there

Sorry for the late reply (short vacation)and the inconvenience caused to you.
Have you resolved the issue by trying abother cable? The white usb-c cable is just for the power input. The another dark color one is for the data transimission and power.

Please try the above operation and feel free to let me know if it does not work.
(Also we have sent you the email,too. Please check it)

15.6" 1080P QLED Monitor - Free Shipping
Ronald Neal Quioyo (Sterling, US)
Great monitor for the price.

First time I have used an QLED monitor and I must say the colors are amazing. It beats my Alienware IPX panel in terms of color. The 1080p resolution isn’t as noticeable at this screen size.

Connected it to my PC and it detected it as a 10 bit panel HDR monitor. Ran video on youtube and it’s quality is really good. The price seemed fair for what you get. I also ordered the stand to complete the setup. It’s unfortunate that the shipping is not free for that.

I am looking forward to the quality of their OLED portable one once it comes out.

Thanks very much for your comment.
Yes, the color also surprise me when I first add it to my original laptop. It feels like making it alive again.
Also, for the Oled, it assumes will be listed this or next month.
Hope it helps~

Adjustable Pivoting Stand
Bertrand PAILLART (Lille, FR)

2 orders don't worry

Hi, We are glad that you like them. Thanks for your postive comment and orders. If you have any question in the future, please feel free to contact us.

4K 15.6" Monitor (Premium) - Free Shipping
UEDA HIKARU (Shinjuku, JP)
There's a backlight leak in the left corner &...

There's a backlight leak in the left corner & I've emailed support and they haven't gotten back to me.
Even a good product seems to be ruined by a single "chip". This backlight leakage is not a problem of missing dots, but a problem in the assembly of the product.
Probably because the tape that is supposed to be attached to the backlight is not "slightly" long enough, the light is leaking directly.
Also, I contacted support but got no response. Is it the wrong address?
Sent on 2021/10/27.

4K is beautiful. switch connects with a single USB-C.
It would be better if each port could have its own user settings.

Translated with (free version)

Hi, Dear Customer
Sorry for the trouble you encounter. But I am afraid that maybe you filled in the wrong email address? Please check:
Also for your this situation, I already sent your the email for more details.
Please check it~
Benjamin Young

Best monitor ever

This is the best monitor I own. It’s colours are rich and vivid, compact and light and it just works. I will be getting another one soon.

We are glad that you like ths monitor. Anyway! Thanks for your positive comment~

17.3" FHD 144HZ Portable Monitor
Chalermpan Sanvises (Trang, TH)
It's Great for Pc But Not For Console Yet.

Monitor Do Not support HDCP 2.3 On PS5?

Hi, Dear Customer
Thanks for your comment and I have replied to you by the shopify inbox. Please check it~
It's designed for PC / Play Station and OTHER gaming consoles with high refresh rate. So please check the cable you use and the power input.
Looking forward to your reply.

15.6" 1080P QLED Monitor - Free Shipping
Faisal Shah (Canberra, AU)
Good colours, buggy firmware, needs better user mnaual

Got this today and so far very pleased with the colours, brightness and finish. However the firmware seems to be quite buggy. First, it would not stay powered on with my Dell AIO thunderbolt, which is otherwise extremely powerful. So now I am using a dedicated power brick to use it :( Secondly, not sure why but the logo seems to be jumbled up, after a few reboots. It was OK first but now appears strange when booting up. Third, there are menu items which are not explained in the manual. Playing with them will randomly reset the settings. The manual also doesn't explain if there is a sleep mode, i.e. whether we can leave this unit on after the PC it is connected to turned off without worrying about power draw? Finally, somehow I entered the (hidden?) firmware settings (I was setting it up on the table and might have pressed some key combo) and now am not sure if I have messed up the factory calibration. Do you guys maintain a record of each individual units calibration in your database?
Overall, I am happy for the price I paid but the hardware is let down by the software. Hope it improves via firmware updates.

Hi, Thanks for your comment.
1. For the power thing, literally as long as the power output reach the monitor needs, it will be stay powered and we have not encounter this situation. I will feed back this to our Tech Team.
2. You can try to reboot the monitor by pressing the power button which could help you solve the logo and the sleep model problem.
3. Rest assured, the caibration won't be messed up by a key combo.
All in all, thanks again for your comment and please feel free to contact our when you encounter any question or problem.

4K 15.6" Monitor (Premium) - Free Shipping
Joseph Salmoiraghi (Colorado Springs, US)

This monitor has helped my workflow while traveling. The only issue I run into is the power USB-C, I do not have a brick that can support it that it recognizes (I get the "to stop the flicker, plug into power" message; even when plugged into the laptop with the other USBC, or using a USBC brick)... so, when needing external power - what would you recommend? A USB 3 to C with USB3 brick? A particular brick? Please help - thanks!

Hi, thanks for your comment. The reasons are that the USB 3.0 on the laptop & the brick you used can't output 30 W-45W. So you need a brick that can reach at least 30W. And the Type-C Brick 30W-45W is recommended. Also, we have replied to you by inbox message, please check it ~ Anything you encounted, please feel free to contact us.

Good job for an external monitor for macbook m1

I ve receive mine today. All is ok

Thank you for your positive comment. Yes, this monitor is designed for the Macbook M1 and we are glad that you like it.

15.6" 1080P QLED Monitor - Free Shipping
Lucas Grøndal (Hellerup, DK)
Great product for the price!

I am very pleased with the performance of the monitor, and it does seem to deliver everything that is being promised. Quality-wise It trade blows with the 2.8K/90hz screen in my laptop - even though it is "only" 1080p/60hz. screen.
Would also have bought the portable stand, if it too had free delivery, but that was not the case - at least not at the time of my purchase. I will surely be looking forward to see what Intehill will develop in the future :)

Thanks for your 5 stars rating. We are glad that you like our portable monitor(The color is abosultely stunning). Also, we will prepare more free-shipping products like you say in the future.

1080P 17.3" 240HZ Monitor - Free Shipping
Sebastien Braun (Montreuil, FR)
Great Screen

It is a great product, just make sure you have a powerful enough power adaptor or it while connecting to micro hdmi as well as replace the micro hdmi cable which is my case wasn't functioning but that's minor issues while the screen is top notch.

Thanks you. We are glad that you like this 240HZ monitor and yes, The micro HDMI cable cannot input current, so it needs to be paired with an adapter. While with USB-C Thunderbolt, it can.

15.6" 1080P QLED Monitor - Free Shipping
Tommy Solomon (Chicago, US)

Good small QLED with Xbox series s ... It's sharp just would like to know the ppi

Thanks for your positive comment. The PPI of this 15.6 inch Qled monitor is about 142 PPI which definately present a sharper quality than the commom 24in 1080P monitor(91PPI). Hope this helps.

4K 15.6" Monitor (Premium) - Free Shipping
Rolando Hernandez (Alajuela, CR)
First and last, in a good way!

This is my first portable monitor and it surpassed all my expectations! This is an awesome gadget and I am very very impressed!
Brightness is incredible, it's charging my laptop, I am half way it's max resolution and even that is enough.
I should mention I use it mostly for work but I can totally see me gaming in this monitor any time.
I finally have the perfect portable office!!

Hi Rolando,
Thanks very much for your positive comment. We are glad that you like our product. If you have any question in the future, please feel free to contact us. We are always here.


thanks for your support! it works!!! perfect. now it's def. a 5/5 star rating.

We are glad that HiDPI works and to a certain extent, the situation you experienced has also helped many users who use MAC to connect to external monitors. Thanks for your comment.

Good monitor with great color and brightness.

I like this monitor but couldn't give it 5 stars because it was a pain to get the TouchScreen to work with a Raspberry Pi.
I had to connect everything except power to the monitor, power-up the RPI, then plug power into the monitor to get the Touch Function to work. Otherwise power would feed from the monitor back to the RPI across the USB cable and the touchscreen wouldn't work. I assume this is the PD reverse charging listed on the box. Now it works great and the screen is very responsive.

Thanks for your comment. We're so sorry for the inconvenience you encounter and we will give a feedback to the Factory Tech Team. Once we have a new solution, we will take the initiative to contact you. Thanks again for your approval of the image quality of your products