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1080P 15.6" portable monitor
faisl alroeta (Riyadh, SA)

Good 👍

1080P 13.3" Portable Monitor(Plastic)
Bradley McDevitt (Chapel Hill, US)
excellent value

Ready to set up, easy to connect, and great quality. Thoroughly impressed and satisfied. Great value.

15.6" 4K Monitor Adobe RGB 100%
Charles B (Paso Robles, US)
Really love this screen portability and quality

The quality is truly amazing! Very lightweight and portable. 4k looks perfect as well. Here are my only concerns: 1. I wish the manual was on your website as well. I forgot what is compatible with the OTG port and don’t know what will work. 2. The cover/stand is a little too flimsy. It’s fallen over before and I’ve thought that the screen would be broken. 3. The packed in HDMI cable couldn’t display 4k on my Xbox series x. I had to purchase another mini HDMI to HDMI adapter to get it to work. 3. The speakers are very quiet. I wish they were around 20% louder. Overall I’m very satisfied with the screen and have already recommended it to co workers, friends and family.

Hi Charles,
Thanks for your sharing!
We will try to upload the manual on our site and yes, the OTG is for the Mouse or keyboard connection.
Also, sorry for the cable thing, I think our collegue has picked up a wrong HDMI cable. Could you send us the link of the HDMI? We are willing to offer a refund for it.
Anyway, thanks again for your order and sharing! Enjoy it

15.6" 1080P QLED Monitor DCI-P3 100%
Nicolas G (Marseille, FR)
Perfect for steam deck

Screen is perfect for using with steam deck with hdmi or usb-c. The only one thing which is not good is the cover/support. This one is not practical, I use one from another brand. Except that, I strongly recommend this screen.

Hi Nicolas,
Thanks for your support to Intehill and sharing.
Indeed it is compatible with Steam deck and it is much brighter and vivid than the regular ones!
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions in the future.

15.6" 1080P Budget Monitor
robin (Roosendaal, NL)
Good monitor and good service

The monitor was sent to the Netherlands from the European stock, originally the price had shipping cost, but after a message, it was corrected to free shipping.
The monitor arrived quickly and worked just out of the box, literally just plug and play. All kinds of cables are included to connect the monitor do different kinds of devices. The USB-c connection works great, no extra power cable needed, making it really portable

Hi Robin,
Thanks for your comment! enjoy it and
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions there.

Adjustable Pivoting Stand
Arthur (New York, US)
Sturdy, Compact

It's a great stand, and works with my 16 inch portable monitor (16:10). I think this screen size about the stand's limit. All is good but I hope it was a little bit taller (+1 or 2 inches) since I use it as a second screen right above my 13 inch Macbook pro. Turning it 90° and placing on to the side of my laptop works perfectly as well.

Hi Arthur,
Thanks for your sharing. Although we would still like you to post pictures of the portable monitor from our brand as well.
Anyway, just kidding. Have a nice week,

17.3" 1080P 144HZ Monitor
Thomas Stuhr (Valby, DK)

Great display, crappy HDMI cable

Hi Thomas,
Thanks for your comment.
For the HDMI cable, do you mean that it is defective when you received it?
If so, please email us back for a cable refund.
We produce the monitor while the cables not. So we will pay more attentions to the cable quality control.
Sorry for this. Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs.
Best regards,

Great Service, Good Colors

This actually is a review about 9-10 months into ownership. I'm writing because the warranty service I got was pretty good. The monitor failed suddenly after 10 months, with the monitor refusing to show the OSD.

Intehill support was very helpful in working through a diagnosis, and once establishing that a replacement was needed, a replacement was dispatched via courier. Definitely one of the best experiences I've had making a warranty claim, I hope they keep it up!

The monitor itself has great colors and sharpness, and the build quality is pretty good. I will, however, point out that there is a bit of ghosting while playing FPS games and in some fast paced videos. Not a deal breaker especially since it is mostly used for spreadsheets etc.

Hi ZS,
Thanks a lot for your word sharing.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs.

17.3" 1080P 240HZ Monitor
Jorge Quintos (Joliet, US)

Exceeded my expectations. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Hi Jorge,
Thanks for your comment sharing.
If you have any needs in the future, please feel free to contact us. Live chat on the website or email:

Excellent company!

I purchased qled 1080p touchscreen monitor and its been over a year but recently had burn in issue. I reached out to support and they were so courteous and helpful. They sent me a replacement unit. I can't express how much nice and reliable company they are! I have 2 monitor from them. Sadly the touchscreen was bad. The other is still running strong w no issue. Definitely a great company!

Hi Jay,
Thanks a lot for your positive comment!
We are glad that you are happy with our service~
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

A pleasant surprise

A pleasant surprise

I was looking for a bright portable display. I have previously bought "Uperfect" Q1 that advertised 500nits, but in reality I got ~370 and they even deleted my review. So this was my second shot at this and I didn't expect anything.
It's bright. That's all I have to say :D That's what I've been looking for. I cannot comment on colors, because that's not why I bought it (it shows mostly text for me and I'm not watching any movies).
It's reflective. I wish it was matte, but I don't think there are any matte displays in this form factor.
It is significantly bigger than uperfect Q1. My 12.9" ipad holder is too small for this one, so that's a bit disappointing, as larger stands do cost significantly more (I paid for the 12.9" ~15eur and I don't think I could find anything below 40eur for this one).
It's heavier than Q1, but somehow it feels that it's just the build quality adding up to this :D Used materials are quite nice and feels sturdy. I will update, however, if anything breaks.
They shipped quite fast and used DHL, which then uses literally the worst shipping company in my country, but since I knew how to deal with them, I got the package in probably less than a week.

Now. I am quite vary of companies that have no bad reviews, as most of these happen to be bad shipping experience or something else that the company has no power over. And the fact that this company does not have any, makes me worry, that they might be deleted. So just because I had a nice experience with them, does not mean that it's all rainbows and flowers. Keep that in mind before making a purchase :)

Hi Jonas!
Thanks for your comment.
It is really helpful for both of us and other customers.
For the glossy screen, you could try one 15.6 matte screen protector to realize it.

Hope this helps. But you know, matte screen somehow will affect a little image quality.

15.6" 1080P QLED Monitor DCI-P3 100%
Jenella Mae Mangaliag (Quezon City, PH)

Great! Hope this monitor gets more attention from consumers who seek for an affordable monitor with an excellent quality. I hope it lasts!

Hi Jenella,
Really thanks for your sharing!
Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs!

Fast CPU

I love the CPU speed, great display, excellent color choices and unique edges. Best tablet among the rests and affordable too.

Hi Paul!
Thanks for your this positive comment.
I think maybe you are referring the response time and input time for the CPU speed.
Lol, anyway, please feel free to contact us if you have any needs.
Message us on the site or email:

15.6" 4K Touchscreen Monitor Adobe RGB 100%
Chris O'Hara (Stettler, CA)
Great little display

Nice little 4k display. Showed up under 2 weeks from when I ordered it to Canada. Unfortunately the HDMI to mini-HDMI cable didn’t work. I also struggled to find (but eventually did) screws for the VESA mount for the back.

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your comments!
For the cable issue, really sorry for that. How about that?Could you help buy a new one?
We will refund you the cable fee.
Please feel free to contact us.
Official site chat inbox or email: support@intehillcom

1080P 8.9" Monitor with Touchscreen
Martin Kolasin (Vienna, AT)
1080P 8.9" Monitor with Touchscreen

Really nice screen with minor flaws (some dead pixels) which don't matter that much for the reasonable price paid. Absolutely serves the purpose which is to be my 2nd screen to Steam Deck.

Hi Martin!
Thanks for your sharing!
For the pixels, that rarely happens and we will pay more attention on the QC.
By the way, could you help update the picture of setup with Steam deck?
It is awesome...
Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs there.
Best regards,

The best portable monitor the I ever used

At first, I was skeptic with this product. After receive it and test it with my Nintendo Switch everything changed. The screen is bright, responsive and it looks really sharp and beautiful. The touchscreen menu is a plus and I’m very pleased with the volume levels. If you are looking for a gaming monitor on the go, this is the one.

Hi Angel,
Thanks a lot your sharing and those kind words.
That really inspires us more, we will keep providing the better products and customer service for our customers.
Have a nice day,
Also, we have launched our business on US Amazon, later we will update more products there as well.

17.3" 1080P 240HZ Monitor
Victor (Johnston, US)

Exactly what I was looking for and delivers the expected performance, no issues.

Hi Victor!
Thanks so much for your comment!
We are really glad that you liked our product.
Please feel free to let us know if you have needs there!We offer the 12-Month warranty and life time customer service.
Also, we are developing our retailing business on US Amazon.
If you have any other needs or your friends have such needs, do not forget our Brand.
Have a nice day and upcoming weekend!
Best Regards,

17.3" 1080P 240HZ Monitor
Abood (Al Fujairah City, AE)
3 stuck pixels

i couldn’t enjoy the monitor due to the 3 stuck pixels. Not a fan of the poor quality check.

Hi Dear customer,
Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
Could help send us a picture of the stuch pixels you mentioned? We will arrange the new replacement once the issue confirmed.
Support email:
Also, all of the monitors we sell are with A+ Grade screen. So we will pay more attention to the quality check.
Please feel free to let us know if you have any needs there.

15.6" 4K Touchscreen Monitor Adobe RGB 100%
David Bergeron (Montreal, CA)
Nice product

Really love the product. The only down side I found yet is the lack of a off button and the fact that one usbc power connector is not enough to get it to 100% brightness, need to connect another one.

Hi David,

Thanks for your sharing!
For the 'off' function, please press the power button for secs then it will be off.

Have a great week,

17.3" 1080P 240HZ Monitor
BeerDone (Kyiv, UA)
Everything I want from a display, really

So far, this little screen is nothing short from perfect, for my needs. It's colorful, but without excess, fast, and compact. The built-in speakers are nothing to write home about, but they are completely serviceable and won't leave you begging for external speakers.
In terms of panel - I noticed two large glow spots on the left side, only visible in complete black naturally. I haven't got any tools to gauge color accuracy, but going by eye I would call these accurate enough for consumer use, and very natural. Responsiveness is great, with almost no perceptible ghosting or image lag. Due to only having HDMI input, I have not been able to set up Adaptive Sync, so do keep that in mind - the 144Hz model has a DisplayPort input that will handle this on PC, plus a VESA mount which makes it better for desktop use generally.
Brightness is high enough to comfortably work with sun shining through the left and glare has not been a problem. More importantly, the brightness can go DOWN extremely far, like, smartphone levels of down - this display is perfect for night-time use.
I'm just very happy with this display in general - I wanted a smaller, 17-19" panel with high refresh rates for years now, and it's fantastic to see one be of great quality, as well. I mean, it practically eliminates edge aliasing by sheer virtue of its PPI. I only wish the 240hz model retained an external mounting method, like the VESA standard.

Hi Dear customer,
Thanks a lot for your this detailed comment.
Enjoy it and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions there.
Have a nice day,

15.6" 4K Monitor Adobe RGB 100%
Elvis (Magnolia, US)
Great image Quality

I was surprised by the image quality as soon as I plugged it in on my PS5, no complains on the image quality, accurate colors, used for photography as well and it looks fantastic, although I can’t say the same for the cover and the cables, the HDMI seems to have bad connections and the USB-C head came off when I tried to unplug it for my pc, the rubber feet came off as well and I don’t have a way to stand the monitor, other than that I love this monitor.

Hi Elvis,
Thanks a lot for your sharing!
For the rubber feet, we have upgraded it.
As for the cable you mentioned, It is the first time I heard the cable issue and I will report that to the factory.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs.
Have a nice day!

15.6" 1080P QLED Monitor DCI-P3 100%
Nick Goupinets (Waterdown, CA)
Great additional display

Just got this screen for my laptop - totally amazing. The screen quality is awesome - bright and crisp - hooks with just one cable. Looks very slick too. Highly recommend.

Hi Nick,
Thanks for your order and sharing.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
We offer 1 year warranty and lifetime tech support.

Excellent resolution and brightness as well as very lightweight, only one flaw

After researching practically every portable monitor on the market, I decided this one had the best stats and features. I am not disappointed at all! The only flaw this monitor has is that it always boots up at very low brightness levels, not what you left it at last time it was turned off, which is kind of annoying but at least there is a manual button that makes turning it back up very quickly. Overall, excellent monitor.

15.6" 4K Monitor Adobe RGB 100%
Alejandro C. (Kingwood, US)
Phenomenal On-The-Go Secondary Monitor!!!

This particular external monitor is superb as it not only functions as a secondary gaming screen, secondary work-screen essential for research purposes, but also my personal favorite, a secondary screen for 4K video content while I'm surfing the web. There is no way you can go wrong with this purchase and let me just say the packaging itself is slim and clean. The monitor system menu itself is really simple with ease of function in mind. Overall, a really great bargain for the pricepoint!

Amazing quality and priced very well for what you get

The quality of this monitor is amazing and it's also a great value buy.
The only minor knock is the provided case (which doesn't look like it'll give much protection if using it for travel).
Still, I give this product 5 stars!

Hi June,

Thanks a lot for your sharing!
Enjoy it~