1080P 17.3" 240Hz Monitor


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Great monitor for portable setups

I recently built myself a sffpc (in a ghost s1 clone case) and needed a portable gaming monitor to go with it. Was originally looking at the ASUS XG17 17.3 240hz however that monitor is ridiculously expensive for what it is offering. Saw a video review about this monitor and was interested, mostly because of the price in comparison. This is not cheap either, but better than the asus one.
Decided to bite the bullet and get this despite Intehill being a not known company from asia.

Glad I did so, but a few things to consider.
Good: Exactly as described, 1080p @ 240hz. Buttery smooth, good colour reproduction in sRGB gamut. Easy to use OSD and usb c port on RHS for peripherals. Good build quality and communication from sales team. Can be powered and display output via one usb c is your pc/graphics card supports display port via usbc.
Not so good: The included HDMI cable for mine was hdmi 1.3 or 1.4, which meant 1080p @ 240hz was not supported. Had to go through heaps of troubleshooting and frustrations thinking I had poor QC or something. On top of that the included cable was likely to be damaged, making things worse. Bought a hdmi to mini hdmi 2.0 cable and with huge relief solved my issues. So if you are having black screens, flickering and simply just no signal, try changing to a better cable. Buy one from amazon, hdmi to mini hdmi (not amazon basics as that one is NOT bidirectional), the cable must be 2.0 and bidirectional. Bidirectional is a must because many only output from mini hdmi to hdmi, not the other way around which is required in this case.
No overdrives modes available, just the one default.

Other than that great monitor, if you are looking for an alternative to asus xg17 then this is it. Very happy with it so far.

Sean Murphy
Best monitor I currently own

I got this as a presentation and gaming monitor on the go. Since I travel some for work it is nice to have a larger screen to work from during the day and something to game on at night when I have free time. Not only does the screen look crisp and bright the high refresh rate means video is silky smooth and some of my old games look amazing as they can take advantage of the higher refresh and FPS rate.

Michael Laubacker
Love it

Perfect for camping and want play some call of duty lol

Tested on fallout 4 using Intel nuc with ext GPU GTX 1700 and ran great

Exactly right for my needs

I use it to move my Xbox into the living room and play on the coffee table while my wife watches TV. This setup is perfect for this setup. The included cable is good for short distances, but I purchased a longer cable just in case I need to move the monitor farther away from the Xbox. The monitor is powered via USB, which is very convenient, but can be connected using the included AC adapter and USB-C cable. I also use it as an additional display for my MacBook Pro (with USB-C docking station). The quality of the packaging is really good and it feels very premium. After getting some settings on the monitor (and making sure the Xbox is set to 1080p and changing it to 720p on first use), everything works perfectly for me. This is not a replacement for a high end TV or gaming monitor, but it does work well in situations where one or the other is not available or you just want to set up and play anywhere. I highly recommend this unit.

Picture quality and brightness

I go through a lot of portable PC monitors. I travel a lot for work and need to attend meetings as well as manage many different types of documents, and using an extended screen really helps me keep up with my workload and be more productive. In the past, the previous screens were available, but the quality and brightness of the screen was so low that it was difficult to see at certain angles. I decided to try the brand "Intehill" and was pleasantly surprised by the ease of setup and the quality of the screen. I can view this screen from any angle and maintain the same picture quality without fading. The warranty, customer support and website are just another added bonus. All of this is very impressive. I love my new screen!!!