Highlights of Huawei Mate 50 Series

After I watched the Huawei Mate 50 release conference, there're four features which impress me the most, two features described as the World's First, the other two the Best. 

huawei mate 50 pro rs series with 5 colors

The World's First Smartphone Equipped with Satellite Communication

When the user is in an environment without ground network signal coverage, such as desert and no-man’s land, distress at sea, earthquake rescue, etc., users can also send text and location information for help through the “Changlian App” at any time, and support multiple locations to generate trajectory maps , bringing a sense of security that is always online, which is also of great significance to the development of the global mobile communication field.

huawei mate 50 pro purple

The World's First Smartphone with Innovative Emergency Mode

When the mobile phone has a low battery of 1%, it will automatically enter the emergency mode, and the energy accumulating pump will be activated intelligently to realize emergency operations such as 12 minutes of conversation, 10 times of flashing the code, or 4 times of scanning the code, so as to solve the urgent needs of users.

huawei mate 50 silver

The Smartphone with Best Shatter-resistant

The plain leather version of Huawei Mate50 and Huawei Mate50 Pro uses Huawei Kunlun glass for the first time. Compared with ordinary glass panels, the drop resistance of the whole machine is ten times higher, and it has obtained the industry's first "Swiss SGS five-star glass drop authoritative certification", which is powerful Protect the screen. Even if you don't use a phone case, you don't have to worry about accidentally breaking your phone.

huawei mate 50 purple

The Smart Phone with Best Variable-aperture 

Huawei Mate50 series main camera has the industry's largest F1.4 aperture, the first 10-speed adjustable physical aperture, using high-precision annular magnetic field micro-control motor, can achieve sub-millimeter segmentation accuracy, wide and narrow depth of field can be adjusted freely, and the blur is more natural. At the same time, with the RYYB sensor, the photosensitive ability is increased by 24%. The ultra-large aperture combined with accurate portrait segmentation computing power brings progressive and layered optical-level blurring. In addition, there is a new XMAGE image blessing, making Huawei Imaging its own. It is reported that XMAGE mainly focuses on optical system, mechanical structure, imaging technology, image processing and other fields. Among them, the optical system is represented by a number of core technologies, such as multi-camera system, periscope telephoto, free-form surface lens, etc.; imaging technology is an intersection of photoelectric conversion, including RYYB super-sensitive sensor, full-pixel octa-core focusing, 10 Channel multispectral sensors, hyperspectral imaging, etc.

huawei mate 50 orange

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