4096 Touchscreen Drawing Monitor Tablet with Screen

This is the first drawing monitor in the world.

You're always finding the drawing tablet with screen. Probably you don't need to buy an extra iPad Pro or Wacom drawing tablet for graphic drawing. A drawing monitor would be the best budget option. 

Here introduce the our 15.6 inch QLED drawing monitor. It can not only work as a QLED touchscreen portable monitor but also a drawing tablet with screen when you connect the monitor to a computer. 

Here are the advantages of this QLED drawing monitor.

1. the QLED portable monitor has perfect color performance.

The screen of this monitor is made of QLED panel. The color gaumut is wide range DCI P3 99.7%, the color depth is 10 bits. The brilliant color will bring you wonderful experience when you're drawing onto the monitor.

2. Compatible to 4096 Pressure Sensitive Stylus Pen

Capacitive pens multitouch compatible, generate a signal used by multitouch screen to detect the location of the tip during its movement while writing or drawing. They are compatible with most smartphones and tablets with capacitive-multitouch screen as iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, etc.

3. Affordable Price

This is a more affordable option if you need a monitor and a drawing table, but don't need a new computer. This drawing monitor merge the two features. You can connect it to any laptop or desktop computer.


Stylus Pen

In a computer, a stylus (or stylus) is a small pen-shaped tool whose position on the computer monitor can be detected. It is used for drawing or selecting by clicking. Although devices with touch screens such as modern computers, mobile devices (smartphones and personal digital assistants, game consoles and graphic tablets can usually be operated with your fingertips, stylus pens can provide more An accurate and more controllable input method, the stylus has the same pointing function as a mouse or touchpad; its use is usually called pen-based computing.

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