15.6" 1080P QLED Monitor (Plastic)


Dual Monitor for laptop

All of our portable monitor can work as the second monitor for laptops with HDMI or full-featured USB-C interface. It can be connected to Macbook as the second monitor through one USB C cable, just plug and play.

An external monitor for Macbook Pro will boost your efficience a lot. An dual monitor will be especially helpful when you're dealing with multiple task on the computer weather you're a student, office worker or graphic designer.

Gaming Monitor for PS5

Intehill QLED portable monitor and 144hz portable monitor is perfect for gaming. The 15.6inch QLED monitor has HDR 600, 10 bit color depth and 500nit brightness, the images quality is excellent.

If you're FPS player, the 17.3inch 144hz monitor would be the best option. For professional FPS player, we'd recommend our 17.3inch 240HZ player.

External Monitor for Smartphone

As the capacity of smartphone becomes better and better, it can be totally qualified to deal with some simple office work. But the screen of the phone is too small, so an external monitor for smartphone is necessary.

As for now, Samsung, Huawei and Smartian smartphone has good computer mode inside the phone OS. It's possible to fulfill some simple work on the smartphone or cloud computer. And the two system can work seperately

Portable Computer Monitor for mini PC

The mini computer and portable monitor combo is neat for office work. It saves space and can be put in the bag. If you have a Mac mini, our portable monitor would be great as the computer display.

Ultra Narrow Bezel

The width of the bezel is as narrow as 1.7mm, the bottom width is 5mm.

Ultra Thin Shape

The thickness of upper side of the monitor is 5mm, the lower side is 10mm.

Ultra Light Body

The bare monitor is as light as 669g. It's easy to carry it anywhere.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Great value for a versatile portable monitor

The screen color is good, the sound is a bit off
My laptop screen is 250 nits 1920 x 1080 FHD, and the color of the display seems to be more vivid than the laptop screen.
The only two options that can be adjusted are volume and screen brightness, which are not much.
When not in use, the sound from the monitor will make a strange sharp noise. Setting the volume to 0 seems to solve the problem.
Overall, this is a good screen.

Great Portable Monitor!

I really like this monitor - it plugs into the USB-C port of your laptop or phone. No need for anything else. Conveniently fits in your travel computer bag, and the included case doubles as a monitor stand. Although it has a built-in speaker, you may want to use your laptop's speaker (or, if using a phone-earbud), as the built-in speaker is very soft. Also, you'll need to set the brightness to full every time you turn it on and power it via USB-C, as the default is about half brightness. Works great with Samsung Note 10 Plus. USB-C cable is different - be sure to use the included cable. Not much luck with other cables. If you are lucky, you can find the monitor for sale.
Update - Found ClickMonitorDDC, a cool app that adjusts the brightness settings on external monitors. The default brightness setting is no longer a problem. Great.

Excellent picture quality. Quirky power requirements.

I purchased this monitor to complement my Surface Pro 6 and/or Razer Blade 15 that I use for factory automation programming when I travel. it is very lightweight, surprisingly thin (as thin as a modern cell phone), and includes all the necessary cables to make it work.
The image quality is outstanding! I have some nice (but not high-end) monitors for office work. This portable monitor blows them all out of the water. Outstanding color, clarity, responsiveness, etc. The price point is definitely impressive for a lesser known brand.

Stunning colors

Great colors on this monitor!
Hope to take me to the color calibration kit in the next few days so I can calibrate it for the ambient light in my room and post the results.

Excellent monitor for its price.

Easy to set up and use with excellent image quality. Fast delivery. Highly recommended.