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This review is for P15NF 15.6" portable monitor. I've been using it for remote work for about a week now after trying/returning multiple others, and this is a solid buy. This monitor delivers on all the features listed, has great build quality, simply works, and had excellent (responsive, knowledgeable) customer support! See the Q&A section and they are also quick to respond to support emails.


Highlights: My main factor - brightness! This 500 nits

(500 cd/m²) monitor will match/slightly exceed my Surface Pro 7 outdoors.

* USB-C ... It works! The cable they provide works, too. One of the other monitors I tried did NOT work with its own cable... thank you Intehill for providing the quality connections needed! They also include the small HDMI cable for other devices, which is a cool extra, and an additional power supply/USB-A-C in case you're using a small device like a Nintendo Switch or phone. The left side of monitor also has an "OTG" USB-C port that allows pass-through charging and USB connection to the PC (for me, this is such a helpful extra since my Surface only has 1 single USB-C port!)

* OSD - Some people won't care, but I think the settings menu is excellent and self explanatory. It's clean and available in multiple languages. The up/down wheel & button navigation works well. Push the wheel up once, quick shortcut to brightness up/down with the wheel. Press the menu button and then use wheel to select up/down, short press button for OK, long press for 'go back'. If you've ever used monitor menus, you'll understand this one.

*Build quality is solid, yet monitor is super thin and light. It feels metal at front & edges, and has plastic back side for weight saving. It doesn't flex despite being thin. Compare to: I also tried the Niuto 4K/14" which was way thicker, way heavier, and consumed way more power, had to return - good for indoors only, but with this Intehill P15NF, I am ACTUALLY portable as described.

*Screen is super sharp and colors are excellent! Compare to: I previously tried the AYY 13.3" 4K which was thin/light and had a great kickstand, but the screen did NOT deliver, was dim & colors were very off, brightness way less than advertised & had to return. Meanwhile the Intehill P15NF is exactly as good as claimed, and if you can tell in the photos, the colors/brightness is VERY similar to my Surface Pro 7. It's great for working without distraction.

*Power usage- This monitor really does use 10w or less as described/support confirmed. It won't drain the battery as fast as others! Partially this is probably from the 1080p panel. Personally, if you are looking for an actual PORTABLE monitor or for mainly productivity work, you WANT this resolution. 4K isn't always better, or needed, and it seriously drains power. 1080p is a plus for real portable users and when I had 4K screens, I ended up changing the resolution lower anyway so it was truly a waste. With the 1080p on this monitor, it's plug and play, no display scaling, no power drain. Unless you're doing really specific display work, this is more than sufficient and on a screen this "small" (vs a full 27" home monitor, for example), the FHD QLED screen looks perfectly crisp and acceptable.

* Magnetic folding cover - One of the other monitors I tried claimed to have a magnetic cover, but it was glued to the back! This P15NF, thankfully, has a REAL magnetic folding cover and it's sufficient. I use it as a protective cover only, rather than a stand, but it is removable EASILY and magnets right back on when I'm ready to pack up. It does work as a stand too in a pinch, I just don't prefer this flimsy stand type. Bonus, I got some rubber-coated magnets and attached them to an aluminum folding z-type laptop riser - now I can simply place the P15NF on the stand and due to the magnetic back (!) it grabs on firmly to the rubber magnets, and I can keep it nearly vertical without the wind flipping it over if I work outdoors. Will upload a pic of this setup soon.

* Packaging - Shipped safely in a well-packed specialized monitor box with the extras underneath.

* Customer service - Wow! They are very knowledgeable and responsive. Look at the Q&A section yourself. Everything they stated, I have confirmed was accurate. This is so important when you're buying from Amazon. I actually avoided another brand of monitor that looked good, but multiple reviews mentioned slow/non-existing customer service. Intehill has been SUPER quick to respond, answer questions accurately and help the customers, not just to ship items. This is one of those GOOD listings on Amazon you're happy to come across. See the monitor brand is the same as the seller (Intehill)! Huge advantage!


DOWNSIDES: Not many, because I'm using this monitor daily right now with no concerns, but for those looking to buy and doing a monitor search like me, be aware of the following:

* Included magnetic stand is a typical folio style and good for quick use, but I would prefer a kickstand style for an upgrade. It DOES work, but feels a little thin and I always use a different stand when working. I bet Intehill could do something really cool with the magnetic mounting in the future

* Glossy screen - for some people this is a PLUS! It makes the image SUPER crisp. But for outdoor use, just be aware that it is shiny and can catch some reflections. The screen is so bright, this actually hasn't been an issue, but I would prefer matte as an upgrade for outside work.

* Back side of panel can get a little fingerprint-y, because it's glossy as well.

* Size - 15.6" is just about the absolute top of the size range for a truly portable screen IMO. It's SUPER light for the size, but I would still prefer a 12 to 13.3" screen for fitting in my bag. Just be aware of the size compared to your own bag/laptop.


**SUMMARY: Overall, I am clearly extremely picky with a second monitor, and I am using this daily with no issues. Intehill is the seller AND the brand, and is easily reachable & helpful. Definitely recommend this as a SOLID buy that just works, is finally bright enough, thin/light, and doesn't drain battery power.**




Intehill is my go to for portable monitors. After buying from them before I was excited to see this monitor get released. It's a perfect size for me. I needed a 16:10 that worked well with my Asus G14 (2022) laptop. I also wanted something light enough that I could use a tablet stand with it. This one ticked all those boxes and more.


The display is really bright and it's hard to find good portable monitors with such high brightness. The glossy screen would only really cause a problem in very bright areas with light directly pointed at it. The color on the screen is amazing. I can't see any issues with it and everything pops.


I've tested this with my Switch and my Steam Deck. Both work great with it. Being able to plug the Switch in and the Switch changes to docked mode is superb. I take my monitors with when I travel. The kids can then use the Switch without needing to bring the dock or a bunch of other accessories to make it work.


They C-adapters and power brick included really do make a difference for older laptops. I didn't have to buy anything extra in order for my wife to use this on her work laptop.


Since I've bought Intehill in the past I can say they've made a lot of improvements on this model. The biggest would be the speaker placement. On my other monitors the speakers are on the bottom so when you try to use them the sound gets muffled. With this model the speakers are on the sides. They sound really good for the size. They aren't top tier quality but better than expected. The cover works much better as a stand than the other models I have. You also can't really put the cover on wrong. The magnets repel when putting it on wrong. I discovered this by mistake but I'm glad it works that way.


The only other Intehill monitor I have that can beat the display quality would be the QLED model. But I don't think you can fit a QLED into a screen size this small with 4k+ resolution. I would say this is probably 90%-95% of the quality the QLED I have. I haven't had any issues with viewing angles.


The headphone jack wasn't something I expected to use but I have found it handy. I can use my Switch and headphones with it at the same time. It also makes it easier when my laptop is further away and my headphone cable isn't long enough.


The emulated e-ink mode wasn't something I've been able to fully test. It is nice as it puts it into a grayscale mode. It can really help when reading and dealing with pages that have lots of high contrast items. I believe if you could find an anti-glare screen cover you could come very close to feeling like e-ink. It is a mode I'm glad they offer. It'll be very handy when I'm coding.


The only thing I would change would be related to the C shaped mini-HDMI adapter. It goes from mini-HDMI to HDMI but the included HDMI cable is mini to regular. So you can't use the C shaped adapter with the included HDMI cable. It would have bee nice to either have a regular HDMI cable included or an adapter so I could use the included cable. Not a deal breaker as they didn't have to include these accessories and didn't on the previous models I bought.





Stand and adapters:

Holds the Intehill 15.6" QLED display without risk of the display tilting out of the stand. Sits properly in the stand at all adjustment angles. Stand itself seems sturdy enough, just remember its not invincible. Dont smash or drop it.


15.6" QLED:


I got the display used through a local seller. The QLED display is very good. As a percentage, Id say the colors are about 80-90% of what I get out of my Note 20 5G AMOLED.

Text is clear and readable at 1080P. Even at 60HZ I find the display very pleasing to look at, and with Overdrive set to medium or high, even 60FPS gaming is smooth enough I can forget its 60FPS cause Im enjoying my game.

Screen tearing is minimal. Hooked it up to my 3080TI FE desktop just to test that. Obviously it IS 60HZ, so if you move your camera quickly in a game, you WILL get tearing. But smaller and slower movements dont introduce much, if any tearing. I played Destiny 2 for about a half hour using my desktop, locked to 60HZ and 60FPS. Noticed tearing a few times, but it didnt distract me from the gameplay unless I specifically looked for tearing.



James D. Hardwick


As far as I know, this is the smallest consumer-grade 4k glossy screen that you can get on the market. I wanted something small so that I could run it w/ my Mac in Retina/HiDPI, so that the 3840x2400 is effectively rendered at 1920x1200 size (but still the 4k resolution). That means everything looks *extremely* sharp. Where as on my 27" 4K screens I can see pixels in text, this I cannot.


Given its price, I had very low expectations, but it has actually worked perfectly. My biggest fear was that it wouldn't work with a single USB-C cable (meaning one cable to supply both signal and power) but it actually does just fine w/ my MacBook Pro 14". The screen is small enough that the maximum 15w that the USB-C provides from the MacBook seems to be enough. I doubt that would be the case with a 15" version. I can turn the brightness up all the way to 100% and it's not a problem.


It's also light weight enough that I can mount it along the side of my main screen using simple MagSafe magnets and some SmallRig accessories. Its enclosure is made entirely of aluminum and not cheap plastic.


Anyways, way to go Intehill. I'd never even heard of them before, but this is one of the biggest surprise tech products I've tried out in years. The only improvement I could recommend is for them to build in some means of using an external mount. Given how light it is, it could be something as simple as a magnetically attached VESA mount. But it's already good enough, I won't complain!



This review is for the U13NA 3840x2400 13” display. This is an excellent display panel. I have a 13” M1 MacBook Pro and this display is as good if not better than the MacBook display. Two gripes. 1) The included cables are terrible. They give the impression of quality with semi-metallic ends which are similar to quality cables from other well know brands. But the quality is not the same. And the cables are stiff and not very flexible. I already had some good TB4 cables so I just used those. And 2) When plugged in with a single TB4 cable the monitor displays a message that an additional power cable may be required. The monitor seems to work just fine and the message goes away after a few seconds. From what I understand, a TB4 port supplies a guaranteed 15w of power and this monitor requires 10w so I don’t understand why it would display the message. Overall this is a quality item and I am pleased with the display itself. Recommended. Just plan on using better cables.

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