FAQs about Intehill Portable Monitor

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If the FAQs can not help, please email support@intehill.com or leave a message clicking the chat bubble.

Product Faqs

Is this monitor compatible with my devices?
1. All the portable monitors sold in our store has HDMI & Full-featured USB Type-C, some models have mini DP port as well.
The monitors are almost compatible with all PC, laptops, and gaming consoles. 
What basic functions does Intehill Monitor have?
Single Wire Connecton - All monitors are equipped with full-featured Type-C ports. 

PD Reverse Charging - Connecting while Chariging

One button to choose the sinal source

Freesync & Dual Speakers

Color Calibration
Will the touch funciton work in Mac OS? 
Yes, absolutely. 
But please note that it will be one-point touch.

Service FAQS

What’s the after-sales terms?
One-year Warranty - Intehill will refund or replace if the monitors have quality problems. Please check the details on this page, After-sales Service
How long will the shipping take? Could I expedite the order?
For the products in stock in the US and Poland, it takes 3-7 days.For the products sent from China, the lead time is as below. 
The US/Canada, 9-15 days. 
Japan/South Korea/Southeast Asia, 7 days. 
European Countries, 15 days. 
The UK/Australia, 10 days. 
Please check with us if you want to know the shipping time to other countries.

Yes, we can. Please contact us if you want to expedite the order. 
How is our Customer Service? 
Working hours are 9:00 am - 6:00 pm every weekday, GMT+8. 
Also, we will check messages at least twice per day on the weekends. 

We will reply within 10 hours if you leave a message while we are offwork.

Quick Troubleshooting

How to fix a black screen or zapping issue?
Most of the cases are due to power insufficient, loose or wrong cable connection, and dust in the ports of devices.
Please make sure the power supply can reach 10-15 Watts for 1080P models and 30-45 Watts for 4K models. Please note that the HDMI or DP cables can not supply the power!

Then try to check whether you are using a wrong Type-C cable if you are using the single wire connection.
Why my monitor is flashing RGB light?
You have entried into the factory model accidentally by pressing the key combo.For your this situation, please restart the monitor by pressing the power botton for seconds to EXIT the factory model.
How to turn on 120Hz in PS5?
You need to enable 120Hz in PS5 setting and please check the video below
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