How to Play Xbox Series S in the Car

Can I play a console in a car?

Yes, it's possible. Almost all vehicles has a cigarette lighter hole, it produces 12 volts of power. A car power converter can take the direct current power to alternating current required for elctronics. So it can helps to provide power to the game console. Then you need a portable monitor as the gaming console display. And I'd recommend the Xbox Series S as the gaming console in the car.

How much power does an Xbox Series S take?

The max Xbox Series S power consumption is 74W. Here's the details.

Xbox Series S Power Consumpution Details

 How to play Xbox Series S in the car?

Xbox Series S is small, so it's convenient to be taken around. Most vehicles are compact, but you can always find a place for a tiny Xbox SS. And the power consumption is only 74w. So a 100W car power converter can make the Xbox Series S work. Let's see how to play Xbox Series S in the car.

  1. Prepare a Xbox Series, a 100W car power converter, a portable monitor, a HDMI cable, a USB-C power cableportable monitor for xbox series s
  2. Connect the converter to the cigarette lighter holeconnect the converter to cigarette lighter hole
  3. Plug the Xbox Series S power head to the converter socketplug xbox series s to the converter
  4. Fix a stand at the back of the front chairfix the portable monitor stand at the back of the chair
  5. Clamp the portable monitor
  6. connect the power cable and HDMI cableclamp the monitor and plug the hdmi and usb-c power cable
  7. Turn on the Xbox Series S and enjoy the gamingplay xbox series s in the car


You can also check the video to know how we make it.


What type of monitor works best with Xbox Series S?

The Xbox Series S supports HDMI 2.1, it supports 120hz 2k at maximum. I'd suggest the portable monitor for this small Xbox Series S. It's easy to take them on-the-go. I personnally use the Intehill QLED portable monitor. This 15.6inch screen is bright and saturated.

 I make a Youtube shorts video which shows I'm play the Eldn Ring, this video goes viral. Many players like the Xbox Series S and the portable monitor combo.

video analytics for xbox series s and portable monitor combo 

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