PS5 Slim and PlayStation Portal

With the holiday season approaching, Sony has a new, slimmer version of its popular PS5 console on the way. Since the PlayStation 5 consoles originally launched in 2020, they've already dropped in weight twice, and this new PS5 version will be both lighter and smaller than the current model.

Sony isn't officially calling this the 'PS5 Slim,' but that's what the public has dubbed it because historically Sony has always released a 'Slim' version of its consoles. Unlike other 'Slim' versions of past-gen consoles, this one doesn't look like it's equipped with too many improvements. Let's take a look at the biggest differences between the standard PS5/PS5 Digital consoles and the upcoming PS5 'Slim' consoles.

The PS5 Slim's design is one of its biggest selling points. It significantly reduces size and weight, making the body more compact. Compared with the single large panel design of the original PS5, the Slim version uses a four-panel system. The design seems to be inspired by the split-panel aesthetic of controllers, with white sections separated by black gaps, giving it a more modern feel.

PS5 vs. PS5 Slim: What's the difference?

When it comes to internal specs, you won't see much difference between the standard PS5 and PS5 Digital consoles and the new PS5 'Slim' and 'Slim' Digital consoles. All the consoles are equipped with the same CPU, GPU, memory, i/O throughput, performance targets, and additional storage options. The biggest differences are with internal storage, the disc drive, and overall form factor.
Sony's new PS5 models sport a unique change: a detachable disc drive. This detachable disc drive is the reason why the new design splits the main panel into two pieces.

The Memory:Though you can still add the same amount of storage via the internal SSD slot, the amount of built-in storage is increasing slightly with Sony's new console. Rather than the 825GB SSD that's been with the PS5 since it launched in 2020, new consoles will feature a 1TB SSD. For some users, this "extra" space will be eaten up with one game, but it's at least something to justify the price increase.

Connectivity ports: In terms of ports and connectivity, the Slim version has some tweaks. The original PS5 comes with one USB-A and one USB-C port on the front, while the Slim version comes with two USB-C ports and no USB-A on the front. The USB-A port on the back remains the same, but the layout and location have been tweaked. These changes may have some impact on users who are accustomed to the original PS5, especially those who frequently use the USB-A port.

Overall, the PS5 Slim version has some notable changes in design, performance, and user experience. Its reduced size and weight make it a more suitable option for users with limited space or who need to move around frequently. However, some design decisions in the Slim version, such as appearance and material selection, may not meet all players' expectations. In terms of performance, although the Slim version maintains a similar level to the original version, the innovations in cooling and storage configuration have not brought significant performance improvements.

Sony has also recently launched an unprecedented game model - PlayStation portal

"PlayStation Portal" is a dedicated streaming handheld developed on the premise of "networking with PS5", which is also its biggest feature.
This product needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi network to stream games installed on the PS5 console, so if it is not connected to the PS5 or does not have a PS5 console itself, it will not be able to function as a game console.
In other words, as long as the remote network connection conditions are met, you can play high-quality games on this portable handheld console.
The appearance combination of "8-inch screen + DualSense controller" is very distinctive. The handle part does not support disassembly. The LED light strip near the handle will flash a faint blue light when started.
While there are clear limitations, this also results in a much better gaming experience. The product body is equipped with an 8-inch screen, the screen supports full HD resolution (1920×1080), and the running frame rate can reach up to 60fps.

During remote play, PS5 will be responsible for heavy tasks such as high-load game image processing. Therefore, the exquisiteness of the graphics and smoothness of the games streamed to the "PlayStation Portal" are beyond the reach of traditional handheld devices of the same grade.

The controller basically restores the functions of the "DualSense Wireless Controller". The distribution of keys such as the PS key has changed due to design reasons, and the trackpad/trackpad buttons are implemented by touching the LCD screen.
In addition, the left and right sides of the display are also equipped with handle grips with the same specifications as the "DualSense Wireless Controller", which support two unique functions: adaptive trigger and tactile feedback. The touchpad/touchpad button function in the center of the DualSense handle is also passed Touch LCD display enabled. Therefore, basically all functions of the "DualSense Wireless Controller" can be supported on the "PlayStation Portal".
The design concept of this product is "portable PS5 gaming experience". As long as a stable network environment can be ensured, you can get a similar portable PS5 experience. It supports running high-load AAA PS5 games at full HD quality and 60fps frame rate. , this can be said to be the biggest charm of "PlayStation Portal".

When we were eager to play games on PS5, we found that the TV at home was occupied!
A portable monitor will be our savior. The OLED screen equipped with F13NA not only has a wide color gamut and higher resolution, but also brings us unlimited gaming fun. This article will explore the importance of portable displays and the advantages brought by the F13NA’s OLED screen.
Liberating gaming portability:
Portable monitors are a boon to modern gamers. They are small, lightweight and easy to carry, allowing us to satisfy our love of gaming anytime, anywhere. When the TV at home is occupied or we want to party at a friend's house, portable monitors become our best choice to continue gaming. They provide us with freedom and flexibility, so that we are no longer restricted to a specific game environment.

Color performance of the OLED screen equipped with F13NA:
As a portable monitor equipped with an OLED screen, F13NA brings excellent color performance. OLED screens have a wide color gamut and can present more realistic and vivid images. Whether it is the details of the game scene or the fullness of the colors, they can be better displayed. This allows us to delve deeper into the game world and enjoy a more immersive gaming experience.

In addition, its response time as fast as 1ms can handle smooth dynamic pictures, reduce motion blur, and provide an excellent gaming experience.

Portability and easy setup:
The F13NA portable monitor not only features excellent screen technology, but also focuses on portability and easy setup. They usually come in a compact design that makes them easy to carry and store. At the same time, generally speaking, they provide a variety of interface options, such as HDMI, USB, etc., to facilitate us to connect various gaming devices. This allows us to easily connect the F13NA to the PS5 and start gaming immediately without complicated setup and preparation.
The OLED screen equipped with F13NA brings us unlimited gaming fun with its wide color gamut and higher resolution. They liberate the portability of gaming and allow us to enjoy gaming anytime, anywhere. Therefore, the portable monitor is an indispensable partner for every gamer.

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