1080P 17.3" 120HZ Monitor


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Barry Stradling (Richmond, CA)
17.3” 120HZ monitor

Thanks Intehill! I love my new monitor, and tech support answered a question I had right away!
Great service, great product!

It's great that you like this 120hz monitor. Enjoy the happy gaming moment with it, have a nice new week ~_~

D Hinton (Toronto, CA)
Amazing device that's built to last and has outstanding performance!

Built to last with an easy to use interface, once you get used to the toggle button. Outstanding performance and brightness. Lots of customizations, but not overwhelming to figure out what you need. I use it for gaming but have also used it as a secondary computer screen. Works both ways flawlessly. I think the thing I like the most is that this screen doesn't have a Google (or whatever) OS that needs apps and updating, and has built in obsolescence. I can honestly see using this still in 10, perhaps even 20 years. I highly recommend the investment!

I'm gald that you like this 120hz monitor, it can be a good computer display and gaming monitor. Enjoy the monitor in the following several years. It's one-year quality guaranteed, if you met any problems in the future, feel free to contact us.

Ashley Moore (Coventry, GB)
Excellent portable monitor

Brilliant monitor, feels well built. full HD display, great colours, games look fantastic at 120hz.

Thanks for your 5 stars comment, enjoy the FPS gaming with this 120hz monitor