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Best monitor ever

This is the best monitor I own. It’s colours are rich and vivid, compact and light and it just works. I will be getting another one soon.

We are glad that you like ths monitor. Anyway! Thanks for your positive comment~

Joe D.
Good monitor with great color and brightness.

I like this monitor but couldn't give it 5 stars because it was a pain to get the TouchScreen to work with a Raspberry Pi.
I had to connect everything except power to the monitor, power-up the RPI, then plug power into the monitor to get the Touch Function to work. Otherwise power would feed from the monitor back to the RPI across the USB cable and the touchscreen wouldn't work. I assume this is the PD reverse charging listed on the box. Now it works great and the screen is very responsive.

Thanks for your comment. We're so sorry for the inconvenience you encounter and we will give a feedback to the Factory Tech Team. Once we have a new solution, we will take the initiative to contact you. Thanks again for your approval of the image quality of your products

Rock G.
Great QLED monitor with HDR support

I'm generally happy with the product. I'm seriously considering buying the 17.3 in version. Colors are vivid, but some presets are inaccurate (e.g. game preset is too washed out). Recommend doing a manual calibration or stay on standard. Using it as a second monitor for zoom meetings and presentations. Works like a charm. Also using it for gaming, particularly on NSwitch. Good experience overall.

Intehill, I'm waiting on your OLED lineup! Hope something gets released soon.
Great buy!

The color calibration is a difficult work. Sometimes the color of QLED monitor is too vivid to lose some details and color transition. Anyway, thanks for your positive comment, we will continue to develop good monitors, such as the OLED monitor you mentioned.
We met some problems while making the OLED monitor work, we're not sure when it can be mass manufactured. We will let you know via newsletter when it's available.

Full HD display with touchscreen that worked!

Purchase this portable monitor so that I can extend my display for work during travel and remote work. The monitor is also useful for my server and to use when I need to troubleshoot them with a display.
The only problem I faced was the HDR issue where the color seem way off and no matter how I tried but seem not working correctly

Hello, Wong
The HDR will automatically work when the game or films support HDR mode. I other situation, i won't work and can be turned on.

Jose Fernandez
Intehill 15.6 inch Qled 1080p monitor


It's bright, Colorful, and super convenient! Also works perfect with my phone! The presentation also a huge plus, aluminium from the back, glossy finish and it has a very premium feel to it.

Cons: unfortunetly, it has noticable ghosting and motion blur on every content across the board. For me it is a killer app especially for FPS games.

But overall, it's a great premium portable monitor with excellent picture quality. With some short comings but still recommend everybody who is looking for a portable screen for traveling and do some gaming on the go!

Hi Jose, thanks for the specific comment. We realized that the QLED monitor is not good for FPS game. We will offer this information to other customers.