4K 17.3" Portable Monitor


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Good quality and good deal on this protable monitor.

I have a macbook air and needed a portable monitor that can be connected to with a single cable (thunderbolt≥usb-c) so i can have more desktop real estate. I got this monitor on sale and it was shipped in a reasonable time. Well packaged and the monitor is well constructed. I would buy again from Intehill. I also picked up a fold-able monitor stand, which was also well constructed.

I'm very glad to hear that you like this 4k 17.3' monitor and the stand. And it would be greatly appreciated if you buy again or help to recommend. Bravo^_^

great all

I love this monitor so much!
the shape the coulor the bright the voice all so good and it's so convenience to take it to everywhere when I am go on trip.

Amir A.A
For people who looking for sec monitor!

What a great monitor! Bright, clear, quality speakers that sound really good.
Initially, I wasn't sure if it would work on a desktop since no one has tried to connect this screen to a PC with a GPU.
My RTX 2080 has a Type C connection, so I tried to connect the monitor to that connection and...
I hope it works!
Video and power all in one cable! That's really something!
Highly recommended!

High quality flat screen monitor!

This monitor is indeed high quality and I am very excited about it. I have been using it for about 2 months now and have shown everyone how functional it is and fits perfectly on my desk. I also use it every day with no problems! It has a very high quality screen, a very wide display and is light and portable! I am truly in awe of the flatness and quality of the screen. It's just as good as mentioned on the website! I need a very portable second monitor for business travel (on a plane) and to hold labs for students where I can only view answers on the second screen, so dragging around the second monitor is too much of a hassle. This fits my business travel and lab niche!!! I still can't get over the quality of the packaging of this ultra slim ultra high quality monitor. If you buy this item, you will not be disappointed! Great for Intehill!

pretty sweet

Like: I finally have the option to use an external monitor in the field. The USB-C power connection works perfectly with the included AC dongle, the power pack or the laptop itself. Some parts of the monitor have a magnetic liner, which provides a good holding position for the magnetic cover. Either close or open its display base. Windows OS runs smoothly as it immediately treats it as a secondary monitor. Disclaimer: The screen protector that came with the package did not have a squeegee to attach the film to the screen, so I had a lot of bubbles coming out of the foam. That's something I could have corrected, but chose to mess it up anyway. My Galaxy S10 phone does not correspond to this, which is disappointing. The display only recognizes power, not data (I tried this using the USB debugging mode hidden in Android developer mode). I don't know if there is an adapter, but that would be unfortunate if you are working outside of the box.