Portable Monitor- One of the Best Back to School Tech 2022

Marques Brownlee recently released a video, Best Back to School Tech 2022.

His video received a lot of disapproving comments. Many reviews felt that the products he recommended were too expensive and not suitable for many students.
Whether it is a laptop, mobile phone, headset or mouse, it is the most expensive choice, not the most cost-effective choice. Such recommendations are not very friendly to student groups.

best back to school for students

Here are the comments with the most likes

“Just a personal take - a lot of students are looking for the best in class budget options rather than the high-end flagship devices. I feel that this video would have been much better if it was focused more at the user/target market rather than the device's in isolation" - By Suhail John

"Most of the items you recommend are pretty pricey for a student. I'm not a student myself anymore but if I were one, more budget alternatives would make this video a lot better!" - By Trueno Ong

"Some solid recommendations. Some of them are really flagship/high end, while most students would rather go for budget. I'd like to see a sequel of this with budget recommendations" - By Percy Chikwela

"Guys, a quick note that you do NOT need all the high-end tech in order to do well at college. If you can (and you should), save as much money as you can while at college, pay your tuition in full and student loans as soon as possible instead of spending on liabilities like gadgets. Get the bare minimum you need and only spend money on products you know you are going to be using for 4-6 years (such as laptop). Don't overspend on phone, headphones, lamps, tablets, etc." -By Kanav

student room with small desk

From my personal experience, the student does not really need the latest laptops and mobile phones. For most high school and college students, they don't need a very advanced notebook to complete their daily studies and homework. In most cases, mobile phones are only for keeping in touch with family and friends, and for daily entertainment. They are not productivity tools and do not need the latest models.

We are professional sales of portable monitors. In my opinion, portable displays are essential electronic products for students. The reason is as follows,
1. Portable display is very small and light. It is convenient to go to the library or take it home. In addition, the space of the dormitory is relatively small, and it does not take up limited desktop space. Portable display is also very convenient to store, you can put it in the drawer, you can stack it with books.
2. There are many portable display compatible devices. It can be used as a laptop extension or as a computer display. It can also be used as a expansion screen for some mobile phones, such as Samsung mobile phones.

student domitory with laptop and portable monitor
3. Portable monitors can improve learning efficiency as a laptop. In many cases, students need to handle multiple windows and take notes while watching the online course. One more screen can really help students improve their learning efficiency.
4. Portable monitors are not expensive. If the screen requirements are not too high, you can buy a portable display around 150 US dollars, so it is very good for students.

5. Add a extended display to the notebook, you can easily share your work content with your roommate, watch a video together and discuss a project.

Intehill Budget Portable Monitor
If you need a portable display, we can recommend it to you for $ 149.

Intehill budget portable monitor

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