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-Intehill is Professional & Reliable

Intehill focus on portable monitors

1. Focus on portable monitor

Intehill dedicates to develop and manufacture portable monitors. Our goal is to be the TOP ONE global brand and supply best portable monitors.
intehill 300hz oled portable monitors

2. Multiple Models Available

No matter you’re looking for a small computer display for mini PC, an external screen for laptop or a portable gaming monitor, there’s one for you.
intehill portable monitor certificate

3. FCC, CE and PSE Certified

Our monitors go through the certificate for the US, Japan and the European countries. Steady product quality and long-term use are guaranteed.
Intehill portable monitor testimonials

4. Real Testimonials from 
Customers and 

Intehill monitors have been inspected by several Youtubers and thousands of customers. It’s worth buying if you’re finding a decent portable monitor.
Intehill safe payment, fast delivery and privacy protection

5. Safe Payment, Fast Delivery 
and Privacy Protection

Transaction is fulfilled with secure payment (PayPal and Credit Card). Orders will be dispatched in three days. Your personal information is classified.
intehill technical support and after sales service

6. Timely Technical Support 
and After-sales Service

Intehill are ready to answer any question about the order and the product. Mutually acceptable solution will be offered if there’s any quality issue.
intehill excellent external portable monitor for macbook

Excellent quality and fast delivery!
Fast delivery from China to the EU and in my case even tax free. 
The quality is excellent and far beyond any other portable monitor I have tested.
I ordered two screens and compared side by side the white-colors of screens are slightly different, but overall both are very warm and brilliant.
- By Jan Moll
intehill computer display for mac mini

I would buy it twice
I am using this monitor for 3 days and until now everithing is perfect, for the moment I give this monitor my honest opinion, wich is: THE BEST 13 INCH MONITOR I OWN UNTIL NOWI have orderded also a QLED Touch monitor.
Thank You Intehill for such a good product, you have earned a customer.
- By Mihăilă Mircea

intehill stand for portable monitor

Excellent stand
I had already completed my review but wanted to add a picture. Great 3-point stand! 
And I deleted my review by accident, so I will say again, this takes up much less real estate than the manufacturer provided folding cover/stand. Great solid, but lightweight construction, and I will take it on the road if I ever travel again.
- By Jon McCarty
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