1080P 10.8" Portable Monitor


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Tony Bell
The price is really good.

For the price, this monitor has been well thought out and tested. Something you don't always see on electronics.
It has a very sturdy metal design, but is still very lightweight. With its smooth thin bezel, the display area of the monitor does look larger than 15.6 inches, which is great.
The controls are well thought out and fine-tuned so you can dial in the ideal screen settings. My Windows 10 laptop automatically detects the monitor and places it exactly where the monitor should be - it's not even necessary to open "Monitor Settings" on the computer.
By providing USB A to C, USB C to USB, and Mini HDMI cables, you can get all the connection combinations you need right away. After a quick plug-and-play connection with my laptop, I decided to try it out on my Galaxy S8. Using the USB C to C cable, my phone automatically launched the Samsung DeX and the display immediately showed my phone. You can control the display from your phone (similar to using your phone screen as a laptop touchpad) by connecting to your phone via mouse/keyboard Bluetooth, or you can mirror the display to the display and then use your phone as usual.
The product I'm offering is the only minor digression from the product I've experienced. While it looks nice, there are no clips to hold the corners of the monitor in place, just the device in the proper position. Also, the way it folds into the stand is different than most iPad style cases, so it takes a little bit of time to figure out.
I'm not a gamer, so I can't really speak to the monitor's performance.
Regardless, the monitor is well worth the money.

Excellent warranty to cover physical connection defects

Fastest, easiest warranty replacement I've ever experienced (which includes an auto warranty recall for the problem that caused the spontaneously combusting car to burn, which you think should be the fastest).