How to Make a Portable Handheld 4K Small Mini TV

There're kinds of mini TV sold on Amazon. But they're the products in the last decades. If you're looking for a samll 4K TV, there're no options at all.

Amazon mini TV

These're the disadvantages of the Amazon portable handheld TV.  

  • Old-fashioned Appearance, most Amazon mini TV looks very low quality, the enclosure is made of plastic, and there're many button on it. The bezel of the screens are extremely wide.
  •  Poor Picture Quality, the screens of some of the portable small TV has resolution 720P or 1080P, there're no choice for HDR and 4K. 


So why don't you build a portable handheld TV by yoursleves. I will show you how to make a mini 4K TV setup.

portable handheld tv with chromecast and intehill portable monitor

The materials you need to prepare.

1. Chromcast (Amzon Fire TV Stick, Roku are available too)

2. 4K portable monitors

3. Two pieces of USB Type-C cables

4. Power Bank

 Here're the videos. We make a decent small 4K TV with power banks, cables and chromecast hiden at the back of the monitor. What's more, with a clip for car, you can make the rear entertainment. Watching Netflix  video streaming on-the-go. 

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