144Hz monitor
17.3 inch portable monitor
[EU Only] 17.3" 1080P 144HZ Monitor
17.3" portable monitor
17.3inch gaming monitor

[EU Only] 17.3" 1080P 144HZ Monitor

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Anonymous (Stockholm, SE)
PS5 usage

I bought it to use with a ps5 since my TV was 60Hz and I got input lag playing FPS (Call of Duty) with mouse and keyboard. My review will be based on that intended usage. Been playing PC games casually for 25 years, I didnt want a PC setup at home, a good gaming laptop is very expensive so went for a ps5, have to use mouse and keyboard since Im a PC gamer, but it was impossible to play with the input lag I got with my TV and I didnt want to pay for a new tv. Portable monitors enters the chat. Had been reading up on all portable monitors available and went with this one. Was it a good choice?


The price point on this monitor was excellent. ALOT lower than the options available locally in the nordics (even considering all other online sellers as well). What about shipping and tax/customs? Thats usually where imported goods balance things up, nope not here. Free shipping and no tax/customs. The price point is in its own league.

Build quality feels great.
Screen display great. Honestly Im no expert at monitors so I wont go into the nitty gritty. Id say the screen is great but know that this hasnt been my primary focus/concern.
Speakers: they exists, I dont use them, no opinion
Ports: great, especially appreciate the regular HDMI port so I can connect my ps5 directly. Most portable monitors only have mini hdmi.

What about my gaming experience which was my main concern? Im very happy! I wouldnt say its 100% but given I have been a PC gamer for a long time and still happy with my experience it should say something. I am playing with this monitor with my ps5 without annoyance. Enabling 120Hz mode in Call of Duty settings will move the monitor to 120Hz as verified in the monitor settings dialogue. PS5 have something called Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low Latency Mode. This is features most commonly implemented with HDMI 2.1. This monitor is with HDMI 1.4 and does not support these features with the PS5. Having these features supported would have been excellent (tip for upcoming models), and potentially push the experience to 100%. I would say my gaming experience is good enough and that means alot, Im very happy with that. Also, I havent found a single portable monitor available that implements HDMI 2.1.

Have only been using it for a couple of weeks so no opinion on the long term quality.

Overall this portable monitor is awesome and I am very happy with it for my use case and given the price point this is an excellent buy!

I Never write reviews but this time it is well deserved.

Two thumbs up for Intehill.