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This is a wonderful experience. We are honored to invite two professional photographers, Johann & Jeremy, to visit our factory and experience the portable monitors with pro-quality. (Some detailed personal information is at the bottom of the article. Please check it~). It is lucky for us that Johann actively searched for our official website on Google and contacted us.

Our products are tailor-made for everyone who pursues high image quality, so absolutely the photographers are vital users of our portable monitors and we did have a good chat. What's more, Johann is from South Africa & Jeremy is from Canada, but they are now settled in Shenzhen where is very close to us. So we invited them to visit our factory and experience our products.


4K portable monitors photogragher


A  Factory Tour  

At first, we prepared 3 different 4K Portable Monitors with Adobe RGB 100%, Johann & Jeremy are very impressed by the picture quality presented by the monitor. With the magnificent photos and videos, the overflowing colors did have a clear look and feel different from the most ordinary screens.

Then we arrange a whole tour through the Production Flow: Assembly-Inspection-Life Testing-Packing-Warehouse. Here are some memorable photos:


4K portable monitors photogragher


 4K portable monitors photogragher


 4K portable monitors photogragher



Expercing the Upcoming Oled Monitor

And we also arranged a "punchline" for this visit - experiencing our upcoming 4K OLED ultra-thin and narrow-edge portable monitor. It is equipped with NTSC 113% & True 10 Bit. 

(Please don’t mind the photo I recorded with my phone, waiting for the listing, the entities will be more shocking)


4K portable monitors photogragher


An Interview

Then we also arranged an interview.  You can watch the completed version on Youtube.

During this, we also mentioned that Quality of Monitor Matters for Everyone Especially for Pro Photographers also, a large part of all display technologies is to achieve the degree of color recognition of the human eye. On the screen, we can see the colorfulness of the world. Johann believes that the traditional sRGB gamut loses many colors and the higher Adobe RGB100% better shows the color it should be. Also, Jeremy thinks The portability of the display also allows him to put this screen in his bag to satisfy the timely viewing of outdoor photography.


Adobe rgb 100% sRGB 100% color gamut

With the development of display technology, our public has higher requirements for image quality, not just professional photographers, designers, and other industries.


4K portable monitors photogragher


Brief introduction 

In addition, the two are professional photographers. Johann has been in contact with photography since the 1970s. He has won many gold medals in competitions and served as a judge in some competitions & a Fujifilm X-Photographer. I found his website, which contains a lot of his amazing works and articles. Please feel free to enjoy it.

A happy tour ends with a smiling photo. 


4K portable monitors photogragher


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