My Experience on Samsung Galaxy S8, S10 and S22

I just got my Samsung Galaxy S22, the biggest differences I noticed was that it changed from curved screen to the flat screen. S22 removed the 3.5 mm headphone jack which still exit on my previous S10. 

Why I switched from S8 to S10

I love my first Samsung phone a lot, the Galaxy S8 a lot. It's really gorgeous in 2017. I used to put my S8 in the water tank which makes my friends openmouthed. I really enjoy that feeling. The IP68 waterproof was really something in 2017. And I also show the Bixby voice controlling. I'm very excited with this function at that time although I rarely use Bixby  after that. 

After three years, the S8 burn in issue becomes very obvious. And the back lid and screens were seriesly broken. I''m amazed that the quality of the Samsung S8, it can be still used even it drops that seriously. But the appearance is not that good, so I decide to buy the S10.

Samsung Galaxy S8, S10, S22, Curved Screen VS Flat Screen

Why I switch from S10 to S22 

Actually, my S10 still works very well. The operating system is fluent, and the screen looks the same as the new one. The only problem is the ghost touch. Sometimes it keeps clicking on things that I am not even clicking on. It's frustrating especially when I'm typing on it. It can be fixed when I reopen the phone. But it's not a happy experience. I'm afraid the ghoast touch problem appears when I'm dealing something important on the phone. And I'm considering  to experience the 5G network.

So I pay much attention on the coming S22 at the end last year. When the S22 is ready for pre-purchase, I pay the deposit and select the white color.  

Samsung S8, S10, S22 back side


S10 ( Curved screen, 4G) VS S22 (Flat Screen, 5G)

The 5G net. When I received my new S22, I was not that excited as the first time I looked at the S8. Actually, I didn't realize much big difference upgrading to the 5G net.

The Amoled screen. The 120hz(1080 x 2340) improvement compared to the 60hz can't be noticed even I swipe S22 and S10 at the same time. The The PPI of the S22 is 442, even lower than S10 of 551. 

I open the same video with resolution 1440P, the images looks almost the same on Samsung Galaxy S10 and S22. 

videos on s10 and s22 looks the same

The camera. The camera of the S22 improved but not that obvious. The HDR is still very poor. I have to say, the HDR is really awesome when I take pictures on my friend's Iphone 12 Pro. The S22 can take videos at 8K, 24FPS which can be a useless advantages as for me. The biggest picture size taken by S22 is 6120*8160, compared to the 3024*4032 by S10.

 As Samsung advertised, the pictures under night mode improved. You can check images below taken at night.(The image above taken by S10, below by S22)

Samsung Galaxy S10 Night Mode
Samsung Galaxy s22 night mode

Battery. The battery is 3400mAh on S10, and 3700 on S22. The power consumption is fast, 25w fast charging is not fast at all. SHAMED of the Samsung FAST CHARGING, no progress at all in the last 5 years.


To be honest, as for me I see no meanings to upgrade from Samsung Galaxy S10 to Samsung Galaxy S22 if my S10 has no issues. I don't take 8K videos, I don't care the minor progress on the camer under night mode. The 4G net works well. I don't care if the screen is curved or flat. I don't play big games. What I care is battery capacity, the quality of the screen and the consistent use of the phone. The improvement was not that attracting. If my S8 was not damaged, and the screen has no burn-in issue, I think it's no problem to use it at all even in 2022. I really miss that tiny, neat and quality S8 with curved screen and interesting edge screen and stunning edge marquee.

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