1080P 15.6" Portable Monitor


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Light and portable

Just got the monitor and was pleasantly surprised by its functional performance. Just plug it in, and if your device has USB-C power, that's it! Only one cable needed! I was able to test it on a Samsung Galaxy S8 and a Lenovo Thinkpad. They both worked flawlessly. I also have the first generation Microsoft laptop and while waiting for Lepow to send me some adapters (from microdisplay to HDMI), I hope it works as well. Since it is not USB-C, you have to power the display, but fortunately it does come with a USB-C to USB-A cable and a USB-A to wall charger, or you have other charging methods via USB-A (such as the free USB port on the laptop or a USB charger) and you're good to go.
The intended use of this monitor is for professional work and then for personnel use. I don't plan on using it for gaming, but it looks like it would work well too. I do plan to watch movies and have a second monitor (already larger than my 13" laptop).
Overall, I am very impressed with this monitor and would recommend it to anyone who needs a lightweight and portable second screen.

Work with Mac Mini 2018 and Raspberry Pi 2

My immediate reaction is that this monitor is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing with a satisfying grip. It has high build quality, a satisfyingly solid feel, and a luxuriously slim feel. It slips easily into a laptop bag. In short, it exceeded my expectations. It works with the Mac Mini via a single USB-C cable, which means I can make the Mac Mini a poor man's laptop when paired with the Magic Keyboard and trackpad when I travel occasionally. It also works with my Raspberry PI 2 via a micro HDMI connector and external power supply. I haven't noticed any lag and the colors are OK.
It has mono sound output with no bass or hollow treble. The quality is virtually indistinguishable from the quality of the built-in speakers in the Mac Mini 2018, which have been similarly criticized. While this won't impress anyone, you used it in a demo, but in a pinch it was fine, and for my use case it wasn't a problem.
All in all, the product does exactly what it claims to do and performs well.

for pro work

OMG colors are just amazing. Good extra monitor for video production

Super lightweight and easy to set up.

This lightweight, easy to use, easy to set up monitor is great. I purchased it in December and use it several times a week. I don't like having a home office desk crammed with computers or monitors. However, I do like to use 2 monitors. This portable monitor comes with the correct connector for my Dell laptop. I haven't tried to connect it to my Mac, but there are other cables in the box. The monitor uses my computer's power supply, so there are no extra power cords. When I'm not using the computer, I can fold the laptop and put the monitor on top for easy storage.