4K Portable Monitor Comparison

When you decide to buy a portable monitor, what would you consider, like Size, Weight, Price, Compatibility or something else?

The three things you must konw very clearly would be size, resolution and color performance. The size and resolution are very easy to be awared of. But most people may don't know much about the color performance.

Today, we will compare two 4K 15.6inch portable monitors. Let's see what's the differences. 


Display Color Analyzer CA-410

Display Color Analyzer CA-410

A mini PC Computer

Surface Pro

15.6inch 4K Portable Monitor(Normal Version)

15.6inch 4K Portable Monitor(Premium Version)

4k portable monitor comparison



1. Connect two monitors to the Mini PC, and turn the brightness to 100.

2. Connect CA-410 to Surfuace Pro.

3. Measure the data of the screen in Red, Green, Blue and white

measure the color with CA-410

4. Export the Data, it's obvious that the brightness of the premium version are much higher.

record the data with CA-410

5. Put the data in Color Space software to calcuate the color space in different stand, here are the result.

15.6inch 4K Portable Monitor(Normal Version)

4k portable monitor color space

4k portable monitor color space dci p3

4k portable monitor NTSC

4k portable monitor sRGB

15.6inch 4K Portable Monitor(Premium Version)

best 4k portable monitor Adobe RGB

best 4k portable monitor dci p3

best 4k portable monitor NTSC

best 4k portable monitor sRGB

6. Compare the data in the inforgraphic, It's clear to find out that the color performance of the premium 4k portable monitor are better.

4k portable monitor comparison


It's easy to recognize the differences of these two monitors with our naked eyes. But we proved the differences with real numbers. 

Most people buy the normal version 4k portable monitors. But if you need to use the monitor for gaming, watching films and graphic design, I'd highly recommend the premium version. You can't go back if you start to use the premium version.

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  • Nick Young

    “You can’t go back if you start to use the premium version.”
    LOl… Totally agree, Just like the 60Hz VS 144+ Hz…

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