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External Monitor for Macbook M1 2K 13.3 Inch Second Screen


Which Monitor to Buy

All Intehill portable monitors have full featured USB Type-C port and HDMI port. Some models have mini DP port . So, it's almost universally comopatible, just plug and play. The monitors support Thunderbolt 3, Display port and HDMI protocol. If you're not sure which portable monitor to buy, here're our suggestions.

For Working and Studying

If you're looking for a small monitor for the mini PC to deal with some simple work or lessions, the FHD 15.6 inch QLED monitor is be the best choice.

15.6" 1080P QLED Monitor / Touchscreen Version/ Drawing Version

We have the perfect screen which has the same size and resolution as the screen of Macbook Pro M1. If you have a 13 .3 inch Macbook Pro M1, you should consider to buy a dual monitor to boost productivity.

13.3" 2K External Monitor for Macbook M1

For FPS and Race Gaming

As a gaming enthusiast, you may want to play games eveywhere. The 17.3 inch 144hz portable monitor can be the solid choice. It has full featured USB Type-C port, mini HDMI port and mini DP port.

17.3" 1080P 144HZ Monitor

If the monitor with 144hz refresh rate don't meet your expectation, then the monitor with 240hz refresh rate will do.

17.3" 1080P 240HZ Monitor

For the Best Displaying

As a designer, photographer, or video editor, you need a monitor with accurate color. Then the 4K portable monitor with Adobe RBG 100% can be perfect.

15.6" 4K Monitor

17.3" 4K Monitor

If you're used to touch the screen, the 15.6 inch 4K monitor will be better, this model has VESA mount and automatic rotation.

15.6" 4K Touchscreen Monitor

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
David Xu (Hastings, GB)
Very good


Hi David,
Thanks for the 5-stars rating!
Enjoy it~

J.B. (New York, US)
Awesome product and awesome customer service

A terrific product at a great price. I needed help with my order, and customer service was helpful and timely. Would definitely recommend.

Hi Jamie,
Thanks for your comment and please let us know if you have any needs about the monitor.
Have a nice day

Mihăilă Mircea (Sibiu, RO)
I would buy it twice, this is the best 13 inch portable monitor I have

I bought this monitor for a project (Custom DJ Console) and I am using it with a M1 Mac Mini via USB C cable. I am impressed with the build quality (the body is machined from aluminium) and the small dimensions of the monitor + small bezels. The picture is super crisp and the resolution is big (2560x1600). I was looking for a monitor with more than 1080 lines of horizontal resolution and this is it, in the final project I will use it in portrait mode. I like the fact that the screen area has a matt finish and does not reflect other objects from the surrounding of the monitor. I have not tested the speakers yet. The packaging is good, the monitor arrived in perfect condition, I like the fact that inside of the top cover of the box there is a foam insert that protects the monitor. Another positive aspect is the fact that Intehill includes all the necesary cables with the monitor (you get 3 cables).
I am using this monitor for 3 days and until now everithing is perfect, for the moment I give this monitor my honest opinion, wich is: THE BEST 13 INCH MONITOR I OWN UNTIL NOW
I have orderded also a QLED Touch monitor, for another project, wich arrived today, but I have not tested the monitor, I will come with a review soon.

Thank You Intehill for such a good product, you have earned a customer.

Hi, Mihaila
Thanks for sharing so many details and we are glad that you like this monitor.
Also, if you have any questions in the future, please feel free to contact.
Have a good day~

Patrick H (Canoga Park, US)
Works Great

I plug my MacBook Pro power brick into the USB-C port on this monitor and then plug the monitor into a USB-C port on my laptop. So I power the laptop through the monitor and only use one USB-C port on my laptop and get a second 2k monitor. It works great. And at home I can also plug in my desktop monitor using an HDMI adapter and I get 3 separate monitors! Great value on this!

Hi, Patrick
Thanks for your postive comment.
All the monitors we sell now support the thunderbolt with USB-C. So we can input the data signal and power in a single USB-C to USB-Ccable.
Anyway, we are glad that you like our product. If you have any question in the future, please feel free to contact.
Have a good day.

M. Valery Lafue (Bayonne, FR)
Good job for an external monitor for macbook m1

I ve receive mine today. All is ok

Thank you for your positive comment. Yes, this monitor is designed for the Macbook M1 and we are glad that you like it.