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Love it!

Perfect compact, light, and great for small spaces.
Reviewed in the United States on February 25, 2023 by Tama



Just got it today— true to its advertising, the color and brightness is excellent— seems as good as my MacBook pro’s display. I just plugged in the USB-c cable and it worked flawlessly. The iPad like cover / stand is perfect too. It fits in my tiny laptop bag, and I'm looking forward to having this second screen on my travels.

Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2023 by Jasmit S.


Nice quality product

I bought the 17” inch portable monitor, as I live and remote-work in a small space, and need to put the computer and laptop away each night. The monitor has been an excellent experience. It arrived beautifully packaged, and is very lightweight. It also came with several adapters, which was a nice touch. I was able to use the included cable right out of the box, but the adapters should make it possible to connect to almost anything.

I’m a big fan of the kickstand. It holds the monitor in place for a full business day, without any slippage, or need for readjustment. The speakers are not very loud, but definitely loud enough, and I could also plug in earbuds. I also like the extra USB ports, as I’m able to plug in a keyboard and mouse.

The connection to my HP laptop was completely plug and play. Everything about this monitor has been terrific, from the packaging, to the ease of setup with the included cable, the kickstand, and the very well placed volume and brightness controls. I don’t have brightness set at 100%, but am still able to match the brightness of my laptop to get a seamless extended work desktop. The best part is being able to power from the laptop, so I don’t need to carry the power supply when I move to different locations. This lightweight monitor is truly portable.

There are so many mediocre portable monitors on the market, that I feel very lucky to have purchased a superior product on my first order, without a lot of trial and error. I’ll stick with this brand going forward, and will definitely drop onto their website every once in a while to see what’s new in their product line.

Reviewed in the United States on October 31, 2022


Just as expected!

Connected my Lenovo to this monitor and without any hiccups it connected immediately. The sound on the monitor is low so I switched to the laptop for sound. The quality is good. The box came with all the needed cables for connection for varied devices. Enjoying my second screen while working on another!

Reviewed in the United States on November 10, 2022 by GlobalKKun

exteranl monitor for laptop


 Perfect MacBook Companion

I chose the Intehill U13NA because I was looking for a glossy monitor to use with my MacBook. I was so pleased with the quality of the device that I bought a second one almost immediately. I picked the U13NA for its gloss screen and pixel density, but I’ve come to really appreciate some of the other features that make it a perfect companion for my MacBook. I’ll try to list those here in the event that someone else finds it helpful:

Brightness: The screen can be adjusted to be very bright. In the picture I’ve attached all the displays, including the MacBook at at maximum brightness. The intehill screen is just as bright as the MacBook to my eyes. It also has a dedicated brightness adjustment button on the side so that it can be adjusted quickly without going through any on screen menus.

Switchable aspect ratio: The 16:10 aspect ratio is great when the display can be connected with USB-C. If the monitor is connected to a different device that can’t support the 16:10 resolution through the HDMI port then it can be switched to 16:9. This prevents the image from being distorted and keeps things like text crystal clear.

Accessories: It comes with all the cables you could need along with a great folio stand and case that attaches magnetically. The 180 degree adapters are brilliant and really help the cables tidy.

Reviewed in the United States on November 14, 2022 by  Chad

dual monitor for laptop

Wow! Finally a truly portable monitor!

I’m always on the go and traveling between locations with my iPad Pro 12.9 or my 2in1 Windows 10 laptop. So I’m always in need of more screen space. I’ve tried a handful of setups and monitors but this one really surprised me.

Right out of the box, it feels very high quality and well made. The thickness is about the same as an iPhone with a case on. The monitor comes with any cables you’ll need to connect it along with a small microfiber cloth to clean the smudge and fingerprint magnet of a monitor but that’s no issue. The glossy screen gives better quality picture over a matte display which was something I’ve learned from trying different monitors.

I was able to seamlessly connect my iPad Pro and it functioned in like a presentation mode where the video played on the monitor but you can still control the video from the iPad. Worked great for me as we like to watch movies all the time from the iPad but don’t want to balance the iPad’s stand. We also could play a video from the iPad and close the iPads Smart Cover and the video still played.

I also was able to connect to my laptop without needing to install anything additional which was perfect for my work laptop. This is a game changer for all those people working from home or the coffee shop. This definitely got some looks at the coffee shop but that’s all good.

When watching a movie, the picture quality was very clear and precise. The audio was just as good if not better than laptops built in speaker. Overall this was a very nice experience. No lag and no discoloration.

The included cover/stand/protector won’t protect it from falls but that’s not the purpose. It protects from scratches when being carried with a laptop or iPad in a bag and also functions as the stand. The stand was easy to setup and was a perfect angle for me.

When the Smart Cover is closed on the monitor and nothing is plugged in, a passerby might not think it’s a monitor but rather some type of portfolio or book. Not that it matters, just an observation someone gave me when they saw me packing up.

For right at or under $200 with the coupon (if still available when reading this), this is one amazing deal for the features and I’d highly recommend it. For the features, it’s very competitively priced. This monitor now lives in my laptop bag and gets used daily. If I ever encounter any issues, I’ll mention them here but so far this monitor is working perfectly.

I’d buy this again for sure and would highly recommend.

Reviewed in the United States on September 25, 2022 by  Scott

exteranl monitor for laptop

Gratifying Performance

This Intehill 15.6 '' QLED portable monitor is a solid performer right out of the box. Hook it up to your compatible OTG (On The Go) devices and you will experience something special. The image is bright,
The Intehill packs 500 Nit of brightness into this 15.6 inch screen. That is really excellent.
A Nit represents candlelight per square meter.
The color reproduction is really pleasing. The images can be pushed a bit in contrast without any evidence of over-saturation or bleed. They retain sharpness and detail.

I have a small cube computer with Windows 11 as the operating system. This small computer needed a companion portable monitor to pack into my gadget backpack along with my Video and preferred still image captures. This brought joy to my eyes from the moment my monitor shook hands with my tiny computer. (See my image) Likewise my cellphone had a rewarding hookup as well.

The protective cover or case for the monitor works really well. It is strong and clings to the monitor.
It provides complete protective covering for the screen during transport. It also serves as a stand to achieve the right viewing angle with the monitor screen.

The instructions for the OTG and OSD (On Screen Display) are clear and succinct. No confusing excess verbiage. The pictorials diagrams are also very clear and not at all confusing. Such as the Nintendo switch dock and Switch mode. (See Image)

This monitor, and my companion cube computer along with my compact wireless mouse and keyboard are ready travel companions.

This monitor, in my estimation, is everything that it claims to be. It presents a bright and clear picture, is simple to hookup, and it looks great! Plenty of reserve screen brightness if you need it.
Definitely has great appeal for the professional that does not want to waste time messing around...this portable monitor delivers.

I gave it a full five star rating. I like it and I am a satisfied user. Not anything more to be said except and enjoy!

Reviewed in the United States on October 18, 2022 by  Dan Wolff

exteranl monitor for laptop

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