Nintendo Switch OLED Review - VS Original

When the Switch OLED version was recently released, many Nintendo fans and gamers around the world were filled with anticipation. In this blog, we tested more deeper and talked about lots of parts, like screen, design of appearance and so on. Let's look at it more closely next.


switch oled



The new SWITCH OLED uses a white handle, which looks simple and elegant. The handle is the same as the previous one, so you can also use the handle of the old Switch.



Screen size

The biggest upgrade to the SWITCH'S OLED is on the screen, which has been upgraded from 6.2 inches to 7 inches by narrowing the bezel while remaining the same size. Although the number is only 0.8 inches larger, the actual display area is nearly 30 percent larger and the game screen is larger.



Screen material

The OLED screen has changed from plastic to glass. When playing games in bright light, the old plastic screen has poor light transmission, and there is a layer of air between the screens, which tends to be gray during the day. By contrast, Switch OLED, which uses a fully fitted glass screen, is much more transparent and has brighter colors.




If you look at the details of the console, you can see the chaotic text on the back cover of the fuselage. Various screws and holes have been cleverly hidden, making the whole console look more concise and advanced.




There have also been a number of other minor upgrades, from an unfixable plastic sheet that snaps to a metal flap that can be fixed at any angle. The old switch can only fix one Angle, now you can fix about 120 angles.



Connected to the display

In addition, I highly recommend friends who love playing games to connect to the monitor. In this regard, both the old Switch and the new Switch OLED support the connection to the monitor, that is, through a Type-C data cable, the game screen will be transmitted to the big screen, the whole vision will become wider, and there will be better game experience. You will feel more comfortable and enjoyable.


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