External Monitor for Macbook Air Powered by M1 or M2 Chip

Apple launched the WWDC22 Worldwide Developers Conference on 6th, June. In addition to showing us the upgrades of the four major systems, the new MacBook Air is undoubtedly a major attraction in this conference.

Part One- M2 Chip Specification

When introducing this new MacBook Air in both configuration and appearance, Apple first used the chip as an introduction to gradually unveil the mystery of this new device. The M-series chips have opened a new door for Macs since the release of the M1. Both functions and battery life have been qualitatively improved. Therefore, the M2 chips have attracted much attention before they were released.

m2 chip specification

The performance and function of the M2 chip are further improved, and the premise of the improvement is not to blindly increase the power of the chip, but to minimize the power consumption while ensuring the maximum performance. The chip uses the second-generation 5nm process technology instead of the 3nm process technology as expected, which is reasonable but still a little disappointing.

There are more than 20 billion transistors in the M2 chip, which is 25% higher than the M1 chip. Transistors can improve the performance of devices, so the more you can pack in a certain size, the better. The M2 chip based on this can provide a unified memory bandwidth of 100GB/s, which is 50% higher than that of the M1 chip. In order for the M2 chip to run more complex tasks, Apple has enabled it with up to 24GB of unified memory, which is fearless even in the face of larger workloads.

The M2 chip adopts an 8-core central processing unit (CPU), a maximum 10-core graphics processing unit (GPU), and a 16-core neural network engine, which are more excellent in terms of performance and energy efficiency. Apple's test results show that the CPU performance of the M2 chip is 18% higher than that of the M1, and the GPU performance is improved by 35%. Under Apple's continuous exploration, the M2 chip has shown us its potential, further improving the performance, functions and energy efficiency of the M1 chip.

We can see how confident Apple is when introducing the M2 chip, and it feels like this dumpling was specially made for this little vinegar. And the first Mac to use the M2 chip wasn't anything to go by, and the MacBook Air is arguably one of the most popular of Apple's Mac lineup. Whether it is performance, portability, or battery life, this product is undoubtedly the leader in thin and light notebooks.

Part Two- MacBook Air with M2 Chip

The new MacBook Air has four appearances, silver, space gray, and brilliant starlight and wonderful midnight color. MagSafe can also be used for charging. With a larger screen and better performance, the new MacBook Air It still maintains excellent battery life. After testing, the battery life can continue to play up to 18 hours of video. In addition to the charging port, the new Mac has two ports for users to connect other accessories, as well as a jack that supports high-impedance headphones.

macbook air with m2 chip

The new MacBook Air is very slim from any angle. It adopts an all-aluminum metal unibody design, so in addition to the thin and light feeling, it can also bring people a solid feel. It also has unique advantages in component arrangement design. The speaker and microphone are fully integrated into the interval between the keyboard and the display screen, which not only makes the arrangement more compact, but also provides users with a better audio experience. Compared with the previous generation, the new MacBook Air is 20% smaller, with a thickness of only 11.3 mm and a weight of less than 2.5 catties, setting a new high in the field of thin and light notebooks.

The new MacBook Air has a 13.6-inch display with a new design using the Liquid Retina display. The screen expands around the camera, making it narrower bezels and making more room for the menu bar. And the improvement on the screen doesn't stop there. The new MacBook Air is 25% brighter than the previous generation's screen brightness and supports 1 billion colors.
Nowadays, people's requirements for cameras in electronic products have become more and more stringent, and Apple certainly will not do nothing. The new MacBook Air features a 1080p HD camera with twice the resolution and low-light performance compared to its predecessor, and complemented by the M2 chip's superior graphics processor, the ability to make video calls will give users a boost. Come to a different feeling.

Part Three- External Monitor for Macbook Air

This notebook is perfect for photographers and video editors. Even if the size of the screen has been increased from 13.3 inches to 13.6 inches, it is still not enough. For such a powerful notebook, screen size limits the notebook's maximum potential. Therefore, for every MacBook Air user, it is necessary to add an external display.

External Monitor for Macbook Air Powered by M1 or M2 Chip
We have high-quality portable monitors that are perfect as a secondary screen for a MacBook Air. The monitor has a full-featured USB Type-C interface, which can expand the screen of the MacBook Air with only one cable, which can greatly improve the efficiency of daily office work and video editing.

The overall size of the portable monitor is close to that of a notebook, and it can be easily put into a computer bag together with the notebook, making it easy to carry around.

dual screen for macbook air m2

second monitor for macbook air m2

If you want a 4K portable monitor as the dual screen of MacBook Air, I'd recommend the 15.6" 4K portable monitor with AdobeRGB 100% color gamut. The quality of the screen are even better than the screen of MacBook Air. 

The power consumption of 4k monitor is 30w, if think it's too much, you can consider the 1080P 15.6" QLED portable monitor with DIC-P3 100% to add the second monitor for the Macbook Air. It's the same color gamut as the screen of MacBook Air M1 and M2.

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