144hz portable monitor
17.3inch portable monitor
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1080P 17.3" 144Hz Monitor - Intehill
ultra thin 144hz monitor
17.3inch monitor
1080P 17.3" 144Hz Monitor - Intehill
17.3inch 144hz monitor
external monitor for m1 macbook pro
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external monitor for nintendo switch
144hz monitor for ps5

1080P 17.3" 144Hz Monitor

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Customer Reviews

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Ricardo Carvalho (Wortel, BE)
Not bad, but expected more

Connect true laptop good quality, but on the ps5 the colors are not that good. For example the gras in FIFA21 is not green but grey’ish , Also with yellow & red .. on call of duty i can ajust the menu but on fifa not.. strange

You're right, we should do more work on the color calibration. Thanks for the comment. It's really appreciated.

Jeremy C. (Sydney, AU)
Impressive screen that surprised me

I don't normally write reviews, but this monitor and included accessories really surprised me with how nicely bundled everything is. I bought this monitor after seeing this being reviewed by Craft Computing, and the product seems exactly as reviewed!

Moving to the included accessories, the protective case is more like a protective cover, similar to many iPad covers. It attaches to the monitor magnetically and can fold back to function as a stand. The included cables are also pretty nice, and all worked right out of the box without issues! My display was matte out of the box, but there was a glossy screen protector included (which I haven't installed).

I am primarily using this monitor with my Macbook Pro 16, which can output at 144Hz. To my untrained eyes is around the 300 nit brightness mark. Unfortunately I don't have any colour measurement equipment, but the image seems slightly warmer than my Macbook Pro 16's screen. One thing to note for future Mac OS users, make sure you have HDR disabled in the screen settings, as it will cause edges to look jagged. I've connected this to the Macbook directly with the included USB C to USB C cable. Note that for single USB C cable use, the outputting USB C port must be either a Thunderbolt port or USB 3.2 compliant with USB PD (power delivery). Unfortunately this means most phones will require external power to use the monitor (either a portable battery or power brick that can output 18W).

All in all, would highly recommend this monitor!

Wow, your valuable review is greatly appreciated. Enjoy the 144hz monitor with the Macbook Pro and FPS gaming ^_^

Marty W.
Great monitor and easy to use

I am using the Intehill display on a Samsung Galaxy 9+ phone. It can be plug and play using the included USB-c to USB-c cable. No external power is required, but if you choose to plug the display into wall power, the brightness is also increased and the phone is charged. I also used the phone's external battery to power the monitor. This comes in very handy when I give presentations to groups. I can prepare the presentation in the office and then transfer it to the phone. Light load. The monitor's image and sound were perfect. I was using a laptop, but it needed a hotspot to get wifi. My phone came online with no problems. Lepow worked well for my needs.

Mathew Boban
Good quality screen

First impression -
Nice slim profile and good glossy finish. The case looks very sturdy and the screen doesn't change color if you try to bend it. The flip cover also feels like quality. It remains to be seen how it will stand up to travel. I don't plan on adding a screen protector as it looks glossy. The logo could be more subtle, but that's okay.
Image quality and responsiveness is better than USB-C and text appears clear.
Viewing angles are good.
The price is a bit high considering the price of a larger standard monitor, but this is a niche product.
It would be better if it could be driven by a USB-C cable, but that may be a limitation of the standard.
It would be nice to have a stand that is somehow compatible with portrait mode.

The portable screen I needed!

This is exactly what I wanted. Can be used with my computer/phone via USB-C (Display + Power!) or even a portable screen for ps4. Confirmed to work with smasung galaxy s10 for dex mode or screen mirroring.
Keep in mind that the screen is basically a tablet. I had hoped the stand would be part of the back like the multi-angle curved Pro. Instead, it comes with a magnetic case/cover that is not as functional as the iPad Smart Case. Using it was awkward and at times I felt it wasn't held securely in place. But the display itself is perfect. Another disadvantage is that the display drains the laptop's battery even when the laptop is asleep.