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Anonymous (Erps-Kwerps, BE)
Perfect size, perfect quality!

It's exactly what I wanted.

Hi, Thomas

Thanks for your order & comment. The QLED panel is really stunning, enjoy it.
If have any question in the future, please feel free to contact.
Have a good day~

Savvas N. (Limassol, CY)
Qled for the win!

I had high expectations while being worried for quality issues. But holly cow, this thing is amazing, colors and brightness are better than my Dell 2K laptop! This thing was supposed to be inferior as it takes power from your USB and you expect to have it as a supplementary but this is even better than many stationery monitors!
Price is reasonable for EU customers as well, so don't cheap out, this worth the money. Well done Intehill!

Hi, Dear
Thanks for your high praise as well as your satification with our Qled monitor!
The wide color gamut & brightness definately are it's strenthes.
Thanks again. Enjoy it~

Erik Dahlén (Luleå, SE)
Great product

I have been using it with my Lenovo IdeaPad Pro laptop and Samsung Galaxy S21 phone and so far it has been working great. I am very satisfied with the ports, cables, screen quality and standing solution.

Hi, Dear Customer
Thanks for your comment and we are glad that you like our portable monitor, too.
Feel free to contact us if you encounter anything.

Ronald Neal Quioyo (Sterling, US)
Great monitor for the price.

First time I have used an QLED monitor and I must say the colors are amazing. It beats my Alienware IPX panel in terms of color. The 1080p resolution isn’t as noticeable at this screen size.

Connected it to my PC and it detected it as a 10 bit panel HDR monitor. Ran video on youtube and it’s quality is really good. The price seemed fair for what you get. I also ordered the stand to complete the setup. It’s unfortunate that the shipping is not free for that.

I am looking forward to the quality of their OLED portable one once it comes out.

Thanks very much for your comment.
Yes, the color also surprise me when I first add it to my original laptop. It feels like making it alive again.
Also, for the Oled, it assumes will be listed this or next month.
Hope it helps~

Faisal Shah (Canberra, AU)
Good colours, buggy firmware, needs better user mnaual

Got this today and so far very pleased with the colours, brightness and finish. However the firmware seems to be quite buggy. First, it would not stay powered on with my Dell AIO thunderbolt, which is otherwise extremely powerful. So now I am using a dedicated power brick to use it :( Secondly, not sure why but the logo seems to be jumbled up, after a few reboots. It was OK first but now appears strange when booting up. Third, there are menu items which are not explained in the manual. Playing with them will randomly reset the settings. The manual also doesn't explain if there is a sleep mode, i.e. whether we can leave this unit on after the PC it is connected to turned off without worrying about power draw? Finally, somehow I entered the (hidden?) firmware settings (I was setting it up on the table and might have pressed some key combo) and now am not sure if I have messed up the factory calibration. Do you guys maintain a record of each individual units calibration in your database?
Overall, I am happy for the price I paid but the hardware is let down by the software. Hope it improves via firmware updates.

Hi, Thanks for your comment.
1. For the power thing, literally as long as the power output reach the monitor needs, it will be stay powered and we have not encounter this situation. I will feed back this to our Tech Team.
2. You can try to reboot the monitor by pressing the power button which could help you solve the logo and the sleep model problem.
3. Rest assured, the caibration won't be messed up by a key combo.
All in all, thanks again for your comment and please feel free to contact our support@intehill.com when you encounter any question or problem.