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Light, versatile monitor with a great screen

I bought this monitor a year ago and it has become an integral part of my mobile work setup. Using it as a second screen allows me to do presentations while on the go. The picture quality is fantastic, with a good level of brightness and the screen is not too reflective. Having the mini HDMI port increases the versatility ensuring you can use this screen with a variety of devices and not just a recent laptop. Would recommend this monitor to others looking for good quality at a reasonable price. (In the picture I've selected 50% reduced blue light level)

Good until flickering

I’ve been using the monitor for about a month now, and it has been great. Until today, when the screen began flickering.

I have tried different cables, in all of the ports, and it is still flickering when connected.

Absolute shit service - stay away at all costs.

Never again.

Great screen

I bought this screen with the idea of using it alongside my 13” work laptop. The screen has very good quality and the build quality looks solid. With its 1080p resolution, the screen is sharp enough for Office work, and the colors are well-balanced. I am very satisfied with this screen, and due to its low price, it is definitely worth its money. Highly recommended!

15.6" 1080P QLED Monitor DCI-P3 100%
Štefan Sýkora (Modra, SK)

Is it so fcking hard to combine good visuals with high refresh rate or everyone in this industry has brain damage

"Gaming monitor"

Since when do gaming monitors have 60hz 🤣

13.3" 1080P OLED Portable Monitor [F13NA]
Saunik Adhikary (Kolkata, IN)
Awesome colors, nice & portable

I am super impressed with the product. The screen is gorgeous to look at. Also I like how thin it is. Overall I am super impressed with the product and personally prefer intehill monitors. However I would very much like if in future you guys could make a 17 inch 4K oled with 100% dci-p3 colour or even 100% adobe rgb with 16:9 aspect ratio in a similar thin profile in a glossy format. I would definitely buy it. I like the colours and contrast on intehill monitors.

[EU Only] 17.3" 1080P 144HZ Monitor
Anonymous (Stockholm, SE)
PS5 usage

I bought it to use with a ps5 since my TV was 60Hz and I got input lag playing FPS (Call of Duty) with mouse and keyboard. My review will be based on that intended usage. Been playing PC games casually for 25 years, I didnt want a PC setup at home, a good gaming laptop is very expensive so went for a ps5, have to use mouse and keyboard since Im a PC gamer, but it was impossible to play with the input lag I got with my TV and I didnt want to pay for a new tv. Portable monitors enters the chat. Had been reading up on all portable monitors available and went with this one. Was it a good choice?


The price point on this monitor was excellent. ALOT lower than the options available locally in the nordics (even considering all other online sellers as well). What about shipping and tax/customs? Thats usually where imported goods balance things up, nope not here. Free shipping and no tax/customs. The price point is in its own league.

Build quality feels great.
Screen display great. Honestly Im no expert at monitors so I wont go into the nitty gritty. Id say the screen is great but know that this hasnt been my primary focus/concern.
Speakers: they exists, I dont use them, no opinion
Ports: great, especially appreciate the regular HDMI port so I can connect my ps5 directly. Most portable monitors only have mini hdmi.

What about my gaming experience which was my main concern? Im very happy! I wouldnt say its 100% but given I have been a PC gamer for a long time and still happy with my experience it should say something. I am playing with this monitor with my ps5 without annoyance. Enabling 120Hz mode in Call of Duty settings will move the monitor to 120Hz as verified in the monitor settings dialogue. PS5 have something called Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low Latency Mode. This is features most commonly implemented with HDMI 2.1. This monitor is with HDMI 1.4 and does not support these features with the PS5. Having these features supported would have been excellent (tip for upcoming models), and potentially push the experience to 100%. I would say my gaming experience is good enough and that means alot, Im very happy with that. Also, I havent found a single portable monitor available that implements HDMI 2.1.

Have only been using it for a couple of weeks so no opinion on the long term quality.

Overall this portable monitor is awesome and I am very happy with it for my use case and given the price point this is an excellent buy!

I Never write reviews but this time it is well deserved.

Two thumbs up for Intehill.

13.4" 4K+ Monitor with IGZO Panel [U13NA]
Stella Geurtsen (Amsterdam, NL)

Ik tried a few from other brands but this is one of the best. Amazing colors and quality, also the brightness is good. And the customer service from intehill is the best i've experienced in a while. I'm really statisfied and recommend.

16" 4K+ Monitor with P3 98% and 10Bit Color [U16NA]
James Carroll (Riviera Beach, US)
Outstanding monitor in every way

My new U16NA monitor is outstanding. Great color. Pinpoint clarity. Intuitive controls. Great price compared with the competition! I also appreciate the 16:10 aspect ratio (hard to find), as I do a lot of text work as well as watching videos/movies. I was scared ordering direct rather than through Amazon. No reason to have been.

An excellent product. Excellent quality and price!

Great price for what is offered

I had the opportunity to review this P15NF through a complete video on YouTube. For the selling price, it is astonishing to find such high-performance hardware. Basically you get full HD in the best possible way, just say that the color profile is DCI-P3, HDR, 1300:1 contrast, 500 nits.
The only problem is the case which also acts as a support: precisely because of this function the screen is unstable on a surface, making you afraid to use it every time as it can fall easily, with a simple touch. YouTube video placeholder
Great price for what is offered

I had the opportunity to review this P15NF through a complete video on YouTube. For the selling price, it is astonishing to find such high-performance hardware. Basically you get full HD in the best possible way, just say that the color profile is DCI-P3, HDR, 1300:1 contrast, 500 nits.
The only problem is the case which also acts as a support: precisely because of this function the screen is unstable on a surface, making you afraid to use it every time as it can fall easily, with a simple touch. YouTube video placeholder
Big screen, good service

The screen is a bit on a heavy side, but it has multiple input ports (USB-C, Mini Display Port, HDMI). Panel is crisp, assembly quality is fine.

The original screen has developed on issue within a week of use, however, the vendor has replaced the faulty unit without any fuss.

It's awesome

The build quality of the monitor is much better than expected, feels very solid. Worked perfectly on a new Macbook Pro with only one cable, even on highest brightness. I already used MonitorControl app on OSX to control my LG external monitors and it worked with this monitor too, which was a major surprise.

I use this monitor in scaled mode on OSX and the text looks nice and clear.

[EU Only] 15.6" 1080P QLED Monitor DCI-P3 100%

17.3" 1080P 240HZ Monitor
Franck Martigne (Chiang Mai, TH)
Overall good +

Hardware is top quality, no weakness detected, good buttons.
I'd put a 4 out 5 because I feel like improvement could be made on the software part. It would need more options for gamers.
Hours of gaming check, perfectly stable.
So far way better than the ASUS ROG 240hz screen.

Ideal for productivity!

I searched for a lot of portable monitors but I couldn't really find a proper 16:10 one which would be ideal for productivity. Until I found this one!

I mainly use it as a third screen on my desktop and detach it when I go to the office. The colors are really nice and it can be very bright. Doesn't feel cheap, build quality is good. I don't regret getting this over the alternatives.

Video playback is also great despite the 25ms response time. Don't buy if you intend to do fast paced gaming where reaction time is key though.

All in all. Great for my use case!

It’s okay, but needs external power

So the build quality is nice, except for the dial-button on the side, the sharpness is good, the colours are good (not as good as a new Macbook Pro but that is also a though comparison).
BUT when i wrote them they claimed it would work fine with only a cable connected to my Macbook, but it turns out that was not correct. It works fine ONLY if the brightness is not too high. If you turn of the brightness too high you can experience issues where it turns off/on. And when you turn it on the brightness is reset to a low setting. Very annoying!
4/5 if there wasn’t this issue. Would be 5/5 the colours were a bit better too.

Great monitor

I use three of these. Two U13NAs and one U16NA with my Mac Studio Max and the DPI on these babies is so high it looks like a laser printer. Highly recommended.

17.3" 4K Touchscreen Monitor Adobe RGB 100%
Marten Mac Rairh (London, GB)

Love this monitor. Resolution is perfect and connects with one USB-C cable. Needs extra power if the speakers and full brightness is used but bright and the quality of the screen is amazing. Touch screen works well although on a mac, it wont scroll very well- patchy. The magnetic cover is great and protects the monitor well. Also- it's super easy to connect to my mac- just pulg the cable in that's it, no messing and dual screen works immediately. I'm going to buy another one of these even though I'm used to a bigger screen, this works so well, two of these will be perfect.

13.4" 4K+ Monitor with IGZO Panel [U13NA]
Leonard Fuller (Beckenham, GB)
Monitor with IGZO Panel

awesome. Works straight out of the box. Well packaged and simple design.

13.4" 4K+ Monitor with IGZO Panel [U13NA]
Xabier Martínez Rolán (Pontevedra, ES)
They send NOTHING

After 21 days Intehill send NOTHING. Package was empty, and The money has not been refunded. Obviously I feel not satisfied with the product.

16" 4K+ Monitor with P3 98% and 10Bit Color [U16NA]
Vismantas Mockevicius (Amsterdam, NL)

Using it every day in 4k for about 12h per day. All is really good. I really like that it doesnt have any built in battery!

Revolutionizing Travel and Business: The 16" 4K+ Intehill Portable Monitor - A Globetrotter's Ess...

Absolutely outstanding! The 16" 4K+ Intehill Portable Monitor has proven to be the most dynamic and essential travel companion for my online publishing business. As I journey across the globe, this monitor's vivid display and flawless compatibility with my MacBook Pro 13 are simply second to none.

Running my business on the go has never been easier, all thanks to its impressive 4K+ resolution. Images are crisp, colors are rich, and text is as sharp as it can be. Using it in portrait mode? A complete game-changer. It's opened a new dimension of convenience, enhancing my workflow to levels I never thought possible.

Its lightweight design means packing it along is a breeze, and setup is effortless. It's not just a tool; it's an inspiration, allowing me to create, manage, and innovate no matter where I find myself in the world.

The Intehill Portable Monitor's reliability, design, and performance have absolutely shattered my expectations. It's more than a product; it's an investment in excellence. If you're looking to take your business and creativity to the next level, don't hesitate to get your hands on this marvel of modern technology. A masterpiece in every sense!