Steam Deck Features an OLED Screen

Steam Deck and Steam Deck OLED are two highly anticipated portable gaming devices. This article will analyze the differences between Steam Deck and Steam Deck OLED in detail.
In terms of appearance design;
At first glance, the Steam Deck OLED looks indistinguishable from the original model. It retains the same controller layout, ergonomic handles, and port layout. The all-black plastic chassis looks and feels as good as ever.
The new Steam Deck is just as big as the original, measuring 11.7 x 4.6 x 1.9 inches. However, it is now lighter at 1.4 pounds. 1.5 to 1.4 pounds may not seem like a big difference, but it makes a difference in the hands-on experience.
Not only that, the power button is also turned orange, providing some visual embellishment.

The new Steam Deck’s OLED display is a wonder. It's brighter than ever, and the contrast between dark and light elements makes the bright colors really pop. The display size is now 7.4 inches wide, up from 7 inches wide, thanks to thinner bezels, allowing you to see more.
Although the resolution is still 1200x800, the brightness is higher and the colors are more vivid, making the game look better than before. The new screen supports HDR, with a peak brightness of 1,000 nits, a color gamut reaching DCI-P3 110%, and a refresh rate increased from the old version’s 60Hz to 90Hz.

The OLED panels they use are thinner than older LCDs, which leaves some room for upgrades to other components. Most importantly, it can now accommodate a larger battery: the battery capacity has been upgraded from 40Wh to 50Wh. Moreover, due to the replacement of an AMD APU with a better energy efficiency ratio, the power can be better utilized. With the same operating performance, the OLED version has lower power consumption and lower temperature. Coupled with the fact that OLED screens inherently use less power than LCDs (despite higher brightness and frame rates), the above factors combine to significantly improve the battery life of the Steam Deck OLED. The battery life is 30% to 50% longer than the LCD version. When running "Cyberpunk 2077" at 50% brightness, the LCD version has a full battery life of a little more than one and a half hours, while the OLED version runs a full hour longer. That's a whopping 66% improvement, which means you can play for a lot longer before you need to find a charger.
Another benefit of low power consumption is that it does not easily generate heat. Coupled with the redesigned heat dissipation and larger fan of the OLED version, this machine is obviously cooler.

In recent years, the popularity of OLED screens has continued to increase, and many handheld console developers are keen to upgrade their products to OLED screens. For example, Nintendo switch oled or steam deck oled.

As an advanced display technology, OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) screen has attracted widespread attention and applications in the field of electronic products. It has aspects such as image quality, energy efficiency, flexible design and display technology innovation.

Excellent image quality:
OLED screens are known for their excellent image quality. Compared with traditional LCD displays, OLED screens can achieve infinite contrast and a wider color gamut. It's capable of delivering true blacks in dark environments while maintaining rich detail at extremely high brightness levels. This makes the images more delicate and vivid, and the colors more vivid, presenting users with an immersive visual feast.

Excellent energy efficiency:
The OLED screen uses organic light-emitting materials, and each pixel can emit light independently without the need for a backlight. Compared with traditional LCD screens, OLED screens can turn off pixels when displaying black, thereby achieving extremely low energy consumption. This allows OLED screens to significantly save energy in scenes showing black and provide longer battery life, especially for mobile devices.

Flexible design and bendability:
OLED screens have the advantage of flexible design and can be manufactured with curved or curved screens according to product requirements. This brings more possibilities to the design of electronic products. Flexible OLED screens can adapt to the needs of curved devices, such as wearable devices, curved screen mobile phones, etc., providing users with a more comfortable and excellent user experience.

Intehill's OLED screen is far more powerful than this.

Next, I will introduce to you the best-selling OLED portable monitor F13NA from intehill.

Outstanding display

The OLED screen used in F13NA offers vibrant colors and infinite contrast compared to IPS screens. It provides precise control over brightness levels and achieves true black, resulting in a richer and more vivid visual experience. Additionally, with a response time as fast as 1ms, it can handle smooth dynamic images and reduce motion blur, delivering an exceptional gaming experience.

Stylish and comfortable appearance

The monitor features ultra-thin bezels that maximize the screen's viewing area. The full-black aluminum alloy exterior gives the monitor a high-quality and stylish feel, with high hardness and efficient heat dissipation, improving overall performance stability. Placing the speakers at the bottom helps generate a more balanced and immersive sound effect, providing users with a more immersive audio experience.

Wide Device Compatibility

The F13NA portable monitor is particularly suitable for gaming and video entertainment. It can easily connect to popular gaming consoles like PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Steam Deck. Additionally, it can also serve as extended screens for laptops or displays for mini PCs. For office use, the U13NA and U16NA models with a 16:10 aspect ratio are recommended.

Not only that, our upcoming 15.6-inch 4K portable monitor is also equipped with an OLED screen.
It not only has a more perfect color gamut display and wider visual enjoyment, but also satisfies the ultimate experience of high resolution. It is a new upgrade in resolution and performance.
Look forward to the perfect 15.6-inch 4k OLED portable monitor!


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