Advantages of USB-C Port on PS5 and Dualsense Controller

More and more devices are using USB-C ports, such as laptops, smartphones, power banks, computer monitors, USB C monitors etc. From the product launch of Sony PS5, we can see that PS5(Play Station 5) and its dualsense controller also use USB-C port.
ps5 family with usb c power delivery 2.0USB-C port is a small compact connector format. USB 3.1 is released as a new USB specification along with the USB-c port. For the first time, data, image signals and power can be transmitted together via a USB cable.

the advantages of usb c on ps5
Let's see the advantages of USB-C port on PS5 and dualsense controller.

1. More Charging Power Thanks to Power Delivery 2.0
intehill protable 4k monitor for ps4
Thanks to the upgraded power delivery 2.0, the new USB 3.1 specification also provides a significantly higher power supply up to 100 watts at 20v/5a. Therefore, not only small devices such as smartphones can be powered and charged, but also devices such as notebooks that require higher power.

The USB 3.1 specification provides five power profiles for various applications. The power distribution diagram 1 outputs 10w at 5v/2a, which is mainly used for small mobile devices. Other configurations include 18 watts, 36 watts, 60 watts, and 100 watts. The respective output value depends on several factors: terminal equipment, USB version, cable used and USB connector. Since the amount of current to be supplied and the charging voltage are negotiated between the charging device and the terminal device through a special communication program, the potential damage caused by high voltage can be prevented. In addition, power and data transmission are performed through separate conductors in the cable, which is why the connected terminal devices can be simultaneously charged as data hosts. You can also connect other mobile devices to your computer and charge them via a USB cable.

The Intehill portable monitor equipped with a USB-C port can charge a laptop up to 60w. Higher charging capabilities currently require an external monitoring power supply, and Intehill has traditionally abandoned this because its customers do not want this.

2. Alternate Mode to Cover a Wider Range of Protocols
4k portable monitor for play station 5
So far, connecting computers and monitors has occurred through dedicated ports such as HDMI, display port and DVI. For the new interface, this is no longer necessary. In addition to the USB2.0 and USB3.1 data lines, the display port, HDMI, MHL and audio signals can also be transmitted alternately. The only prerequisite is that the device's USB-C ports-such as monitors and tablets-support the same standby mode.

Intehill 4K portable monitor and USB-C port support display port standby mode or HDMI standby mode.

3. Data Transfer Rates of Up to 10 Gbps
portable monitor for ps5
USB-C also provides higher data transfer speeds. The new standard supports USB 2.0 (480 Mbps), as well as USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB SuperSpeed) and Gen 2 (USB SuperSpeed+), providing transmission speeds of up to 5 Gbps or 10 Gbps, respectively.
The intehill portable monitor and USB-c port support USB super speed, providing a data transfer rate of up to 5 Gbps. More importantly, changing the settings of the monitor can use the screen InStyle software without OSD or through the monitor's USB hub.

4. A Clean Desk

Due to the universal applicability of USB-C, it has been considered as the future interface. For good reason, computer and peripheral device manufacturers are currently working to include USB-C ports on their new devices. However, it should be noted that the actual range of functions available for USB-C varies by manufacturer. The available functions and protocols actually supported depend on the two devices connected and the cables used.

However, USB-C is one step closer to achieving the goal of a universal connector. It is possible to use a cable to connect your desktop computer to an external monitor, charge the laptop and transfer data to an external hard drive, it is also connected to the monitor at the same time, thanks to the new interface. All Intehill small computer monitors equipped with a USB-C port also have at least two USB-A ports for connecting conventional peripheral devices.
intehill 4k gaming monitor for ps5
Therefore, due to the new specification, the display can become a universal hub for connecting computers to peripheral devices. This means that using only one cable, video and audio signals can be transmitted to an external display in the standby mode of the display port. At the same time, the laptop or tablet is charged and the display accesses the USB device. Therefore, USB-C makes the intricate wires a thing of the past, while providing the main benefits of modern working models, such as carrying your own device (BYOD) and a clean desk policy.

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