15.6" 1080P QLED Monitor


Dual Monitor for laptop

All of our portable monitor can work as the second monitor for laptops with HDMI or full-featured USB-C interface. It can be connected to Macbook as the second monitor through one USB C cable, just plug and play.

An external monitor for Macbook Pro will boost your efficience a lot. An dual monitor will be especially helpful when you're dealing with multiple task on the computer weather you're a student, office worker or graphic designer.

Gaming Monitor for PS5

Intehill QLED portable monitor and 144hz portable monitor is perfect for gaming. The 15.6inch QLED monitor has HDR 600, 10 bit color depth and 500nit brightness, the images quality is excellent.

If you're FPS player, the 17.3inch 144hz monitor would be the best option. For professional FPS player, we'd recommend our 17.3inch 240HZ player.

External Monitor for Smartphone

As the capacity of smartphone becomes better and better, it can be totally qualified to deal with some simple office work. But the screen of the phone is too small, so an external monitor for smartphone is necessary.

As for now, Samsung, Huawei and Smartian smartphone has good computer mode inside the phone OS. It's possible to fulfill some simple work on the smartphone or cloud computer. And the two system can work seperately

Portable Computer Monitor for mini PC

The mini computer and portable monitor combo is neat for office work. It saves space and can be put in the bag. If you have a Mac mini, our portable monitor would be great as the computer display.

Ultra Narrow Bezel

The width of the bezel is as narrow as 1.7mm, the bottom width is 5mm.

Ultra Thin Shape

The thickness of upper side of the monitor is 5mm, the lower side is 10mm.

Ultra Light Body

The bare monitor is as light as 669g. It's easy to carry it anywhere.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Travel Work Monitor

I received my Intehill monitor yesterday and have been messing with it ever since. It is very easy to use - plug and play. Since I have more recent laptops, I was able to duplicate or extend the screen using the Type-C cable that came in the box. I also wanted to see if the HDMI cable (also in the box) would work if I plugged it into the laptop. Initially, it did not work, however, if you use the OSD button on the left side of the display and change [Source] to HDMI, it will recognize the cable if plugged into the laptop's HDMI port. This method has worked on both of my laptops. So far, the monitor is great! I have no complaints.

Great Colors!

The Intehill 15.6" portable monitor was delivered exactly as described. It is thin and light, and the included magnetic cover is perfect for protecting it and using it as a stand. The many connectivity and power options as well as the colors all look great. Very happy with my purchase!

The quality of this display will astound you.

I'm using it as my third monitor and I couldn't be happier. First time buying a portable monitor so I wasn't sure what to expect. The screen looks better than my 4k monitor. Buy it!

Super bright compared to others!

It is almost twice as bright as other similar screens and most have a NIT rating of 250 to 300. this monitor has a rating of 500Nits. Looks great as a second monitor, easy to set up and use!

Amazing Portable Monitor

This monitor is better than expected!!! Must have portable work or gaming experience. Setup was easy and it connects instantly. Instructions are simple and clear. Support from the seller is top notch. Be sure to read the back of the included manual to make sure you don't miss anything!