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1080P 15.6" portable monitor
Maor Halimi (Petah Tikva, IL)
Great Monitor

I Bought this monitor Three months ago, i am a Day trader and i needed to go oversea's and needed a second monitor to my laptop. i bought this monitor and was worried that the shipment wonr be intime before my flight. i contact Intehill support chat. and they were with me all the way of my delivery untill i recieved it intime. only about 6 or 7 days ! Shipment OVERSEAS! Amazing. Best support i ever had. also this monitor is amazing. does the job EASY. one cable only! i am amazed. i came back here after 3 months to put my Review on this product because this is all we need out here. This is just the best. Thank you intehill! All my friends will buy your productes for sure when needed. Appreciate you being here. THANKS.

Top quality display!

This is a great display. Thin bezels and the IGZO panel has great brightness, contrast and colour. The magnetic cover works quite well to protect it and prop it up in use. I will say that the supplied usb c cable is poor so best to get a decent braided one with a right angle for the laptop end.

Adjustable Pivoting Stand
sam ray (Yokohama, JP)
Just enough!

It works with 15.6 display, I'm using.

Forgot to add ...

- Lot of accessories
- Fast and transparent delivery

Adjustable Pivoting Stand
Marshall Robert (Westerly, US)

A highly recommended, marvelously suited mount for portable monitors. The rubber grommets are too loose, I’ve already lost one but other than that it’s a perfect product.

15.6" 1080P QLED Monitor DCI-P3 100%
I dont think you can find a better deal

I was in need of a portable monitor to use as an second screen for my MacBook Pro and as screen for Xbox Series S. I searched local stores but the options available were limited and overpriced. The majority were only 1080p IPS displays with one USB-C port for double the price. I even found one that was 720p TN for the price of this P15NF.

However, I stumbled upon this monitor that offers a great combination of price, port selection, and screen technologies such as VRR and HDR. The image quality is impressive, I am no expert in image quality but I have my MackBook Pro as a comparison. The monitor also offers a variety of ports and a convenient OSD functionality. The packaging includes all necessary cables. The speakers may not be the strongest aspect, but it does not affect me as I use headphones.

I also had a positive experience with the support team. They promptly assisted me with any questions or issues regarding shipping and ordering.

It's worth noting that while this monitor supports HDR, it cannot be used for HDR on the Xbox Series S|X. This is due to a limitation with the Xbox's capability to only output HDR in 4k, rather than an issue with the monitor itself.

Phenomenal monitor

The pixel density of this monitor is incredible. It is sharp and resolved; I use it as the second screen for a GPD Pocket 3 and it works perfectly. It takes me from from the laptop’s 1920x1200 and turns it into the real estate of 4 of those monitors in only 13.4”… simply phenomenal.

13.3" 2K Monitor 2560X1600
M.K. (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Very happy with my purchase

I am very happy with my portable monitor. The price was good and the quality and usability are outstanding up until now.
I have recommended it to my colleagues.

[EU Only] 15.6" 1080P QLED Monitor DCI-P3 100%
Inge Zoetelief (Enschede, NL)
Great additional screen

I am very content with this purchase, it really ticks all the boxes I was looking for in an additional screen: easy to use, great resolution, great image clarity, thin design and light weight.

very nice screen

Nice colors and very slim and light. Everything works with windows laptop and with M1 Macbook Pro also.
Will be great boos to productivity on the road.

15.6" 4K Monitor Adobe RGB 100%
Marinas Alexandru Florin (Cluj-Napoca, RO)
Amazing clarity and value

Yes. I would totally order one more

Intehill Studio Display Packed with IGZO Panel 13.4" 4K+
Bart van de Griendt ('s-Hertogenbosch, NL)
Great product and great service!

Great, high quality product. I'm very happy with it. I'm also happy with Intehill's service! The first monitor arrived damaged so after contacting them it was replaced free of charge.

Altough I'm happy with the purchase, I still have two things that could be improved:
- Communication: It was hard to get in contact with the Intehills team and some of my emails weren't answered. Others were answered only after sending them multiple times.
- VAT: when you order a monitor from China you have to pay taxes and import duties. I think Intehill could communicate this better. It's confusing because you don't have to pay taxes and duties when you order from the EU for the exact same price.

Adjustable Pivoting Stand
Bruce Robins (Sydney, AU)
Great stand for 17.3” monitor

Received the stand in reasonless time about 10 days and it worked perfectly with the monitor which I use with my MacBook Air M2

Excellent, bright display with great colors. Incredible value

I managed to pick this monitor up during a sale for $200, which included shipping. Shipping was fast; ordered on a friday and it arrived the next thursday (from Germany to the Netherlands). The display is used with a Lenovo Legion 5 laptop running Arch Linux, but I've tried running it with a Nintendo Switch and a Steam Deck. Both work perfectly, including power delivery with a 65W usb-c power supply connected to the second usb-c port on the monitor. The display is touch and while I do need a script to limit touch events to the monitor itself, it's a simple script and works perfectly.

The display itself is so bright that I don't run it above 50% brightness and the colors from the qled panel are excellent. I've had to turn color saturation down to make the display match the laptop's screen. A couple of handy features; there's an up/down/click rocker switch that you use to control the OSD. But pressing up or down on it (without clicking it) is a shortcut that lets you control brightness and volume respectively.

There's always something to nag about and this monitor is no exception; the 'smart' cover is not very smart at all. I really wish Intehill would include the pivotal stand that you have to order separately (and will set you back an extra $60), because the cover is far from perfect. The magnets are not very strong, so It comes loose very easily and the angle and position don't have any range. It slides a bit and can only really be set at a fixed angle. The other thing is that the handshake between the display and my laptop has to be timed just perfectly for the display to be recognised and working in Linux and configuring it in KDE's settings. I have better and more consistend succes with scripting it through xrandr (sorry if this is getting technical) so it's only a minor thing.

Other than the little things this is a great monitor, especially for the price. The build quality is excellent, except for the smart cover. Ergonimics are fine and it has lots of connections (usb-c for power delivery, usb-c for display and touch, micro HDMI for display and usb-c OTG for connecting peripherals). Like I said the picture quality is incredible with bright and vivid images.

2nd time buy - Very good & highly recommended!

buy the 2nd monitor from here with different size. The quality is remarkable. It's well worth the money for their high-quality products & I also received free shipping. I highly recommended!

1080P 15.6" 300HZ 240HZ Monitor
Muhd Ismail (Singapore, SG)
Intehill 15.6 inch 300Hz Portable Monitor

This is my 2nd product I purchased from Intehill after a wonderful experience from the 17.3 240Hz portable monitor.

The build quality of this 15.6 inch is great. It has a brushed aluminum chassis. The chassis is simple but rigid and well-built - it is designed with simplicity in mind. I appreciate that Intehill has gone with the simple aesthetic as I cannot withstand the gamer design that has been plaguing the market.

As I testify on my 17.3 240 Hz review, I am no expert in picture quality but I would say that the monitor ports and bundles have received an upgrade (you get better quality USB C cables and a mini DP port to go along). This is a huge positive as this signals me and other consumers that Intehill takes your feedback and improve on product bundling. In the future, I hope you do include mini DP cables as well since some of us may work on professional workstations that have Quadro or Radeon Pro cards.

Overall, it has been a positive experience. You got a supporter here. Thanks!

17.3" 1080P 240HZ Monitor
Yan Zhang (San Jose, US)
Wonderful Portable monitor exceed my expectations! Nice purchase journey! Strongly recommend!

This is definitely a nice and amazing product compared to the Asus ROG xg17, before I older this monitor, one of my friend have ordered the Asus Rog, which is 100$ more, that one have a not very good product design about the tripod slot on the back of the monitor, if you not choose their official tripod, the size of the tripod you ordered on amazon have a high chance not matching the slot on the back because the screw length, which will break and damage the monitor physically, if you use their Asus smart cover, that cover stand I thought it's not sturdy and reliable enough because it only have a magnetic stripe on the bottom.

Come to this Intehill 17" 240hz, after I open the package, it's really shock and amaze me,it's a nice design and built quality really exceed my expectations, it removed that useless slot on the back, the screen is much more thinner compare to ROG, about 2mm, the back of the screen is high quality brushed aluminum,the whole product looks much more neat and compact, the smart cover stand is also very easy to use and stable, it's a very nice portable IPS screen with 1080p, 240hz with respond time only 2mms. Supervisely, it also support HDR for my ps5 console as well.

For game test, I tried this monitor with counter-strike global for my laptop , both the HDMI 2.0 port and usb-c port support 240hz very good, the screen is really smooth! 240hz will definitely increase my fps gaming experience and skills for sure, like a "hardware buff", the feeling is nearly the same like I played CSGO on my normal 240hz desktop monitor like Zowie 2546k, but it's portable and I can bring to anywhere.

Another thing I wanna mention is about the nice customer service for intehill, after I got my product, I have some technical "how to use" questions, so I have contacted intehill customer service, leaving a message on chat I remembered even on weekends, their CS guy is so nice and immediately respond to me super fast both on email and chat, guide me step by step how to setup and optimize my monitor, point to point and friendly, show me some instruction pictures, answered all my questions with patience and solve my problems, I am very appreciated of that!

Overall, I am very satisfied and impressed about the purchase journey and strongly recommend this 240hz portable monitor to the gamers who like FPS and console games, it's amazing and fantastic!

very good product

it was a great product

Stunning colours!

Very vibrant colours coming from this monitor and its brightness is outstanding as well. For a 13.4" monitor, the PPI and clarity of 4k is an absolute viewing pleasure. However, do note that 4k with 100% Windows scaling on this will be difficult to do text-related work. While these specs are overkill for my usage as a live wallpaper / sensor panel for my PC, I do not regret this purchase at all. This is my 2nd intehill purchase and I hope this monitor lasts a long time. I highly recommend this monitor for any entertainment or creative work purposes. 💯

Very good & highly recommended!

Bought a portable monitor from here. The quality is remarkable. It's well worth the money for their high-quality products & I also received free shipping. I highly recommended!

15.6" 1080P QLED Monitor DCI-P3 100%
Philipp Ganster (Vienna, AT)
Very good, but not great. :)

Only downsides I’ve come across so far are - no SDR color profile, If you use gaming low latency features, even some of the more basic controls (contrast, …) get disabled - which means that in practice, you dont use them and color stability at an angle (starts to look washed out pretty soon) -

on the positive side, settings are stored after pulling power, screen for the most part loks gorgeous (black level could be a little bit better), and the „night mode“ feature at level one adds a usable level of green tint to the image, which helps with covering up, that you are still using a DCI-P3 color profile, while displaying SDR content. (Last point is subjective.)

The biggest flaw is the lack of an SDR color profile. Aside from that, pretty stoked with the purchase, the powerdelivery feature works as intended, usability is good... - would buy again. :)


Thanks for your 5-star review!!

13.3" 2K Monitor 2560X1600
Guido Kok (Amsterdam, NL)
Very good quality :)

Good built quality, many ports and lightweight. Feels sturdy and solid!

Thanks a lot for your sharing!
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

17.3" 1080P 240HZ Monitor
Muhd Ismail (Singapore, SG)
Intehill 17.3 inch 240Hz Portable Monitor

Build quality:

1. The portable monitor has great built quality. Brushed aluminum at the back and sturdy plastic build for the frame. It has a professional appearance and does not scream 'gamer' which is great because users actually want a simple design and a product that actually works.

2. The product is shipped with a monitor stand. It is an a-ok quality, nothing really outstanding although Intehill could provide an option to include a monitor stand bundle if possible.

Image quality:

1. I am no image consultant nor professional. I find the calibration acceptable and usable for day-to-day use (i.e. gaming).

2. Image appears crisp and there are 4 levels of sharpness. Since I am using nVidia's DLDSR, the upscaling actually appears quite sharp and non-blurry under non-DL and DL settings.

Adaptive sync:

1. Please note that this monitor is compatible with both AMD Freesync and nVidia GSync. This is not mentioned in the product description. I feel that users should know - and this is great news for users on nVidia's platform.


1. The wires provided by Intehill are sufficient. My only gripe is that this monitor is located 1m away from my PC but I required 3m of wring due to cable management. To overcome this, I had to purchase two wires: A Displayport extension cable (from Male to Female) and then a Displayport to USB C cable (Find Club3D CAC-1557). This will allow you to use the USBC output on this monitor without any hitches. Overall, I wish Intehill would provide a longer display cable (i.e. 2m or 3m option for cable management).


At a product level, Intehill has nearly perfected the portable gaming monitor niche. It is a perfect substitute to Asus ROG XG17 without the flashy ROG logo and unnecessary bells and whistles associated with the ROG ecosystem. This product delivers and that is important. In terms of product bundling, I suggest Intehill can provide longer cables for management purposes.


IT arrived yestetday, 20 days… The Power adapter was missing from the box, other parts, documentation, cables, the display itself is good quality. I have some problems with special situations. Connected with HDMI cable to my 14” MacBook Pro, i hear digital noise from the display even it is not selected as sound device. Changing the sound proprties, temporary solves the problem, but it is come back again. Cant play streaming movie on this display, the player window is black, no picture. To make a correct HDR color setup is difficoult, I am using it in sdr mode, with betterr result. The Mac-mode FHD resulotion gives nice, sharp picture, it is great. I like, that the display is lite, the case is good, the adapters are clever. Greetings from Hungary! Alpár Tibor Music producer!

Hi Tibor,
Sorry for forgot emailng you the details about the charger. Because the adapters with EU specs ran out of stock.
Also, for the sound and the streaming issue, could you help email us a short video about it?
We will provide the best solution for you and we will make our every customer satisfied.
Intehill Customer Service