Hanshi x Intehill New Home

Relocation Ceremony
HSJX has moved to a new home, ushering in new development and opportunities. 9 November, we held a housewarming ceremony, the theme of the ceremony was, new environment, new start, new journey.

Company surroundings
The company's new site is located in Tonghu Intelligent Park, Zhongkai Hi-tech Zone, Huizhou City, covering an area of about 1 million square metres. There are numerous intelligent facilities and equipments in the park, including driverless logistics vehicles, intelligent robots, and 5G communication. Zhongkai Hi-tech Zone Tonghu Wisdom Park is a modern high-tech industrial park with advanced technology, eco-friendly environment and diversified industries, and is one of the key strategic emerging industry areas in Huizhou.
Company Internal Environment
The new office space is spacious and bright, using uniform wood grain walls, glass curtain walls and high-grade desks and chairs of the same colour. There are separate office spaces for different departments such as Central Market Department, Overseas Department, R&D Department, Production Department and Art Department. Clerical, photography, live broadcasting, meeting and living areas are perfect and reasonably distributed. It creates a comfortable and convenient working environment for colleagues.
Production and Quality Control
The company has invested a lot of money in automated production, which greatly improves the production efficiency of portable monitors and other commercial screen display products, increases the product throughput rate and reduces the cost. The use of automated production equipment not only reduces the use of human resources, but also ensures the quality and consistency of production. At the same time, automated production can also greatly reduce the downtime of the production line, thus increasing production efficiency. In addition, automated production equipment can also achieve automatic recording and analysis of data, providing enterprises with better management and decision-making support. The input of automated production provides a solid foundation and sustainable power for the development of enterprises.
For electronic products, the reliability testing of displays is very important, as it directly affects the user experience and product quality. the QC link has added new drop test and high and low temperature test equipment, which can conduct more comprehensive and detailed testing of displays to ensure the stability and reliability of the product in a variety of environments. The use of these equipments not only improves the reliability and durability of the displays, but also provides more comprehensive and accurate quality assurance for the products. At the same time, it is also a kind of technological innovation and progress, which plays an important role in enhancing the competitiveness and market share of the products.
Sales Channels
In addition to the strong production capacity, in the product research and development link, the company constantly develops new screen display products to adapt to the customer's higher and higher requirements for display products. In the sales segment, the company is based in Huizhou, looking at the world, through the official website, Amazon platform and Alibaba, the products are sold to the world. We also focus on building the brand of Intechbox, and are committed to building Intechbox as the head brand of portable display category.

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