PS5 Gaming Monitor- 6 Reasons this QLED Monitor is the Best

Have you ever heard QLED TV or QLED monitor?

Most of QLED TV and QLED monitors are made by Samsung. And they even released a QLED laptop Galaxy Book Flex which is the first laptop with a QLED panel, which promises more colors, deeper blacks and greater brightness.

Our company developed the first QLED portable monitor in the world. As so far, this is the best FHD 15.6" portable monitor. There're 6 reasons why it can be the best portable monitor.

Reason #1 Best Color Gamut, DCI-P3 99.7%

Reason #2 Reach to VESA Certified DisplayHDR 600

Reason #3 High Brightness, Avg 500 nit, Peak 700 nit

Reason #4 Universally Compatible

Reason #5 Neat Design

Reason #6 Affordable Price

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qled portable monitor

ps5 4k portable monitor

Reason#1 Best Color Gamut, DCI-P3 99.7% Color Gamut, 10 Bit Color Depth

The color gamut of most portable monitor sold on Amazon is NTSC 72%,NTSC 45%, sRGB 100%. The color gamut of this QLED monitor is DCI-P3 99.7%. You can get to know the differences from the chart below. Apparently, the QLED monitor presents much more color. And we compared the color gamut of this QLED monitor with the screen of Macbook Pro, and found that the QLED panel is a little bit better.

color gamut of qled portable monitor

Reason#2 Best HDR Performance, reach to VESA Certified DisplayHDR 600

Most portable monitors say that they support HDR, but it doesn't work well. The HDR of this QLED portable monitor can reach to VESA certified DisplayHDR 600. HDR600 is already a professional monitor, increased peak brightness, local dimming, color depth of 10 bits. Typically, these monitors with a matrix of 8-bit + FRC. Due to the use of local dimming, improved contrast.

hdr 600 of QLED portable monitor

Reason#3 Best Luminance, Avg 500 nit, Peak 700 nit

The high brightness and contrast is very important for the monitor, especially when you're using the monitor playing gamings or watching films. For example, when there're lights shining in the dark, you will feel that when you're using the QLED monitor. You will have immersive experience with the images. But for most other monitors, you won't feel that the light is shining.  

brightness of qled portable monitor

Reason#4 Universally Compatible, Full Function USB C*2, mini HDMI*1

This QLED portable monitor can be work with many devices, like laptops, computers, gaming concoles(Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS5), USB C Androied smartphone, cameras etc. And there're two full featured USB Type C ports which has advantages over monitors with one USB C port for power and one for data. 

specification of qled portable monitor

Reason#5 Neat Design, Aluminum Case, Ultra Thin Shape, Utra Light Body, Utra Narrow Bezel

This monitor has most beautiful appearance. And the aluminance case make the monitor looks very high quality. This can be a powerful and attractive productivity power tools. And it's very light, so it pretty easy to take it on travel. If there's not much space on your desk, this small and portable monitor would be a good choice.

appearance of qled portable monitor


Reason#6 Affordable Price, around $200

"I just ordered.  To be honest, USD 200 for this specification is really valuable in North America.  I wish that your sales in North America grow in prospect." This is what our customer say about our QLED monitor. And you can also compare the price, specification with other suppliers. You will find that, the QLED monitor is really worthy to buy.


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