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Joseph Salmoiraghi

This monitor has helped my workflow while traveling. The only issue I run into is the power USB-C, I do not have a brick that can support it that it recognizes (I get the "to stop the flicker, plug into power" message; even when plugged into the laptop with the other USBC, or using a USBC brick)... so, when needing external power - what would you recommend? A USB 3 to C with USB3 brick? A particular brick? Please help - thanks!

Hi, thanks for your comment. The reasons are that the USB 3.0 on the laptop & the brick you used can't output 30 W-45W. So you need a brick that can reach at least 30W. And the Type-C Brick 30W-45W is recommended. Also, we have replied to you by inbox message, please check it ~ Anything you encounted, please feel free to contact us.

Rolando Hernandez
First and last, in a good way!

This is my first portable monitor and it surpassed all my expectations! This is an awesome gadget and I am very very impressed!
Brightness is incredible, it's charging my laptop, I am half way it's max resolution and even that is enough.
I should mention I use it mostly for work but I can totally see me gaming in this monitor any time.
I finally have the perfect portable office!!

Hi Rolando,
Thanks very much for your positive comment. We are glad that you like our product. If you have any question in the future, please feel free to contact us. We are always here.


thanks for your support! it works!!! perfect. now it's def. a 5/5 star rating.

We are glad that HiDPI works and to a certain extent, the situation you experienced has also helped many users who use MAC to connect to external monitors. Thanks for your comment.


I have a macbook pro m1 - in 4k this looks awesome, but then the icons etc. are too small (that was actually obvious). the problem is that the screen is very blurr when you switch resolution to 1920 or any other resolution. tried different cables - nothing seems to work up to now. that's a shame - other from that, the screen looks awesome...

Hi,Dear Customer
Thanks for your comment. I browsed the Apple community & some websites and Maybe i found a way to resolve this.
1、download APP 'SwitchResX'
2、set the startup resolution 1920x1080 and scaled resolutions base3840x2160
Then save it and re-plug the cable.
Hope this help, if you encounter anything, please feel free to contact us.We're always here. By the way, thanks for your approval to our image quality.


Écran de grande qualité, très content de mon achat. Merci intehill.

Merci beaucoup. Nous sommes heureux que vous ayez reconnu nos produits et que vous nous ayez donné une évaluation positive. Nous continuerons à développer des moniteurs de haute qualité et abordables à l'avenir.
(Thank you very much. We are glad that you have recognized our products and gave us a positive evaluation.We will continue to develop high quality and affordable monitors.)