HKCCF 2022 and Intehill Portable Monitors there

HKCCF 2022

HKCCF is the largest exhibition of computer communications and electronic products in Hong Kong. In addition to promoting the latest technology, this year's Computer Festival will unveil its mystery with the theme of Metaspace. There will be live virtual platforms, including a virtual ocean park, and an AI x AR service platform to experience 3D online entertainment. Not only can you explore infinite possibilities in the metaspace, but you can also buy a variety of technology products and learn about the latest technology trends.

HKCCF 2022

Since 2004, the "Hong Kong Computer and Communications Festival" organized by the Hong Kong Computer Federation has been widely supported by all walks of life, and has now become the leading exhibition of computer communications and electronic products in Hong Kong. In line with the emergence of new technologies, the organizers make every effort to add thematic focus and activities to the "Hong Kong Computer and Communications Festival" every year to attract more people and create business opportunities for exhibitors. There are more than 200 exhibitors at this year's Computer Festival, including 70 exhibitors in the digital transformation zone focusing on B2B business matching, occupying about 600 booths. The conference expects that this year's sales, driven by consumer coupons, will remain the same as last year at HK$330 million.

HKCCF 2022 Fold laptop

Mr. Sun Dong, Secretary of the Hong Kong Bureau of Innovation, Technology and Industry, said at the opening ceremony that the epidemic, which lasted for more than two years, has not only changed our daily habits, but also accelerated the pace of digital transformation of enterprises. The digital operation model helps to enhance competitiveness and can reverse the victory in the "epidemic" environment. He also pointed out that the government will continue to assist the digital transformation of various industries.

HKCCF 2022 Metarverse

In addition to products sold by various exhibitors at this year's Computer and Communications Festival, there is also a Metaverse Pavilion to promote the development of the Metaverse and Web3.0 in Hong Kong. In addition, some exhibitors set up robots developed by themselves, as well as 5G and green technology living areas, exhibiting the latest intelligent driver monitoring system. Many games and movies also participated in the exhibition, the most eye-catching is the sci-fi masterpiece "Tomorrow's War" that will be released in Hong Kong. 

HKCCF 2022 Robot

The annual exhibition was held from August 19th to August 22nd. The exhibition not only showcases the latest computer and technology products, but also many electronic products will have good discounts at the exhibition. Therefore, participating in the exhibition can not only learn about cutting-edge technology consulting, but also buy your favorite electronic products at the best price, such as laptops, monitors, graphics cards, mobile phones, tablets, wifi routers, etc.

HKCCF 2022 gadgets on sales

Why Intehill Portable Monitors is so Popular on HKCCF 2022

Our portable display products are also on display at the show. It was warmly welcomed at the exhibition. Due to the relatively favorable price of the exhibition, many tourists placed orders on the spot.HKCCF 2022 Intehill portable monitor

In the past two years, portable monitors have become increasingly popular in Hong Kong. The Intehill brand holds the majority of Hong Kong's market share in the portable display category.HKCCF 2022 Intehill portable monitor on sales

Because many offices and rooms in Hong Kong are relatively compact, this small and lightweight monitor is perfect for them. And because the monitor has a USB Type-C interface and an HDMI interface, it is compatible with many host devices on the market, and can also be connected to a laptop and a Mac Mini.

Intehill portable monitor sold in Hongkong computer store

 If you can't buy Intehill portable monitors at the HKCCF2022, you can also buy them at major computer stores in Hong Kong.

You can also contact our exclusive distributor in Hong Kong to purchase.

We hope that our portable monitors can continue to be exhibited at the HKCCF 2023, and we also hope that there will be no epidemic next year, so we can visit the HKCCF 2023.

see you at hkccf 2023

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