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1080P 15.6" Portable Monitor


Which Monitor to Buy

All Intehill portable monitors have full featured USB Type-C port and HDMI port. Some models have mini DP port . So, it's almost universally comopatible, just plug and play. The monitors support Thunderbolt 3, Display port and HDMI protocol. If you're not sure which portable monitor to buy, here're our suggestions.

For Working and Studying

If you're looking for a small monitor for the mini PC to deal with some simple work or lessions, the FHD 15.6 inch QLED monitor is be the best choice.

15.6" 1080P QLED Monitor / Touchscreen Version/ Drawing Version

We have the perfect screen which has the same size and resolution as the screen of Macbook Pro M1. If you have a 13 .3 inch Macbook Pro M1, you should consider to buy a dual monitor to boost productivity.

13.3" 2K External Monitor for Macbook M1

For FPS and Race Gaming

As a gaming enthusiast, you may want to play games eveywhere. The 17.3 inch 144hz portable monitor can be the solid choice. It has full featured USB Type-C port, mini HDMI port and mini DP port.

17.3" 1080P 144HZ Monitor

If the monitor with 144hz refresh rate don't meet your expectation, then the monitor with 240hz refresh rate will do.

17.3" 1080P 240HZ Monitor

For the Best Displaying

As a designer, photographer, or video editor, you need a monitor with accurate color. Then the 4K portable monitor with Adobe RBG 100% can be perfect.

15.6" 4K Monitor

17.3" 4K Monitor

If you're used to touch the screen, the 15.6 inch 4K monitor will be better, this model has VESA mount and automatic rotation.

15.6" 4K Touchscreen Monitor

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great Screen, Cords Not So Much

The screen is not very long yet, so I will update if any changes are made. It was easy to set up right out of the box. It comes with a lot of stuff and I recommend you watch the unboxing video to see what it's all about. You can also get the required adapters in advance from there. I used it with Surface 3 and needed the inexpensive adapter for that.
The screen display was not supposed to be the best. I mostly just needed to change the brightness and that changed everything.
The sound quality is not the best, but I use a laptop, tablet or external speakers and they work fine.
If you are looking for a second monitor to fit your device, that would be a good choice. It's a reasonable price compared to the competition and would definitely recommend.

Great portable 2nd monitor

Overall, the display is great! I run the display with USB-C and it allows me to set up/pack up quickly. As a display, it does perform the actions it is supposed to perform.
The only downside is the accessories that come with the display. The supplied USB-C cable is low quality and doesn't last long (it has been replaced with an Anker USB-C cable). The folding cover/stand is OK. It works well as a cover and shelf.

Very impressed - exceeded my expectations

I ordered this product online this year at a slightly discounted price, I had been looking at different USB-C monitors for a while but never got around to it. This Intehill monitor is great - far exceeded my expectations. Admittedly, I wasn't expecting much for over $100, but the monitor is lightweight, portable and super flexible.
Out of the box, you just plug it into a USB-C MacBook / Pro / Air and it's ready to go. It has speakers, but they suck compared to MacBooks, so please disable them in System Preferences. It can also be used directly with the latest iPad Pro via USB-C - no power brick required. In addition, it can be used via HDMI for devices not yet equipped with USB-C (but you must also provide some power to it.) Use my monitor if I'm playing a video or having a casual conversation at work - just place it on the adjustable arm and it's ready to go. This includes all the accessories you need-HDMI cable, USB-C cable, USB adapter and power cord.
The display quality isn't the best - contrast is very low and viewing angles aren't great, but for the price it's still better than I expected. Brightness is good, I keep it around 40.

Great Screen for Normal Uses - Not for Professional Grade Editing

Overall, I found this screen to be very useful for everyday tasks. Browsing the internet, working with spreadsheets/documents, and even editing amateur photos/videos.
However, if you are looking for a screen that can be used for more professional level photo/video editing, this will not work well. The color levels sometimes look a little faint, and the brightness, while nice, is a little dull - almost making what you're viewing look a little opaque.
Other than that, the screen is large and comparable to most laptops. When you're charging the screen, it automatically charges to the main device, which is great.
It has multiple uses, allowing you to use it for many things, even to play your favorite games; console or phone. I like that the screen is not clunky or too heavy. That alone makes it very portable.

A Great Portable Monitor for an Unbeatable Price

Normally I don't comment on items I buy on network, but I think this product is really worth it. I bought this monitor to help with my dual screen setup with my laptop when I'm heading off to college in the fall. This handy portable monitor solves the problem. It comes with a quality case that magnetically attaches to the monitor and helps protect the screen and back from scratches or breaks. The case can also be conveniently used as a monitor stand at an easy viewing angle. The screen itself is bright enough to be seen in a variety of lighting and built-in speakers, although they may not have excellent sound quality, but get the job done. The monitor itself is so lightweight that I sometimes forget it even sits in my bag.
You can power up the monitor itself in a few different ways. There are two different USB C-type inputs on either side of the monitor. The one on the left side of the monitor is used to transfer data from a device (i.e., computer, phone, or tablet), while the one on the right side of the screen is used to power it. While you can use any USB port on your computer to power the monitor (this monitor comes with a USB Type C to Type A USB string), I found it most convenient to use an external battery to power the device . Doing so was a very easy way for me to run the monitor without having to drain the laptop's battery. There is also a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable on the box that can be used to connect the monitor to If you are looking for a portable monitor, then this Intehill monitor is the one for you.