4K 15.6" Portable Monitor


Dual Monitor for laptop

All of our portable monitor can work as the second monitor for laptops with HDMI or full-featured USB-C interface. It can be connected to Macbook as the second monitor through one USB C cable, just plug and play.

An external monitor for Macbook Pro will boost your efficience a lot. An dual monitor will be especially helpful when you're dealing with multiple task on the computer weather you're a student, office worker or graphic designer.

Gaming Monitor for PS5

Intehill QLED portable monitor and 144hz portable monitor is perfect for gaming. The 15.6inch QLED monitor has HDR 600, 10 bit color depth and 500nit brightness, the images quality is excellent.

If you're FPS player, the 17.3inch 144hz monitor would be the best option. For professional FPS player, we'd recommend our 17.3inch 240HZ player.

External Monitor for Smartphone

As the capacity of smartphone becomes better and better, it can be totally qualified to deal with some simple office work. But the screen of the phone is too small, so an external monitor for smartphone is necessary.

As for now, Samsung, Huawei and Smartian smartphone has good computer mode inside the phone OS. It's possible to fulfill some simple work on the smartphone or cloud computer. And the two system can work seperately

Portable Computer Monitor for mini PC

The mini computer and portable monitor combo is neat for office work. It saves space and can be put in the bag. If you have a Mac mini, our portable monitor would be great as the computer display.

Ultra Narrow Bezel

The width of the bezel is as narrow as 1.7mm, the bottom width is 5mm.

Ultra Thin Shape

The thickness of upper side of the monitor is 5mm, the lower side is 10mm.

Ultra Light Body

The bare monitor is as light as 669g. It's easy to carry it anywhere.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great monitor after minor additions

His portable monitor is great. It is very lightweight and can be easily moved to any position. I use it for my home surveillance camera system and I am not happy with it. The only problems I have had are with the usb-c cable and the mini HDMI port. I had to use a 3rd party cable because the originals were unstable and would lose pictures. After pushing the HDMI cable a little in the wrong direction, the mini HDMI port came loose and now when the cable moves, I lose the image temporarily. If these issues are corrected, I will easily give it a 5 star rating.

Best COVID Purchase

This Intehill monitor has been in my stash for a while for a future shopping cart. I've been putting it off because it's not a necessity, just a need. I was skeptical because I was not familiar with Intehill and had never purchased a product from them. I read a product review that finally prompted me to take a chance. Wow, I should have ordered that months ago. The size (15.6 ZI series) and weight (light!) of this monitor Very impressed. The clarity/quality of the images is great!
The monitor comes with everything you need - C-cable / HDMI cable / power cable and charger, even a screen wipe.
Finally, my favorite feature - the Smart Cover that protects the front and back of the monitor. Allows you to adjust the monitor in two ways.
I'm very happy and plan to buy from Intehill again in the future!