13.3" 1080P OLED Portable Monitor [F13NA]
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13.3" 1080P OLED Portable Monitor [F13NA]

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  • [Outstanding OLED Display] The OLED screen used in F13NA offers vibrant colors and infinite contrast compared to IPS screens. It provides precise control over brightness levels and achieves true black, resulting in a richer and more vivid visual experience. 
  • [Stylish and Comfortable Appearance] The monitor features ultra-thin bezels that maximize the screen's viewing area. The full-black aluminum alloy exterior gives the monitor a high-quality and stylish feel, with high hardness and efficient heat dissipation, improving overall performance stability.
  • [Extensive Connectivity] The monitor offers two full-function USB Type-C ports and a mini HDMI port on the right side. Most modern laptops and mini PCs can connect to the monitor with a single USB-C cable for seamless operation. The HDMI port provides convenient connectivity for gaming consoles or using the monitor as a large display for DSLR cameras. 
  • [Wide Device Compatibility] The F13NA portable monitor is particularly suitable for gaming and video entertainment. It can easily connect to popular gaming consoles like PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Steam Deck. Additionally, it can also serve as extended screens for laptops or displays for mini PCs. 
  • [Portable and Versatile] The F13NA portable display has a compact size of only 13.3 inches, making it small and lightweight. It can be easily carried in a backpack or suitcase, providing convenient mobile work or entertainment experiences. 


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Unlock a World of Possibilities with the 13.3" 1080P OLED Portable Monitor!

From lightning fast response time to its exceptional contrast ratio,this OLED monitor ensures that every motion is displayed with  exceptional clarity and fluidity, the vibrant colors bring the content to life, creating a truly immersive and captivating viewing experience. 

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Portable Size 13.3" and Premium OLED Screen

F13NA features a screen that is twice the size and resolution of Switch. Simply connect the monitor to Switch via USB-C cable,and power it with Switch's power supply for a fantastic gaming experience.

Ultra-fast Response Time  with Smooth Visuals

Enjoy an ultra fast response time only 1 ms that ensures seamless transitions  and eliminates motion blur. Whether you're gaming or watching high speed action,  the display keeps up with your pace, delivering sharp and fluid visuals without any  lag or ghosting.

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Exhibit Minimal to No Light Leakage

OLED screens provide exceptional color uniformity, ensuring that colors are consistent and  evenly distributed across the display. When displaying dark scenes or black backgrounds,  there is little to no backlight bleed, provide a more immersive and visually pleasing experience.

DCI-P3: Color Space 25% Wider  than sRGB

With DCI-P3 100% color space, the display accurately reproduces a vast  range of hues, allowing you to enjoy stunningly realistic visuals and vivid,  true-to-life colors.

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Impressive Brightness Level  with Optimal Clarity

Display supports high HDR, offering an impressive brightness level that enhances  visibility even in brightly lit environments. Whether you're working in a sunlit room  or enjoying multimedia content, the screen ensures vibrant visuals with optimal clarity.

Over a Billion Vibrant Colors:  10bit Color Depth

With each hue meticulously represented, your content comes to life with  remarkable precision and depth. Enjoy breathtakingly realistic visuals,  nuanced shading, and smooth gradients that elevate every image and video  to an entirely new level of visual artistry. 

10bit portable monitor

A Portable Monitor is Versatile, Catering to Gaming, Video Streaming, and Work Purposes.

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External Monitor for Nintendo Switch
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Portable Gaming Monitor for PS4/PS5
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Portable Gaming Monitor for Xbox
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Multiple Screens Setup for Laptop
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Computer Display for mini PC

How to Use Cable Connection, Shortcut Key, Multiple-screen Setup, Magnetic Folio

How are the cables connected? - USB C Connection

When transmitting A/V signals through a USB C cable, if the mini PC or  laptop can provide sufficient power, the monitor does not require additional  power. Otherwise, additional power supply is needed.

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How are the cables connected?  -HDMI Connection

When using HDMI for A/V signal transmission, the monitor requires a separate  power connection. The model F13NA(FHD) requires a 10W PD power supply.

Multiple-Displays Setup  on macOS

System Settings > Displays > Use as >Main display/ Extended display/Mirror  >Arrange > Show all resolutions > Rotation

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Multiple-Displays Setup  on Windows

Right-click on the desktop > Display Settings >Multiple displays > Duplicate/ Extend/ Show only > Select and rearrange displays >  Scale and layout >Resolution > Orientation

How to use the menu/power button?

There are shortcut keys to make it easier to use the monitor.  Toggle up the menu button to set the brightness, toggle down it to set the volume.  Press the on/off button to return to the previous level or launch the menu.

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How to use the magnetic folio?

The magnetic folio protects the screen from dust and scratches while it's not used.  And it works as the stand while the monitor works. Please check the infographic  to learn how to fix the folio.

Customer Reviews

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Saunik Adhikary (Kolkata, IN)
Awesome colors, nice & portable

I am super impressed with the product. The screen is gorgeous to look at. Also I like how thin it is. Overall I am super impressed with the product and personally prefer intehill monitors. However I would very much like if in future you guys could make a 17 inch 4K oled with 100% dci-p3 colour or even 100% adobe rgb with 16:9 aspect ratio in a similar thin profile in a glossy format. I would definitely buy it. I like the colours and contrast on intehill monitors.