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2nd Floor, Building A, Hongda International Industry Park, Luoyang Road, Boluo Town, Huizhou, Guangdong, China, 516199


We're gald to have immedate talk with you via the chat app at the right corner. If we're not online, leave us a note, we will reply in 24h.


You can directly place orders here. If you'd like to buy on Amazon, search Intehill on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.jp

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Oversea Sales Team

intehill sales manager jarvan hu

Jarvan Hu/ Sales Manager

I'm in charge of the sales and marketing of the Intehill brand, We're concentrated on offering quality computer and gaming display solution.  

Email: Jarvan@intehill.com

intehill Polly Zeng/ Customer Service

Polly Zeng/ Customer Service

I'm in charge of offering service to customers for order processing, production and shipment. Contact me to know the status of your order. 

Email: Polly@intehill.com