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[EU Only] 15.6" 1080P Touchscreen QLED Monitor DCI-P3 100%
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[EU Only] 15.6" 1080P Touchscreen QLED Monitor DCI-P3 100%

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This FHD 15.6-inch portable QLED touch screen monitor is ultra-thin and lightweight. It has a Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C and a mini HDMI port. The space grey monitor with DCI-P3 99.7% color and aluminum enclosure can be the perfect dual-screen for laptops, MacBook, and Mac mini. The monitor supports a capacitive stylus. 

Screen Specification

Type: QLED, Glossy Refresh Rate: 60HZ
Size: 15.6 inch Color Gamut: DCI-P3 100%
Resolution: 1920*1080 Color Depth: 10bit(8bit+afrc)
Ratio: 16:9 HDR: HDR 600
PPI: 141 View Angle: 178°
Brightness: 500nit FreeSync: Yes
Contrast: 1000:1 Touchscreen: Yes

 Monitor Specification

HDMI: Mini HDMI Power: 10-15W
mini DP: None Materials: Aluminum
USB Type-C: USB-C*2 Dimension: 355*216*5*10mm
OTG: None Color: Grey
Headphone Jack: Yes VESA Mount: None
Speakers: Yes Net Weight: 800g


Smart Case*1, USB Type-C Thunderbolt cable for Data&Power*1, USB Type-C cable for Power*1, HDMI Cable*1, User Manual*1

Hands-on & Review

Customer Reviews

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Arjan (Veendam, NL)
Excellent, bright display with great colors. Incredible value

I managed to pick this monitor up during a sale for $200, which included shipping. Shipping was fast; ordered on a friday and it arrived the next thursday (from Germany to the Netherlands). The display is used with a Lenovo Legion 5 laptop running Arch Linux, but I've tried running it with a Nintendo Switch and a Steam Deck. Both work perfectly, including power delivery with a 65W usb-c power supply connected to the second usb-c port on the monitor. The display is touch and while I do need a script to limit touch events to the monitor itself, it's a simple script and works perfectly.

The display itself is so bright that I don't run it above 50% brightness and the colors from the qled panel are excellent. I've had to turn color saturation down to make the display match the laptop's screen. A couple of handy features; there's an up/down/click rocker switch that you use to control the OSD. But pressing up or down on it (without clicking it) is a shortcut that lets you control brightness and volume respectively.

There's always something to nag about and this monitor is no exception; the 'smart' cover is not very smart at all. I really wish Intehill would include the pivotal stand that you have to order separately (and will set you back an extra $60), because the cover is far from perfect. The magnets are not very strong, so It comes loose very easily and the angle and position don't have any range. It slides a bit and can only really be set at a fixed angle. The other thing is that the handshake between the display and my laptop has to be timed just perfectly for the display to be recognised and working in Linux and configuring it in KDE's settings. I have better and more consistend succes with scripting it through xrandr (sorry if this is getting technical) so it's only a minor thing.

Other than the little things this is a great monitor, especially for the price. The build quality is excellent, except for the smart cover. Ergonimics are fine and it has lots of connections (usb-c for power delivery, usb-c for display and touch, micro HDMI for display and usb-c OTG for connecting peripherals). Like I said the picture quality is incredible with bright and vivid images.