What is IGZO, and what's the difference with IPS

What's IGZO?

"IGZO is Sharp's first artificial transparent crystalline oxide semiconductor display to be successfully mass-produced in the world. "Composed of indium, gallium, zinc, and oxygen, IGZO is a revolutionary technology that can achieve what other displays cannot. "IGZO will open up a whole new range of possibilities that will dramatically change the way we live.

igzo is A revolutionary display leading the way ahead, using transparent crystalline oxide semiconductors

What's the Application of IGZO?

Since its mass production, "IGZO" has been used in a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets, and has achieved amazing results. This breakthrough technology has been widely accepted in the market, and IGZO has won various awards in Japan and other parts of the world.

igzo Always stable performance thanks to a unique crystal structure

What's the advantages of IGZO?

Consistent performance Thanks to a unique crystal structure
"IGZO" is a crystal of an element considered difficult to crystallize: indium, gallium, zinc and oxygen, thus enabling a new arrangement of atoms. This manufacturing secret results in a unique crystal structure that supports consistent and stable performance. As a result, "IGZO" is able to bring its unique features, such as further enhanced image resolution and compatibility with an increasing number of display types, to future technologies to achieve higher levels of efficiency, performance and reliability.

igzo Successfully and substantially reduces power required for still image display

New Advances in Crystal Technology 20-50x Greater electron Mobility
Electron mobility is a measure of how easy it is for electrons to flow through a solid. Compared to the electron mobility of amorphous (amorphous) silicon semiconductors, which are widely used in liquid crystal panels, the electron mobility of "IGZO" is 20 to 50 times higher, allowing further advances in liquid crystal technology.

the panel with igzo is more clearer

Incredible high resolution In beautiful, Natural colors, enhanced "The feeling of being there"
The high electron mobility of "IGZO" successfully enables unprecedented transistor miniaturization and circuit thinning. By increasing the amount of light transmitted per pixel, twice the resolution can be achieved at the same transmittance.

the advantages of igzo panels

Successful and substantial Reduces the required power
The main advantage of "IGZO" is its low power consumption. While previous screens had to overwrite still image data, "IGZO" does not overwrite it even when the power is off. As a result, "IGZO" reduces power consumption to one-fifth or even one-tenth of that of conventional screens. In this way, "IGZO" also makes a significant contribution to longer battery life.

oled panel with igzo inside

Touch Panel Operation Improved and ultra-sensitive
"IGZO" is an intermittent operating type of semiconductor, which means that any noise generated affecting the touch panel detector circuit is very short-lived, allowing for high-precision detection of even the weakest signals. This makes it possible to pick up ultra-sensitivity even on lines as thin as the tip of a pen. Writing on the "IGZO" power screen has the same feel as writing on paper, allowing for very natural handwriting input.

touchscreen with igzo

What's the future of IZGO?

"IGZO" is an unprecedented technological revolution. As a unique semiconductor, "IGZO" is the driving force behind new developments in a variety of fields - not only in the field of liquid crystals, but also in the field of next-generation displays. These include intelligent widescreens that display information in sync with actual human behavior and can be operated intuitively using natural methods. In addition, OLED displays are flexible and can be easily integrated into everyday life and public scenes, while offering the highest resolution. In addition, "IGZO" is driving the rapid development of MEMS shutter displays. This revolutionary technology makes it easy to see a constant, dynamic image display in almost any type of environment.

devices powered by igzo

What's the difference between IGZO and IPS?

What makes IGZO and IPS so confusing is their relatively identical appearance and performance. However, the power and performance of IGZO are quite different. In fact, IGZO is not a penalty, but a different type of transistor, found in TFTs, representing thin-film-transistor backplanes. With its smoothness and higher electron mobility, the color and overall performance gets rave reviews!

If you switch to this IGZO technology, it is a better, more refined version of aSi-TFT IPS. With an efficiency and yield increase of about 80%, it has become a reliable source of high-tech experience. In addition, the structure and performance of IPS is not very power efficient. IPS technology is favored primarily for its viewing angles and rich colors.
igzo vs ips
Of course, it is common to compare one technology with another. In the case of IGZO TFTs, it becomes more of an interesting topic. By using semiconductor materials in a thin-film transistor, IGZO enables innovation in a user-friendly way.

In addition, it is more technically advanced in terms of intelligent response and human-machine interaction. There is no doubt that Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) is more responsive and more powerful. In addition, its 80% power-saving performance makes it a technological marvel of high quality and innovation. If it lacks anything, it is its reasonable price.




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