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Best aspect ratio for Dex on a portable monitor?

Still looking for option for a portable monitor. Is 16:9 the best aspect ratio forDeX?
  1. According to samsung here, it's best to run dex in 16:19 @ The recommended aspect ratio is 16:9 (2560 x 1440, 1920 x 1080, or 1600 x 900). Can anyone confirm this? Does rescalling look bad on DeX?
  2. I'll be using the monitor as a head unit monitor, do you suggest a matt finish to avoid extra glare? Believe the glass finish looks better.
  3. I'll either be getting a 13.3 or 15.6" display @ 2K resolutoion, as 4K is overkill for a small screen. An OLED display is tempting but concern about the burn in. I'll be runnning static icons and apps on the display so it may be better to get an IPS pannel instead for my use case.
its a desktop interface....
its not remotely optimized for in a vehicle
you're much better off looking at android auto, or
carwebguru, agama, car launcher if you want to diy it all



Mac M2 Max 16” - colour accuracy?

Hey folks, Recently I have been getting more travel jobs. I'm a videographer, editor, and colourist shooting on a 6k pro.I have been taking my mac mini on the road with a pro-art display to give me some degree of colour accuracy - However I'm thinking the added portability of the macbooks would be very welcome (no monitor or mac mini to lug around with accessories)How reliable is the screen when it comes to colour accuracy for grading and quick turnaround projects while travelling?
always rember you need a valibrated environment for actual grading, without that what are you even looking at.but yes the xdr displays reference mode is pretty good, will be better than the proart as a gui, xdr is the only display that can be accurate on a mac for gui as sad as it is
So u need an Io device to get clean signal. And calibrate ypur display. That way u can get accurate colors and brightness levels



Is there any way to use full functionality of air ar with IOS/IPadOS?

All of my products are from Apple , I use my iPad with Apple Pencil for studying and I always keep my portable monitor with me to see the exercises and write on iPad at the same time , is there any way to connect Nreal air ar as external monitor for IPad ? Or can I somehow run the MacOS on iPad to do so ?

The best you can do is use the Apple Lightning to Digital A/V Adapter with the nReal Adapter to display whatever can be displayed by the Apple Lightning to Digital A/V Adapter in the glasses.There is no Nebula software for iOS or iPadOS, so AR Space (augmented reality) is not available.There is Nebula Beta for MacOS available and described here: https://www.nreal.ai/nebula 


What screen size for a portable dnd display?

I've recently started using a portable monitor to dm with and I wanna get a larger screen as I currently have a 15.9in and while it works for small melees I'd like something that can fit more of the scene in.I dm at a bar so it needs to be portable as I don't drive, and was looking at projects to convert monitors to portable monitors.My main debate is 21in, 24in, 27in, or 32in. I would like to get the smallest size that would still be a good experience for players.Any input?


Is this like a DM screen or a play surface?For DM screen I'd keep the 15.9 laptop, that's what I use and it's a good size but I wouldn't mind a second screen provided it was also super thin like a normal DM screen.If it's a play surface then the bigger the better. In this case I have an old. TV I use, slap a wooden frame to prop it up, keep it from wobbling, and vent heat right. And a thin layer of acrylic to protect the screen and your good to goE: forgot you were looking portable, so I'd say 32". Anything much bigger will be a pain to get through doors and stuff 


S8 Ultra vs S23 Ultra with Dex and Portable Display

Hello,Sorry if the question sound a bit strange but I can't find a real answer anywhere.I currently have a S23 Ultra and I'm planning to buy also an S8 Ultra.Now what I'm asking is: except the portability, is there a real difference user experience between using an S8 Ultra and an S23 Ultra connected to an external portable 4k monitor. The dex experience is the same on each devices?Sorry for the dumb question but I have always (and currently using) Apple and this is the first time that I'm trying Android on a Samsung Device.Thanks
The larger screen of the tablet has some advantages if you use it as a secondary screen . The configuration setting enabling the mouse to flow between tablet and monitor is under Samsung DeX. The tablet will remain at its defailt resolution, while the monitor will be at the resolution that you choose up to its maximum capability with a few caveats. The Samsung DeX desktop only appears on the monitor not the tablet which stays in its default layout.



How do I use my surface as a graphics tablet or monitor?

I have decided to put some life into my tablet after it has been sitting around doing nothing for years. I've used linux for about 4 months now, and have fallen in love with it, but I only have experience in distros that use KDE. I am using my Surface Go 2 with Fedora 37 gnome and my laptop, an hp envy 13, with Fedora 37 KDE. All the touch and stylus drivers work just fine with the surface.In apps like darktable, libre writer, xournal++, and obsidian with the excalidraw plugin, I want to have use of a graphics tablet. In general too, I want to have a handy portable monitor.This leads to the question, how would I do both of these two tasks? Most of the graphics tablet software I've seen focuses on mirroring linux to an android tablet. What could I use between two linux devices and still have pressure support? I don't care about have one app that does both, but a singular solution would be convenient. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Waylus looks like the best option at the moment.I've had luck with using gnome's virtual monitor support, but that only covers using another laptop as a monitor, so I assume you'd lose pressure sensitivity with your stylus.Interestingly, the RDP protocol does have support for sending stylus pressure but FreeRDP does not implement the client end (and I assume other linux RDP clients don't either). 

Framework Laptop dGPU Idea

OK, call me crazy, but here me out. Also tell me if this is even possible.What would happen if you designed a custom Framework chassis that took advantage of all its current internals - motherboard, SSD, RAM, swappable expansion cards, everything. And then add a desktop GPU. Strip it down, add your own fans, and have it all encased in a larger custom chassis. Change the screen to a portable monitor (likely 17-inch given the form factor). Maybe add a USB hub inside for extra I/O slots.My question is, is this even possible? What changes would need to be made for it to be possible? From a laptop thermals/power consumption perspective, you wouldn't have to run a 4090 to get laptop 4090 performance - probably closer to a desktop 4070, because we're using the desktop version. Also, as you've likely guessed, price of components isn't really a question - this is a hypothetical thought experiment.
The motherboard doesn't have any PCIe connectivity apart from the SSD slot and the USB ports.As a result, any dGPU you hook up to the thing will in all cases be severely performance crippled, as it's bottlenecked to only 4 PCIe lanes instead of the typical 16.For any future Framework laptop to have any chance of rocking a good dGPU, a complete motherboard redesign is necessary.
exteranl monitor for laptop

Few questions about displays for ps2

Was considering buying a portable monitor (1080p) bc my current monitor doesn’t play well with my ps2 (4K) only thing is that the monitor uses usb-c for video. There is female hdmi to usb-c adapters of course but would that mess up image quality? If I were to set it up like this PS2->retrovision component cables->ossc->hdmi->female hdmi to usb-c adapter->portable monitor. How bad do you guys think the image quality would suffer? I don’t own the ossc yet either, if anyone has any better solutions let me know. Portable monitor was to minimize the space because I don’t have room for chunky crt.


Ossc doesn't support ps1 games very well, use hyperkin upscalers, that will keep the game support at 1080p straight off. You are using retrotink so that's the best thing in the market you can get, overall, you can only try and see if it will work. But I think it should go like this since retrovision can do hdmi cables, so from retrotink hdmi, put it straight into something like this: https://amzn.asia/d/dRmyFkK and get rid of the extra clutter. Done.




What do you guys think its best? 15' 4k monitor or a 17" 1440p monitor?

I need to buy a "secondary" display for work, I'm interested in buying a portable monitor from one of these chineses sites, so I'm stuck with two options, a 1440p 17" monitor for the equivalent of 182 USD or a 4k 15.6" monitor for the equivalent of 235 USD, I don't really intend to work on anything image based, so I don't need color accuracy or anything, just documents and OCASIONALLY use this monitor to watch movies or play my series S, what do you guys think? Pixel density or size matters the most? (my present notebook is a Dell XPS 9310)

I see. Without looking at the specs i cant say for certain. But just because it came with a 4k, doesnt really mean it can successfully support a second 4k. You just mentioned videos and occasional game on series S. FPS IMO trumps resolution for either of those.If you were purely doing things like spreadsheets, word docs, email etc. Then sure, it could do 4k and the FPS wouldnt matter. But in my experience, 4k on apps like those by default makes stuff so small its a bit annoying. Sure you can zoom the size a bit, but then it kind of contradicts the benefit of the higher res.

If viewing and editing documents is your main thing, get the 1440p 17" although 24" would probably be better. At that size regardless of your resolution, you'll either be squinting or viewing that secondary monitor up close like you would your cellphone 


Use case and initial thoughts on DeX

I've been using this subreddit as a massive resource through search to get Dex working the way I wanted and just thought I'd share a few initial thoughts. Like many here, I'm an enthusiast not necessarily trying to save money. So I am coming from a 2022 Macbook Air M2 + iPad Pro and Thinkpad running Windows.I found DeX accidentally! I got the S23 Ultra and when I plugged it in to my 4K monitor to randomly charge it was blown away by what I saw. In about 20 minutes I had 4K working through Good Lock and MultiStar. Thanks reddit!
My use case is to make a lot of phone calls (25/day), and the phone integration on Dex is better than iPad Pro, MacOS, Windows, anything. Kind of makes sense given it is phone based. :)
For this reason alone I am dedicating time to Dex and really want to make it work well. Being able to middle click a tel link and make a call is awesome. My headset plugged into my USB-C monitor even takes the call and pauses music. This is more polished than MacOS or Windows to be honest.Media is awesome. Having the same YT Music playlists and even position in a long song work on desktop and then mobile later on is just so cool.I bought a Nexdock to be able to go portable. I spend time overseas and never trust leaving my computer in the hotel but won't worry about the NexDock when I'm out and about.
Browser: As others have said before, the browsers are mobile first and so far none are truly 100% desktop class. I mean most work and there are dedicated gmail and google calendar links that make everything "normal" on desktop but things randomly go back to a mobile view. I'm wondering if anyone knows a browser that will fake its User Agent and just be a Windows or Mac chrome.I've found Samsung + Brave a good general replacement for Chrome, but there is still no one to one comparison to a true desktop browser, and that is unfortunate. Please let me know if I am wrong!Overall, this is such a cool feature and I am thankful to the community for all the tips in this sub and hope to contribute in the future as well.


I have been very happy with Vivaldi, after using Edge extensively. Vivaldi looks and feels better and has a toggle which stops links from opening apps if you want. Desktop mode is super consistent. UI is nicer too. Supports scaling on Dex


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