Samsung Galaxy S22 Dex Mode and Wireless Connection

I personally like the idea that turning your smartphone into the computer. Samsung Dex is the great solution to make the most use of the smartphone. The first time I used Dex was 5 years ago on my Samsung Galaxy S8, I connect the S8 to a portable monitor with a USB Type-C cable. I thought it as a promising way to make better use of the phone, such as writing, chatting, dealing with Excel, Word and PPT, editing images and video, surfing the internet.

What's more, nowadays the cloud gaming can even run on the phone under 5G and fast WIFI. Mirocosoft Xbox Cloud Gaming, Amazon Luna, and Nvidia GeForce are developing the cloud gaming business vigorously. In the future, the smartphone can not only replace the laptop but also the gaming computer.

Galaxy S22 Samsung Dex Mode Wireless Connection Testing

Big Problem, many APP's UI under Dex Mode are horrible 

One of the main reasons many I tend to use laptops at work is that mobile user interfaces (mobile UIs) are annoying when using them for anything other than browsing social media or watching videos online. The screens are too small to do anything, and it quickly becomes frustrating when editing a document that you can barely see or trying to do something more complex with a touch screen.

Smartphons are More Powerful

Smartphones are more powerful than many of today's computers, and they are getting faster and more powerful.

My Samsung Galaxy 22 under Dex mode Wire and Wirelessly

I use an adptor to realize the wireless Samsung Dex connection. And It's no problem to control the Dex wirelessly with the touchscreen on the phone.  Samsung promises to user in a new era of mobile-powered desktop computing. But I didn't see any progress of Dex mode on S22.

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  • David

    Were u using S22 or S22 Ultra? thanks

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