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jose gonzalez
usb-c to usb-c issues

My phone nor laptop can connect through usb-c to usb-c connection. I emailed the company for help and no response.

The monitor is good in quality, just bad service.

Hi, there

Sorry for the late reply (short vacation)and the inconvenience caused to you.
Have you resolved the issue by trying abother cable? The white usb-c cable is just for the power input. The another dark color one is for the data transimission and power.

Please try the above operation and feel free to let me know if it does not work.
(Also we have sent you the email,too. Please check it)

Sebastien Braun
Great Screen

It is a great product, just make sure you have a powerful enough power adaptor or it while connecting to micro hdmi as well as replace the micro hdmi cable which is my case wasn't functioning but that's minor issues while the screen is top notch.

Thanks you. We are glad that you like this 240HZ monitor and yes, The micro HDMI cable cannot input current, so it needs to be paired with an adapter. While with USB-C Thunderbolt, it can.

Henry Springer

1080P 17.3" 240HZ Monitor

Thank you for the positive comment, enjoy this 240hz monitor.

Perfect for mobile software development

As a self employed software developer I need to be mobile with light weight equipment especially when flying to different countries as I travel light with only hand luggage. I also like to relax by playing computer games so after looking at various options I chose this monitor.

It's very impressive for both display quality and also the one piece aluminium casing. The flip case which doubles as a stand works well although it took a few seconds to work out how to use it. I've been using the monitor for work every day for a month with no problems and will be purchasing another next month.

I'm gald to hear that. It has been two months, does it work well now? Few pieces of the 240hz monitor may have line. It's one-year quality guaranteed. Please contact us if you met any problems while using the monitor.

Great monitor for portable setups

I recently built myself a sffpc (in a ghost s1 clone case) and needed a portable gaming monitor to go with it. Was originally looking at the ASUS XG17 17.3 240hz however that monitor is ridiculously expensive for what it is offering. Saw a video review about this monitor and was interested, mostly because of the price in comparison. This is not cheap either, but better than the asus one.
Decided to bite the bullet and get this despite Intehill being a not known company from asia.

Glad I did so, but a few things to consider.
Good: Exactly as described, 1080p @ 240hz. Buttery smooth, good colour reproduction in sRGB gamut. Easy to use OSD and usb c port on RHS for peripherals. Good build quality and communication from sales team. Can be powered and display output via one usb c is your pc/graphics card supports display port via usbc.
Not so good: The included HDMI cable for mine was hdmi 1.3 or 1.4, which meant 1080p @ 240hz was not supported. Had to go through heaps of troubleshooting and frustrations thinking I had poor QC or something. On top of that the included cable was likely to be damaged, making things worse. Bought a hdmi to mini hdmi 2.0 cable and with huge relief solved my issues. So if you are having black screens, flickering and simply just no signal, try changing to a better cable. Buy one from amazon, hdmi to mini hdmi (not amazon basics as that one is NOT bidirectional), the cable must be 2.0 and bidirectional. Bidirectional is a must because many only output from mini hdmi to hdmi, not the other way around which is required in this case.
No overdrives modes available, just the one default.

Other than that great monitor, if you are looking for an alternative to asus xg17 then this is it. Very happy with it so far.

Thanks for the specific comment. Our company is the professional portable monitor supplier. Mostly, we manufacture the monitors for the vendors on Amazon. Intehill is a new retail brand started this year, this menas direct-to-consumer.
Indeed, the HDMI cable in the stardard package is not that good. Hopefully, the monitor works well. And I will suggest the company to use a better cable. ^_^
(Sorry for the late reply against your review, the monitor is one-year quality guaranteed, feel free to contact us if the monitor has issue in the future)