1080P 17.3" Portable Monitor


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Sonu Singh (West Sacramento, US)
Amazingly Lightweight Monitor, that packs a punch

I heard about this brand from a friend on mine when I was in need of a new monitor for my work laptop and order it from Intehill.com website. The shipping was prompt and in-spite of slowness in the supply chain logistics, I still received the monitor within 5 days. When the monitor arrived it was hard for me to believe that there was actually a monitor inside the box. I'm so used to the big, heavy, clunky monitors of the past that it seemed far too light. It was well packaged and came protected by a clamshell foam insert which was inserted into a thick. Everything that was supposed to be in the box was there. including an HDMI cable, a screen protector and a holding pad.

Assembly Time
Putting the monitor together was simple and took less than 2-minutes and there you go, the Monitor was on and working.

1080P at 17.3" has a nice pixel density. Text is very crisp and sharp.
The brightness of the monitor right out of the box is perfect. I didn't adjust a single thing.
Lightweight, sleek and ultra-modern looking — makes other monitors look fat.
Outstanding image quality, everything is sharp and clear.
No dead pixels anywhere on the screen.
The monitor, though extremely thin, is surprisingly strong and durable.
The thin bezel frame that surrounds the screen is hardly noticeable and practically disappears in a darkened room.
Has the ability to tilt backward 15 to 20 degrees.
No stuttering/response lag in cinematics or gameplay.
Multiple picture adjustment settings.
Headphone audio port.
Excellent money value

Hardly Any.


My Decision Process
I spent a lot of time reading hundreds of reviews by customers on what they things to look into while buying a monitor. And though I considered other big brands and comparable models, but I finally tried to give this new brand a try and wow I am happy surprised by the quality. I even had a video and some images that i wanted to attach, but their is no option to do so.
Great Product, Great Price.