1080P 17.3" Portable Monitor


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Portable Monitor for PS4

I purchased this portable monitor for the PS4 slim. I travel a lot between three homes and needed an easy way to easily transport the PS4 - I have a PS4 travel case and this screen fits perfectly.
The quality of this monitor makes it feel great. Very solid build for the price point. The 1080p picture quality is clean as well. There is no lag or dead space when playing games on the PS4. The cables are easy to use. This monitor does not require an extra wall plug and works great when plugging the USB to USBC into the PS4 usb.
Overall, it's hard to beat the price of this monitor. Especially when used with the PS4. Very happy with this purchase.

Magnets important

I use my laptop for most things, and it's very convenient to have a second monitor to view the source code and web pages you're designing at the same time.
It's incredible resolution. It can be powered by either USB-C or mini-hdmi (with a full size hdmi adapter cable).
The power supply is a bit odd. It won't run on any block except the one it comes from, but I'll try more options.
The flexible stand is also weird. It took me an awkwardly long time to fold the thing being hung to an angle where I could see it. The magnets in the housing and screen will align in some configurations.
Would definitely recommend.

Great 1080p portable monitor

Its RGB color accuracy is very good. It has a 1080p monitor to get the job done. It is not a desktop monitor, not a gaming monitor, but a portable monitor. 60HZ, legal freesync, and it's very nice!

Gets the job done

Just purchased this monitor and it does the job of providing me with an extra screen when connecting 2 monitors to a laptop away from the docking station. Connected it and set it up for the EliteBook 840 with no problems - I did need a Display Port to HDMI adapter, but that did work.

Good for the price

As a test, it connects well to the phone, but won't turn on when connected to USB c on a laptop. Try connecting a separate power supply and HDMI. It would be easier to use only USB c.
**UPDATE** Once I plugged it into the wall with USBC, it worked fine. Then I unplugged it and it stayed powered on despite still being plugged into the laptop. Maybe it's just a USB issue with the laptop.