5 Affordable OLED Monitors

People are always asking that why there’re so few OLED monitors. The professional conditions that these monitors may be subjected to (such as 24/7 all-day use, maximum brightness and static display elements) all work together to promote sweet aging. Useful guarantees that are fair to both the user and the manufacturer become a nightmare to formulate, so they don't bother at all.

laptop with 4k oled screen

A side limitation is that the organic materials used have different lifetimes; red and green OLEDs last longer than blue. Therefore, red, green and blue OLEDs alone are only suitable for devices that count display time in seconds and minutes, such as cell phones, where the shorter lifespan of blue OLEDs does not interfere. In contrast, to have a uniform and predictable lifetime across all colors, TVs use homogeneous white OLEDs (WOLEDs) and the colors are produced by placing red, green, and blue filters on each color. Of course, any such filters will only let about 30% of the light through, further reducing the maximum brightness, and furthermore, OLEDs themselves can only be driven so much before they succumb to relentless aging.

Someone are looking for OLED 4K monitor for gaming, so I’d like to introduce all affordable and available OLED monitors in the market.


#1 Asus ProArt PQ22UC- 21.6inch OLED Monitor, $3950

asus 4k oled monitor

The ASUS ProArt PQ22UC is a 21.6" 3840x2160 (204 PPI, manufactured by JOLED) printed OLED display weighing only 1 kg and sold as a "portable" display. Features include HDR support, 0.1 ms response time, 10-bit color (99 % DCI-P3), USB-C input and micro HDMI.


#2 LG 27EP950- 31.5inch OLED Monitor, $3999

lg oled monitor

Because great craftsmanship starts with a great screen. With LG displays featuring 3840x2160 pixels - and the vivid clarity that only the latest OLED technology can deliver - you can be sure that every aspect of your work is pixel-perfect. Discover just a few of the ways our 4K OLED displays can enhance your work.


#3 Pepper Jobs XtendTouch Pro- 4K OLED Monitor, $899

peper 4k oled monitor

Pepper Job's XtendTouch Pro is a 15.6 4K 650-nit AMOLED display with pressure-sensitive touch capabilities and multiple connectivity options (USB-C, mini-HDMI, and OTG). It is powered via a second USB-C connector.



eizo oled monitor

Eizo's NOVA is a high-end display with a 21.6" 4K AMOLED display (produced by JOLED with an inkjet printing process). The monitor offers HDR support. Eizo calls this OLED display an entertainment monitor, saying it is particularly suitable for gaming and video viewing.

#5 Intehill 15.6“ 4K OLED Portable Monitor, non-touch/$599, touch/$699

4k oled portable monitor

Intehill developed the thinnest, lightest and cheapest OLED monitor. It makes people enjoy self-lit OLED technology at an affordable price.

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