Use the Screen of Laptop and Smartphone as a Gaming Monitor for Xbox Series S

use the screen of smartphone as a monitor

While browsing the reddit forums, I stumbled across a very popular post about a passenger playing an Xbox Series S on a plane and using his phone as a monitor. I never imagined that my phone could also be used as a screen before, and I thought this setup was creative so I was going to try it out. When I finished all the hardware and software settings, I was ready to play Elden's Ring, and set the screen resolution to 1080P. In the actual playing process, I found that the latency was very serious. So, I don't recommend this gaming setup. By the way, if you want to try, you must have a phoen with OTG function.

use smartphone with OTG as the gaming monitor

How to Use the Laptop as a Monitor

Later, I discovered that the screen of the laptop can also be used as the monitor of the computer or game console. So also tried it. You may be wondering how to implement a laptop screen as a display. This blog will tell you.
First, you need to prepare a video capture card, a laptop, and an Xbox Series S.

video capture card

Then, download the OBS Studio video recording and live streaming software on your laptop.

OBS Studio

Then, turn on the power of the game console and the monitor, connect the HDMI cable of the game console to the video capture card, and connect the UCB-C interface of the video capture card to the Thunderbolt 3 USB-C interface of the notebook.
Finally, set the audio and video output port in OBS Studio to make the screen of the notebook display the output screen of the Xbox Seris X.

Use laptop as the screen of Xbox Series S

Summary: It is an interesting attempt to use the laptop screen as a gaming monitor, but after my usage test, the screen will lag and drop frames when playing games. So it is not suitable as a screen for games, but it can be used as an office. If you travel a lot or don't have much desktop space and need to use a small screen to play games, it is recommended to use the Intehill Portable Monitor.

intehill portable gaming monitor for xbox series s

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