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intehill portable monitor for laptops smartphone mini pc and ps5

Universally Compatible

All monitors has USB Type-C and HDMI Interface. One cable connection to loptops and phones.

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Best-seller Free Shipping

Popular monitors are in stock in the US and Poland Warehouse, free shipping and fast delivery.

One-year Guaranteed

Technician support and after-sales service are available, no worries about the quality.

Mac Mini/Computer host/Raspberry pi 4

Computer Display for mini PC

Portable monitor can be the best computer display for mini PC. They're both in small size. This is a perfect setup for on-the-go business working. If you have a Mac mini, or other mini PC, you can't miss Intehill portable computer monitors.

macbook/Matebook/Galaxy Book

Dual Screen for Laptop

Most new laptops have full featured USB Type-C interface. A second monitor can be esaily connected by one cable. A dual screen setup will boost the productivity a lot. That's why we call the screen "real estate". Catch one to enjoy efficient working.

PS5/Nintendo Switch/Xbox Series S&X

Gaming Monitor for Game Consoles

If you like traveling with game consoles, a portable gaming monitor would be the necessary carry-on. Intehill has great monitors with wonder image performance and high refresh rates. Enjoy gaming with our 4K portable monitor, 240hz monitor and QLED portable monitor.

Mirror Mode/Samsung Dex/Huawei Cloud Computer

Touchscreen Monitor for Smartphone

Smartphones probably replace computers and laptops as the productivity tools. Intehill portable monitor can work as the external screen for Samsung and Huawei smartphones. With Intehill portable monitor, you can deal with simple work and enjoy the content on a much bigger screen.

Product Features

portable monitor features ultra thin ultra light

Ultra Thin/ Ultra Light/ Ultra Portable

Intehill portable monitor is small, light and neat. You can carry it on business travel and on Camping. It helps to save space and energy.

interface of portable monitors hdmi usb type-c mini dp

HDMI/ USB Type-C/ mini DP

Intehill portable monitor has HDMI, mini HDMI, USB Type-C and mini DP ports. It's compatible with PC, gaming consoles, laptops and phones.

120hz 144hz 240hz 300hz portable gaming monitor

Refresh Rate 144HZ/ 240HZ/ 300HZ

Intehill portable monitor has high reresh rate models which is especially developed for FPS gamers. Free-sync makes you enjoy the game without tearing.

intehill ips qled oled portable monitor

IPS Panel/ QLED Panel/ OLED Panel

The screens of Intehill portable monitors are class A level. We use IPS, QLED and OLED panel to guarantee the wide view angle and great color performance.

intehill 1080P FHD 4K UHD portable monitor

Resolution FHD/ QHD/ UHD

The resolutions of Intehill portable monitor are mainly 1920*1080, 3840*2160, except for one model with 8.9" 1920*1200, and one with 13.3" 2560*1600.

intehill portable monitor color gamut space


The color gamuts of intehill monitor include sRGB, NTSC, AdobeRGB and DCI-P3. You can choose the right version according to your requirement.

Color Space really Matters

From the images on the left, we can clearly know the color space of different color standard. Here is the color space ranking, AdobeRGB100% > DCI-P3 100% > NTSC 72% >sRGB100%.

If you're photographer, graphic designer or video editor. It's very important to understand the color space (the same as color gamut) of the monitors. We'd highly recommend the portable monitors with AdobeRGB 100% to people who expect to have an affordable monitor with accurate and brilliant color. The color of AdobeRGB 100% is very colse to the natural world and printing.

If you like saturated color and bright images, the 15.6" FHD QLED portable monitor with DCI-P3 100% would be perfect. If you're using the monitor just for some text working, the sRGB 100% is just fine.

Intehill Order Process

Step One- Find the Product

Please check carefully which portable monitor you want. We're ready to answer you any questions if you have doubt about the product and order.

Step Two- Complete the Order

Please fill in the email, phone number and recipient address on the check-out page, then make the payment by Paypal or Credit Card.

Step Three- Prepare the Goods

Intehill will prepare the monitor after your order is confirmed. It takes about 1-3 days. We will contact you if there's any delay.

Step Four- Dispatch the Package

Intehill will dispatch the monitor from the US and Poland warehouse or from China. We will send you the tracking information after delivery.

Step Five- Unpack and Inspect

Please inpect the monitor when you receive it. Read the user manual before start to use. Feel free to contact the customer service for any issue.

Step Six- Review and Recommend

It would be greatly appreciated if you like Intehill portable monitors and help to leave a comment and recommend. Thank you in advance.

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15.6"/AdobeRGB 100%/500nit/Automatic Rotation/Touch OSD

Premium 4K Touchscreen Monitor