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It's awesome

The build quality of the monitor is much better than expected, feels very solid. Worked perfectly on a new Macbook Pro with only one cable, even on highest brightness. I already used MonitorControl app on OSX to control my LG external monitors and it worked with this monitor too, which was a major surprise.

I use this monitor in scaled mode on OSX and the text looks nice and clear.

[EU Only] 15.6" 1080P QLED Monitor DCI-P3 100%

17.3" 1080P 240HZ Monitor
Franck Martigne (Chiang Mai, TH)
Overall good +

Hardware is top quality, no weakness detected, good buttons.
I'd put a 4 out 5 because I feel like improvement could be made on the software part. It would need more options for gamers.
Hours of gaming check, perfectly stable.
So far way better than the ASUS ROG 240hz screen.

Ideal for productivity!

I searched for a lot of portable monitors but I couldn't really find a proper 16:10 one which would be ideal for productivity. Until I found this one!

I mainly use it as a third screen on my desktop and detach it when I go to the office. The colors are really nice and it can be very bright. Doesn't feel cheap, build quality is good. I don't regret getting this over the alternatives.

Video playback is also great despite the 25ms response time. Don't buy if you intend to do fast paced gaming where reaction time is key though.

All in all. Great for my use case!

It’s okay, but needs external power

So the build quality is nice, except for the dial-button on the side, the sharpness is good, the colours are good (not as good as a new Macbook Pro but that is also a though comparison).
BUT when i wrote them they claimed it would work fine with only a cable connected to my Macbook, but it turns out that was not correct. It works fine ONLY if the brightness is not too high. If you turn of the brightness too high you can experience issues where it turns off/on. And when you turn it on the brightness is reset to a low setting. Very annoying!
4/5 if there wasn’t this issue. Would be 5/5 the colours were a bit better too.

Great monitor

I use three of these. Two U13NAs and one U16NA with my Mac Studio Max and the DPI on these babies is so high it looks like a laser printer. Highly recommended.

17.3" 4K Touchscreen Monitor Adobe RGB 100%
Marten Mac Rairh (London, GB)

Love this monitor. Resolution is perfect and connects with one USB-C cable. Needs extra power if the speakers and full brightness is used but bright and the quality of the screen is amazing. Touch screen works well although on a mac, it wont scroll very well- patchy. The magnetic cover is great and protects the monitor well. Also- it's super easy to connect to my mac- just pulg the cable in that's it, no messing and dual screen works immediately. I'm going to buy another one of these even though I'm used to a bigger screen, this works so well, two of these will be perfect.

13.4" 4K+ Monitor with IGZO Panel [U13NA]
Leonard Fuller (Beckenham, GB)
Monitor with IGZO Panel

awesome. Works straight out of the box. Well packaged and simple design.

13.4" 4K+ Monitor with IGZO Panel [U13NA]
Xabier Martínez Rolán (Pontevedra, ES)
They send NOTHING

After 21 days Intehill send NOTHING. Package was empty, and The money has not been refunded. Obviously I feel not satisfied with the product.

16" 4K+ Monitor with P3 98% and 10Bit Color [U16NA]
Vismantas Mockevicius (Amsterdam, NL)

Using it every day in 4k for about 12h per day. All is really good. I really like that it doesnt have any built in battery!

Revolutionizing Travel and Business: The 16" 4K+ Intehill Portable Monitor - A Globetrotter's Ess...

Absolutely outstanding! The 16" 4K+ Intehill Portable Monitor has proven to be the most dynamic and essential travel companion for my online publishing business. As I journey across the globe, this monitor's vivid display and flawless compatibility with my MacBook Pro 13 are simply second to none.

Running my business on the go has never been easier, all thanks to its impressive 4K+ resolution. Images are crisp, colors are rich, and text is as sharp as it can be. Using it in portrait mode? A complete game-changer. It's opened a new dimension of convenience, enhancing my workflow to levels I never thought possible.

Its lightweight design means packing it along is a breeze, and setup is effortless. It's not just a tool; it's an inspiration, allowing me to create, manage, and innovate no matter where I find myself in the world.

The Intehill Portable Monitor's reliability, design, and performance have absolutely shattered my expectations. It's more than a product; it's an investment in excellence. If you're looking to take your business and creativity to the next level, don't hesitate to get your hands on this marvel of modern technology. A masterpiece in every sense!

An an amazing monitor: Wonderful colour grading and and constraint levels.

I bought the 13.4 inch version of this monitor three months ago and I was utterly impressed. As a consequence, I decided to purchase the 16 inch version which is easier on my eyes. This monitor is just as great as the smaller version. Having two of them now for travelling the world, running my business, provides me with the best portable screen technology available to me. I love Intehill products. Their colour grading is phenomenal and the displays are pretty much identical to MacBook Pro retina quality. Really brilliant products. I recommend these to anyone needing quality portable screens. These are unbeatable! ❤️🇬🇧

13.4" 4K+ Monitor with IGZO Panel [U13NA]
Jonathan Scott (Dorking, GB)
The most amazing monitor.

I paid just £160 for this monitor with a voucher code on Amazon. This portable monitor is literally one of the finest displays I have set my eyes on. It is really that good. I travel all around the world, self-employed and so having the best possible tech is so important to me. Paired with my MacBook Pro, this is as amazing mobile office setup. I cannot praise Intehill enough. Wonderful technology for the price and far better than the competition that I’ve seen and tried. Utterly recommended to all. I’ve also just bought the 16” 4K version as I was so impressed. Keep up the great work! A delighted customer!!

[EU Only] 15.6" 1080P Budget Monitor
Matej Franjić (Zagreb, HR)
Excellent screen!

The screen is awesome! Colors are great! Value for money is excellent! My friend recommended it to me and I'm not disappointed! I use it on daily basis and it fills out my needs entirely.

Fast shipping, incredible screen, really attentive customer service

I don't have too much to say about this monitor that hasn't already been said: the colors pop, the resolution is fantastic, and its compatibility with Macs is second-to-none. This and a MacBook Air = perfection. What makes this display a 5-star leader is how affordable they've made it (relative to everything else in the market). I wish them nothing but success, not only with this monitor, but with upcoming models.

Other notes: I bought in the EU and even then, shipping was really quick. I had a note for the customer service team and honestly wasn't expecting to hear back, but they were lovely, attentive, and helped me right away.

I'm a fan, and I highly recommend this monitor!

13.4" 4K+ Monitor with IGZO Panel [U13NA]
Jurii Toivonen (Helsinki, FI)
Very good

The monitor exceeded my expectations. Image quality is better than on my iPad pro 2022. It's nice that you can find all the necessary accessories in the box.

16" 4K+ Monitor with P3 98% and 10Bit Color [U16NA]
Gabriel Oliveira (Sao Goncalo, BR)
Best panel ever

The monitor is perfect, just the menu button seems a little fragile, I will see the quality by the time. But it was the best purchase ever!

Excellent monitors

I have really enjoyed using the portable monitor. Good quality and packaging. The customer support too is very helpful. Wiling to assist. I have recommended these monitors to 6 other colleagues who have purchased and it works great. Keep it up.

[EU Only] 15.6" 1080P Budget Monitor
Paulo Campos (Coimbra, PT)
Good value overall

The monitor is actually very good for the price, however if brightness is important for you (and colour accuracy), the best option is definitely the qled version.

[EU Only] 15.6" 1080P Budget Monitor
Laurens (Rotterdam, NL)
Test successful

I had read about Intehill on Tweakers and wanted to test their products and the delivery process. The monitor was delivered in just a few days and the quality of the monitor was not bad at all, especially for the price paid. Test successful!


Great Value for money. Great product. Only criticism is that the included protective cover/stand doesn’t work well in a vertical position. My solution was to order a cheap tablet stand at Amazon.

[EU Only] 15.6" 1080P QLED Monitor DCI-P3 100%
Arend de Boer (Woudenberg, NL)
Great monitor

I've got this monitor for a couple of days now and must say I'm pretty pleased. Screen is plenty bright for outdoor use. I'm using this in combination with Samsung DeX.
I should probably have opted for a toch screen as with Android this can come in handy.
The only downside is the super glossy surface. A mat option would have been perfect.

Ár érték bajnok to-go monitor

Meglepően jó termék, kellemes csalódás!

Extra Fee
Iulian Petrescu (Arad, RO)

Great colors, bright, high-quality product! Very pleased! I think to buy one from you with bigger screen, also 4k. Preferably IGZO technology. See you! :)

17.3" 4K Touchscreen Monitor Adobe RGB 100%
Vincent McCarty (Ithaca, US)
17.3 4k touchscreen

Monitor seems to be of good quality and touch screen is very responsive