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Intehill is a new retail brand under company Hanshi Jingxian Innovation Technology (Huizhou) Co. Ltd. Our company is the professional portable monitor supplier. We manufacture millions of portable monitors for resellers who runs store on Amazon. This website( is a direct retail online store powered by Shopify for end customers. Intehill will keep on selling quality portable monitors, offering best customer service and developing new style products. 

As Intehill is new brand, almost all customers never knew us before. It's probably your first time visiting our store. And the products we're selling are not cheap items. So it's important to know more about us before you decide to place an order. The content below includes the necessary information about the payment, after-sales service and shipment. Please read it carefully. If you still have any questions about the product and the order, we'd be glad to hear from you. 


Paypal and Credit card are supported to guarantee the secure payment. If you gain a discount coupon, it can be used in the checkout page to help you save money. Please consider carefully before you decide to buy and make the payment. If you have mass order, bank account payment is the best way.


Most of the orders on our store are paid by Paypal. Our Paypal account is The PayPal fee is 4.4%+$0.3, the seller will cover this cost. 

buy portable monitor with paypal

Credit Card

Credit card is also supported. Our company works with Pingpong Pay to open the credit card payment, the brands include VISA, Mastercard, JCB and AMEX. These payment will require 3D secure.

3D Secure is an authentication service for secure online card payment that is recommended by VISA, Mastercard, JCB and AMEX. "3D Secure" is the general term for authentication services provided by each card brands under different names. Click to know more about >> 3D Secure 

buy portable monitor with credit card

After-sales Service

Cancel the order

The order can be canceled with full refund before shipment. Once the package is picked up by the courier, the order can't be canceled. 

Change the address

The address can be changed even when the package is on transit. Please contact us ASAP if the address is required to be changed, we will check with the forwarder if the new address is available. When the monitor is on passage, the cost for changing the address is about $15. 

Email Following-up

Intehill will send you three emails after you place the order. 

  • Confirm the order, Intehill will confirm to receive your order and arrange the order. We will let you know if the monitor is out of stock or there's a delivery delay.
  • Inform tracking number, Intehill will send you the tracking number when the portable monitor is picked up. Meanwhile, we will offer some advice to use the monitor properly.
  • Ensure the arrival, Intehill will check the safe arrival of the package when you receive the package in three days. That would be greatly appreciated if you like our portable monitor and leave a comment. 


The monitor is one-year quality guaranteed (Starting from the date of purchase). Any quality-related defects on items sold directly by Intehill are covered. Intehill will help to make the refund, return or replacement during the warranty period. 

There information is required to process a warranty claim.

  • Order number and serial number of the portable monitor
  • Sufficient proof of the quality issue, like description, images and videos
  • Work with Intehill to make simple troubleshooting

These situations are not covered under Warranty.

  • Products without sufficient proof of quality issue
  • Compatibility issues not caused by the hardware
  • Items that have expired their warranty period
  • Slight error on the product description
  • Repairs through 3rd parties
  • Damage from outside sources
  • Damage from misuse of products (including, but not limited to: falls, extreme temperatures, water, operating devices improperly)

Refund/ Return/ Replacement

The solution to resolve warranty claims are negotiable. Intehill will try our best to work out a reasonable solution. 

  • Refund, partial refund is valid under stuck pixels exceeding the standard( two stuck pixels smaller than 0.3mm are allowed), defective cables, backlight bleeding, scratch on the enclosure or smart case, appearance defects. Intehill will make a full refund of the monitor cost in the rare situation that the monitor is completely bad due to the product quality issue. 
  • Return, the shipping cost from abroad to China is high. Intehill won't recommend return in most cases. If the customer insist on returning the monitor against small quality issue, the customer should pay for the shipping cost and taxes to deliver the monitor to Intehill Chinese manufacturing base. 
  • Replacement, Intehill will send you a new monitor all at our cost if the monitor turns out to be completely useless. If the customer asks for return and replacement caused by small quality issue, the customer should pay for the returning shipping cost. Intehill should pay for the re-delivery shipping cost.

Technician Support

Please read the user manual before using the monitor. If you still have questions about how to use the monitor properly, feel free to contact us. 



At the very first beginning, all monitors are directly sent from China by. But the shipping cost is very high. So we find new forwarders like 4PX and SF Express. But the shipping time is too long. Then, we decide to open overseas warehouse to shorten the lead time and reduce the cost. As for now, part of orders will be sent from the overseas warehouse, part will be sent from the Chinese manufacturing base.

Overseas Warehouse

Some portable monitors will be sent from our overseas warehouse from August, 2021. Currently, we worked with WingSing to open the US and the Poland warehouse. You don’t need to pay the import taxes for the products sent from the overseas warehouse. All the portable monitors sold in the overseas warehouse can be found on this page. >> Intehill Portable Monitor in the US and Poland 


  • fast delivery, 2-3 days lead time
  • cheap, save you $30-60
  • No import taxes paid by customer
  • fast return and replacement service


  • The monitors in the overseas warehouse can be only sent to the US and the EU countries.
  • The models in the overseas warehouse are not many. And the quantity is small.   

intehill open wingsing overseas warehouse in the US and Poland

Shipping Countries

The monitors stock in California warehouse can be only sent to the US.

The monitors stock in Poland warehouse can be sent to all European Union countries, these EU countries include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.


For monitors sent from Poland, the shipping options include DE DHL Local Delivery Service, PL DHL Local Delivery Service, DE DHL Europe Delivery Service, DHL International Express, UPS Europe Delivery Service, GLS Europe Delivery Service, PL DPD Europe Delivery Service, DHL Economy.

For monitors sent from the US, the shipping options will be FedEx.

Lead Time

The lead time is 2-3 working days for monitors sent from the overseas warehouse.

Chinese Manufacturing Base

Our factory is located in Huizhou, Guangdong. All the monitors are manufactured there. We have many models, only a small popular part of products can be stock in the overseas warehouse. Most of the products are required to be sent directly from China.


  • All portable monitors can be sent directly from China
  • The inventory is a lot, mass order is supported


  • The lead time is about 7-15 days, sometimes even longer
  • The shipping cost is $45- 65 for one piece monitor
  • For some countries, you will have to pay the import taxes and make the custom clearances yourself
  • The return and replacement is expensive and not convenient  intehill portable monitor worldwide shipping

Shipping Countries

Generally speaking, the monitors can be sent all over the world. 


We work with DHL, SF express and 4PX to arrange the shipment. DHL is fastest and most expensive. SF express and 4PX are slower and cheaper.

  • The default forwarder would be SF express or 4PX.
  • For some countries SF and 4PX can’t reach, we will use DHL.
  • For some rural areas, there's extra delivery cost.
  • Contact us if you prefer to receive the monitor earlier by paying more.

Lead Time

Please refer to the lead time to the major countries. Sometimes it can be delayed due to the airline jam caused by the Covid-19.

The tracking information can be found by searching on 17track. (

Destination Lead Time
The United States/ Canada About 9-15 days 
Japan/ Korea/ Southeast Asia About 7 days
European Countries About 15 days
The UK About 10 days
Other countries Pending
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